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Episodes: 25 | Released: 1984 | Certificate: U | Genre: Action/Adventure | Director: Oscar Dufau
Actors: Don Messick , Danny Goldman , Lucille Bliss , Frank Welker , Michael Bell , William Callaway , Paul Winchell , Hamilton Camp , June Foray

The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 1 - Smurfily Ever After

Woody and Laconia plan to get married and ask Papa Smurf to preside over the ceremony. Smurfette is put in charge of planning the wedding and enlists some of her Smurf friends to help. One of the invitations that Clumsy loses ends up in Gargamel's hands and he plans to use his latest creation to capture the Smurfs once and for all. During the ceremony, Gargamel uses his Ghoulliope to enchant the Smurfs with its evil music. Luckily Laconia, who is deaf, is immune and manages to save the day by destroying the machine.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 2 - The Smurflings/Mud-Wrestling Smurfs

The Smurflings: When Papa Smurf accidently breaks his hourglass, he asks Nat, Snappy and Slouchy to get it fixed. They are told to take the hourglass to Father Time's cave and leave it there with a note. All goes well for them until they see a mysterious grandfather clock going backwards. When a cuckoo clock scares them they dive into the mysterious clock. The three Smurfs emerge later but have been turned into younger versions of themselves. When they get back to the village, Papa Smurf tells them that there is no cure and that they must age normally again. Mud- Wrestling Smurfs: The Wartmongers are draining the Smurf River to make mud for their mud-wrestling matches and Papa Smurf comes up with a plan to stop them. Clumsy agrees to a mud-wrestling match with the Mad Masher their champion. While the Wartmongers are distracted the rest of the Smurfs stop the mud machines and restore Smurf River.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 3 - Sassette

When the Smurflings hear how upset Smurfette is that she is the only Smurfette, they decide to sneak into Gargamel's Castle and steal the formula for creating more. Gargamel finds out and casts a spell on the special blue clay needed by the Smurflings, so that it will explode the next day. After completing the spell a new red haired Smurf is created, but rather than being like Smurfette, the new Smurf only wants to cause mischief. The new Smurf, now called Sassette, is unhappy in the village and runs off to live with Gargamel, but frightened that she will explode on him, he runs away. In the end Papa Smurf creates a spell to change Sassette into a true Smurf and she finally decides to join the Smurfs.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 4 - Papa's Flying Bed/He Who Smurfs Last

Papa's Flying Bed: Gargamel has a new cunning plan to capture the Smurfs. He casts a spell on Papa Smurf's new bed. This spell transports anyone sleeping in it to the location of their dreams. This of course leads the Smurfs on a series of adventures on a castle and a pirate ship. Eventually one of the Smurfs has a nightmare and dreams of Gargamel's home, allowing him to capture them. It is only when Clumsy falls asleep and dreams of home that the Smurfs are able to break the spell. He Who Smurfs Last: Jokey's practical jokes cause problems for the Smurfs when they go too far. When Chlorhydris becomes one of his victims, she casts a spell on all the Smurfs in revenge. Her spell steals all the Smurfs sense of humour causing lots of problems for the normally happy Smurfs. Grouchy, who having no sense of humour is immune to the spell, is the only one who can break it and save the day.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 5 - Puppy/The Masked Pie-Smurfer

Puppy: When a strange puppy turns up at the village, the Smurfs all fall in love with it and want to keep it. Papa Smurf realises that it belongs to Homnibus and sends some of the Smurfs to return it. While travelling through the forest, the puppy is spotted by Gargamel, who realises that there is something special about the puppy. As it turns out the puppy was meant as a gift for the Smurfs and carries a secret. When the puppy is stolen by Gargamel and his uncle, the Smurfs set off to rescue their new friend. After successfully rescuing the puppy, the secret is revealed to Baby Smurf. The Masked Pie-Smurfer: Tension is rising in the village as more and more of the Smurfs are getting annoyed with each other. Things change when Jokey receives a pie in the face by the Masked Pie-Smurfer. Soon Smurfs are receiving notes from the Pie-Smurfer telling them that he will pie other Smurfs for a few Smurfberries. Bedlam ensues with Smurfs getting pied one after another. Eventually things get out of hand and Jokey is revealed as the Masked Pie-Smurfer. Before he gets into too much trouble he is saved by the wise words of Papa Smurf.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 6 - Smurf a Mile in my Shoes

Jokey is taught a bit of humility when he meets a sand troll. The troll is really an imp that has been cursed with ugliness. To cure him the Smurfs must band together and retrieve a seashell. The brave Smurfs eventually return to lift the curse and return the troll to the handsome imp he once was.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 7 - The Sand Witch/Dreamy's Pen Pals

The Sand Witch: A swamp monster kidnaps Baby as a gift for a witch. Dreamy's Pen Pals: Papa tries to protect Dreamy from learning that his pen-friends the Swoofs don't exist.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 9

Stuck On Smurfs: While Clumsy is out in the woods playing he is found by Gargamel. Gargamel uses this opportunity to try out his latest plan, to capture the Smurfs by pouring his sticky potion on Clumsy. Now anyone who touches Clumsy will be stuck to him. It is not long before most of the village is stuck to Clumsy in one way or another. Papa Smurf soon realises that only Gargamel can break the spell. With the rest of the Smurfs stuck to him he sticks himself to Gargamel's nose, forcing the evil wizard to unstick everyone. Educating Bigmouth: When Bignose kicks out igmouth, the Smurfs try to help him. Each of the Smurfs tries to teach the giant what they know best, such as manners and romance. Ready to win Bignose back, Bigmouth returns only to find Bigteeth is now courting Bignose. However Bignose soon realises who she really loves and missing Bigmouth, takes him back.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 10 - Wild and Wooly/Queen Smurfette

Wild And Wooly: The Smurflings set off on an adventure with their friend Wooly to help him shear enough wool for winter clothes. During their adventure they must overcome obstacles like Gargamel, a wolf and finally a shepherd boy who won’t sell them wool for Smurfberries. Through these adventures the Smurflings and Wooly develop a healthy respect for one another. Queen Smurfette: Smurfette is made Queen for one day as a birthday present from the other Smurfs. However as it would happen Father Time decides to go fishing that day. This causes all sorts of problems as Father Time falls asleep and the day doesn’t end. With the other Smurfs unhappy to be stuck outside the gates of Smurfette’s new Palace, it is up to Papa Smurf to wake up Father Time and end the day.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 11 - The Grouchiest Game in Town/The Great Slime Crop Failure

The Grouchiest Game In Town: An evil imp is in the forest challenging everyone to play a game and then turning them all into pieces on the board when they lose. Soon the imp is in the village and captures all the Smurfs one by one, until there is only Grouchy left. With everyone depending on Grouchy, he finally beats the imp and releases all the creatures he has captured. The Great Slime Crop Failure: The Wartmongers are in trouble as their yearly slime crop is failing. Their only hope is to bring in some outside help. When they kidnap Farmer Smurf, the world’s greatest farmer, they also capture the Smurflings. Once Farmer Smurf puts in an irrigation system, the slime crop soon returns back to life. The Smurfs then use the Wartmonger’s bubbles to escape back home.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 12 - The Dark-Ness Monster

Brainy is upset with his friend Clumsy when they lose the Smurfball play-offs. Things get worse when during a trek Brainy loses his glasses to the Dark-ness Monster. With Brainy stumbling around Papa Smurf sets off to get some special sand and make Brainy some new glasses. After stumbling around and falling over things Brainy finally accepts Clumsy's help, as he has learnt to appreciate what it like to be like him. Brainy and Clumsy return to the Dark-ness Monster to get Brainy's glasses back, but Papa Smurf has returned with the sand needed for the new glasses and they let the monster keep the glasses instead.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 13 - Bigmouth's Friend/Brainy Smurf/Friend to all Animals

Bigmouth's Friend: Gargamel and Balthazar come up with a plan to use their latest creation, a giant robot, to threaten King Gerard to hand over Clockwork Smurf. With the giant robot about to destroy the castle, Clockwork's new, large and awkward friend, Bigmouth appears and defeats the robot. Clockwork is hurt in the battle but with a little help from Handy, is soon better than ever. He even has a new voice box so he can now talk to his friend Bigmouth. Brainy Smurf - Friend To All Animals: Brainy Smurf dons his safari hat and roams the forest trying to do good deeds for all the animals. As usual with Brainy this mostly involves giving them advice they don't really need. When he finally is able to help a poor wildcat being hunted by Gargamel, he runs away. However with a little help from the Smurfling Nat, Brainy Smurf soon regains his courage and is able to help free the wildcat from Gargamel's trap.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 14 - Happy Unhappiness Day to You/Papa Smurf's Day Off

Happy Unhappiness Day To You: Gargamel has finished his latest invention to capture the Smurfs. His happinessdetector is a machine that will help him track down any happy thoughts, especially those of the happy Smurfs. However, once a year the Smurfs celebrates Unhappiness Day. The one day a year that all the Smurfs must be unhappy so as to appreciate how happy they are for the rest of the year. This of course causes Gargamel all sorts of problems and instead he finds some happy dragons and incurs their wrath. Papa Smurfs's Day Off: When the Smurfs realise how tired Papa Smurf is after looking after all their problems, they decide to give him the day off. When Papa Smurf realises that none of the Smurfs need his help he sets off to visit his friend omnibus. Papa Smurf worries that his Smurfs no longer need him, but Homnibus shows Papa Smurf what would have happened to the Smurfs without him. Much happier Papa Smurf returns to the village just in time to save the Smurfs from the dam collapsing.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 15 - Marco Smurf and the Pepper Pirates

Marco Smurf, the brave seafaring explorer, sets off on his adventures across the sea. During his adventures he battles and defeats the Pepper Pirates.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 16 - Mutiny on the Smurf/Things That Go Smurf in the Night

Mutiny On The Smurf: King Symphonium uses his pelican, Satchelmouth, to kidnap Brainy's orchestra and bring them back to his Island. Dreamy takes the helm of the S.S. Smurf to set sail and rescue them. During the voyage Dreamy gets seasick and Brainy must take command. When they reach the island Brainy and the Smurfling prove their worth rescuing the orchestra. Things That Go Smurf In The Night: When Snappy loses his teddy bear Huggy, he can no longer sleep at night with worry. Even Papa Smurf can't convince Snappy that teddy bears are magical and can look after themselves. When Gargamel stumbles into the village and begins to terrorise the Smurfs, Huggy returns to scare him away and save Snappy.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 17 - Brainy's Smarty Party/Alarming Smurfs

Brainy's Smarty Party: Brainy decides to throw a party and he invites all the Smurfs except the Smurflings. Upset the Smurflings decide to have their own Outcast party with no rules. At Brainy's party the rest of the Smurfs are all getting annoyed with Brainy's rules. When Jokey is thrown out he joins the Outcast party. Soon all the other Smurfs have been thrown out too. All alone Brainy is convinced by Papa Smurf to join the Smurflings’ party and all the Smurfs have fun together. Alarming Smurfs: When several of the Smurfs refuse to play with the Smurflings, the Smurflings feel unwanted and run away. Before leaving they each take things to remind them of home. Thinking that the village has a burglar, Brainy starts installing alarms in the houses of the Smurfs. When the alarms go off the Smurflings return to investigate and find out that they are truly wanted.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 18 - The Comet is Coming!

When a torn note from Papa Smurf arrives telling the Smurfs about an approaching comet, they all start to panic that the end of the world is upon them. Thinking that everything will be destroyed they build a rocket to send Baby Smurf to safety on another planet and plan how they want to spend their last day. Luckily before things get out of hand Papa Smurf return and clears up the misunderstanding and convinces them that they will be ok.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 19 - Papa's Puppy Prescription/Poet's Writer's Block

Papa's Puppy Prescription: Gargamel casts a spell on Puppy that makes Puppy think he is a cat. Papa Smurf turns to his friend Homnibus to help him reverse the spell. Papa Smurf and the rest of the Smurfs all band together to fill the prescription to cure Puppy. When they finally cure Puppy, Gargamel gets too close and starts to think he is a cat instead. Poet's Writer’s Block: All the Smurfs want Poet to write a poem for each of them. Unable to cope with the pressure Poet runs off into the forest. Poet is soon captured by the Wilybeast King, who needs him to cheer up his daughter. Forcing Poet to write poems for the king's unhappy daughter. Poet soon learns that inspiration must come from the heart and cannot be forced.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 20 - Love Those Smurfs/The Mr. Smurf Contest

Love Those Smurfs: Chlorhydris casts a spell on the Smurfs in the village which causes the Smurfs to only love themselves. Luckily Snappy, Brainy and Vanity are not affected and they find out in Papa Smurf's spell books that the only cure is to eat humble pie made by the Gourmet Wizard. The three Smurfs trick the Gourmet wizard into making humble pie for them, but when they give it to the affected Smurfs, no one will eat it. Fortunately they again trick the Smurfs into eating the Humble pie and everything returns to normal. The Mr Smurf Contest: Smurfette needs an escort to the Harvest Moon ball. Each of the Smurfs offers to take her. Sassette decides that the Mr Smurf competition will decide the winner. Meanwhile Gargamel has turned himself into a Smurf and has snuck into the village. During the final of the competition each of the Smurfs answers questions. When Smurfette can't decide who to take she decides to take everyone. Gargamel reveals himself but is still the size of a Smurf and so he is chased away. Sassette is overjoyed when Papa Smurf escorts her to the ball.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 21 - Smurfette's Rose/They're Smurfing Our Song

Smurfette's Rose: Smurfette asks all the Smurfs why there is no such thing as a blue rose. When none of them are able to answer she approaches Mother Nature. Given a spell to turn a rose blue she promises never to cut it. When Smurfette becomes white as a result of the spell she is so unhappy she hides away. Papa Smurf convinces her that sometimes it is ok to break a promise if it is for the greater good. Cutting the rose Smurfette is restored to her true colour. They're murfing Our Song: Woody's magical pipes make all who hear them happy and kind. Sassette borrows the pipes as she wants to make Gargamel happy and kind. Unfortunately Gargamel takes the pipe from her. Gargamel then casts a spell on the pipes reversing their effect. Now all who hear them become sad and unkind. As Gargamel plays the pipes the effects are felt more and more throughout the forest. Eventually it is Sassette's love for Gargamel which makes him undo his evil spell.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 22 - Papa's Family Album

Papa Smurf shows the Smurflings his photo album as he wants the Smurflings to see how other Smurfs have grown up. Meanwhile Gargamel with help from Azrael steals Mother Nature's wands. The Smurflings are impressed when they are told the story of how Brainy saved everyone from the goblins. When Gargamel turns up in the village with the wands, Brainy uses Papa Smurf's magic pouch to cast a spell. With the help of the spell the wands are returned to Mother Nature and Brainy impresses the Smurflings even more by saving the day once again.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 23 - Unsound Smurf/Have You Smurfed Your Pet Today?

Unsound Smurf: Brainy decides to give Papa Smurf some quiet time and uses one Papa Smurf's spells. The Spell creates a magical sound barrier around the village. When Papa Smurf can't reverse the spell, he turns to the Smurflings and Baby Smurf who were outside the village when the spell was cast. Papa sends them to the Noisemaker. Baby Smurf takes a bottle of noise, which is then used to break the magical sound barrier and return things to normal. Have You Smurfed Your Pet Today? The Smurflings get into trouble when they are distracted playing Handy's new game and forget to feed Puppy. Hungry, Puppy wanders into the forest and is captured by Gargamel. Gargamel decides to ransom Puppy in exchange for the magic secrets of the Smurfs. The Smurflings distract Gargamel long enough to rescue Puppy and vow never to forget to feed him again.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 24 - Gargamel's Time Trip/All Work and No Smurf

Gargamel's Time Trip: Sassette is saddened by the relationship between Gargamel and the Smurfs. After Gargamel's latest plan fails he decides to use Father Time’s Hourglass to go back in time and stop himself from meeting the Smurfs in the first place. Sassette also sneaks into Father Time's cave and watches Gargamel in the Hourglass. Gargamel is returned to the present when the spell is broken and is punished by Father Time. Sassette demands to share the punishment too, happy to spend time with him. All Work And No Smurf: Papa Smurf thinks that the Smurfs should devote a work day to the Smurflings. Unfortunately the Smurfs misunderstand him and instead of taking a day off to play with the Smurflings, work even harder and come down with “work-a-tosis”. The only cure for the Smurfs is to take their mind off work, which they do by rescuing the Smurflings from the Water Harpies.

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The Smurfs - Series 5 - Episode 25 - Baby's First Word

The ceremony when Baby will speak his first word is fast approaching. Peewit asks for the help of the Smurflings to put on a puppet show and off they set. A little later Baby Smurf is captured by Gargamel and Gargamel promises to free Baby in return for the rest of the Smurfs. Gargamel break his word captures the Smurfs and keeps Baby Smurf. Luckily the Smurflings and Peewit return in time to save everyone. The Smurfs rush back to the ceremony in time to hear Baby's first word, a word which will give an indication as to what kind of Smurf Baby will become.

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