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Episodes: 9 | Released: 1994 | Certificate: 15 | Genre: Drama | Director: Tim Fywell
Actors: Robbie Coltrane , Adrian Dunbar , Barbara Flynn , Geraldine Somerville , Lorcan Cranitch , Beryl Reid , Christopher Eccleston , Andrew Tiernan , Tim Healy , Christopher Fulford , Ricky Tomlinson , Robert Carlyle , Clive Russell

Cracker - Series 2 - Episode 1

Albie Kinsella is angry at the world. He has just buried his father who died from a prolonged bout with cancer. Albie was a good son who took care of his father all of that time. His wife left him several years before, but he was always a good father to his daughter and always made sure his wife had enough money for their upkeep. Albie however is fed up being just another face in the crowd. He hates the fact that people assume he is just another working class good for nothing, when in fact he is an intelligent, hard working member of society. A dispute with a local shopkeeper sets him off and leads to a series of murders. Fitz's relations with the police are a low ebb with DCI David Billborough refusing to use him on the case and DS Jane Pehaligon refusing to speak to him after he stood her up on their planned holiday. Fitz understands what is going on and uses his insights to correctly profile the killer. DS Jimmy Beck's incompetence in questioning a potential suspect however has severe repercussions when a member of the team is killed.

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Cracker - Series 2 - Episode 2

Part two of three. Time is running out and Fitz is convinced the legend of Albie Kinsella is set to come true, but the police are unhappy about gambling their resources on a manhunt.

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Cracker - Series 2 - Episode 3

Part three of three. Following DCI Bilborough's murder, the team hunt for Albie, while newly installed DCI Wise brings in Fitz to defuse a potentially tragic situation.

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Cracker - Series 2 - Episode 4

Kenneth Trant is from all appearances a well-respected member of the community. He is the Headmaster of a local school and is leader of his own church, The Fellowship of Souls. That is until his sister-in-law sees him making love to a 17-year old member of the congregation. She tells his wife what is going on and has photographs to prove it but the situation takes an altogether different complexion when the girl, Joanne Barnes, reveals that she is pregnant. At this point, Kenneth, his brother Michael and their wives, devise a complex plot to eliminate the girl and throw the blame on Dean Saunders, a developmentally challenged employee who works at the family's recycling plant. The police think they have their man in Saunders but Fitz doesn't buy it and sets about identifying the true killers. On the personal side, Fitz's wife Judith has put their house up for sale and his relationship with DS Penhaligon goes a step further.

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Cracker - Series 2 - Episode 5

Part two of three. Schoolmaster Kenneth Trant and his family become increasingly desperate to save themselves as their perfect crime starts to unravel. Meanwhile, Fitz's fears for teenager Joanne prove justified.

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Cracker - Series 2 - Episode 6

Part three of three. Fitz vows to nail Kenneth Trant and family no matter what it takes, but finds himself unable to pierce the wall of silence they have thrown up around themselves - until information from one of murdered schoolgirl Joanne's friends provides him with the break he needs.

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Cracker - Series 2 - Episode 7

Fitz is assisting the police in identifying a serial rapist. Floyd Malcolm was scarred as a child, both physically and mentally. He now preys on women, often the wives of people he knows. His pattern is always the same: he wears a mask and after raping his victims he chats with them, as if he wants to be their friend. He's also taken to calling in to Fitz's radio talk show for advice. The squad have differing views on how to deal with the rapist and Jimmy Beck in particular is less than sympathetic with the victims. When DS Jane Penhaligon is raped, the police assume it's the same rapist, but Fitz is convinced it's a different man. At home, Fitz finds that his wife Judith has returned and has a bit of a surprise for him. Things become very personal for Fitz when the rapist targets his wife. Penhaligon identifies her attacker and takes matters into her own hands.

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Cracker - Series 2 - Episode 8

Floyd calls Fitz on a radio talk show and recieves a "suggestion" that he kill his future rape victims. D.C.I. Wise visits Sgt. Penhaligon and is told that she was raped. Floyd is arrested twice more in this episode, though not for the rape; he threatens D.C. Harriman (?)'s wife and later does, indeed, kill and rape her. Harriman recalls Floyd's threat, and at the end, the police launch a raid on his house, but Floyd escapes through a window. Fitz deduces that, due to certain facts in Penhaligon's rape, that a different person was involved. Meanwhile, Judith returns and reveals to Fitz that she is pregnant again.

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Cracker - Series 2 - Episode 9

Part three of three. Fitz is powerless to intervene as two of Floyd's victims exact an appropriate revenge, helping to bring an end to his reign of terror.

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