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Episodes: 12 | Released: 2007 | Certificate: 12 | Genre: Drama | Director: Barnaby Southcombe
Actors: Jason Merrells , Jamie Glover , Jill Halfpenny , Angela Griffin , Christine Tremarco , Phillip Martin Brown , Denise Welch

Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 1

As a new term starts at Waterloo Road, things are looking positive. Private investor Roger Aspinall has promised a donation to the school in return for a seat on the governing body - but he wants to make some changes that don't sit well with everyone. Nevertheless, headmaster Jack and deputy Andrew will agree to almost anything to improve the facilities and give the kids a better education. Meanwhile, Izzie and Tom are happily living together and thrilled to be expecting a new addition to their family but they get a shock on their first day back at work when they run into Lorna, who they thought was in Australia. Andrew renews his chemistry with Kim, but they soon clash again. Also, Roger's handsome son, Brett, catches the eye of Izzie's daughter Mika. New secretary Davina Shackleton impresses Jack, but he wonders if she's spying for Roger. And French teacher Steph worries that sexy Davina presents some competition in Steph's quest for a relationship with Jack.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 2

Jack becomes furious after Roger installs Andrew as headmaster, but at least Jack is now free to pursue sexy secretary Davina. Jack's campaign to be reinstated is keenly supported by Steph, who will do anything for him. Andrew's overzealous zero-tolerance disciplinary efforts result in the unleashing of troublemakers on the local community, and when Kim insists that Andrew fix his mess, he questions his own abilities as headmaster. Meanwhile, the atmosphere is tense with Izzie, Tom and manipulative Lorna living together, and things only get worse for Tom when Roger appoints Lorna head of the English department. Mika is cyber-bullied by a former friend. Later, during a cozy dinner with Davina, Jack finds out a few secrets about Roger - and schemes to get his job back.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 3

After Andrew's swift resignation, Jack is reinstated as head teacher with Roger under his thumb, thanks to Jack's knowledge of Roger's secret pornography business. Davina is shocked to see new student Brett, with whom she once had a fling, but she still wants Jack. Meanwhile, planning to lose his virginity with Chlo, Donte arranges a romantic dinner at a restaurant. Unfortunately, bully Lewis works there - and where Lewis goes, trouble follows. Also, with Mika being cyber-bullied, Steph sets a trap to capture the nasty classmates who posted topless photographs of Mika online, but it turns out that Mika may not be so innocent. And things are finally looking up for Izzie and Tom when Lorna prepares to move out and asks Andrew on a date, to Kim's chagrin.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 4

As Roger plans a rival school, he clashes with Jack over the future of Waterloo Road, and matters get worse when Brett smashes a model of the new academy. Jack would love to expel Brett, but his fantastic grades make Waterloo Road look good. Jack finally gets a surprising confession from Brett. Flirty secretary Davina copes with Brett's overblown gestures of love, which also don't escape the notice of her lover, Jack. Meanwhile, Donte and Chlo's romantic night is ruined when Lewis steals the keys to Donte's house and gives them to his drug-addict girlfriend, Maxine, who ransacks the place and later tries to mug Steph. And Lorna happily continues her relationship with Andrew, but he doesn't seem as enthusiastic as she is. Later, Lorna's doctor urgently tries to contact her about some dizzy spells she has been having.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 5

Young pupil Stacey has a huge crush on her teacher, Tom, who doesn't notice at first because of his devotion to Izzie. During a self-defense class set up by Kim in response to reports of a serial attacker in the area, Stacey quickly volunteers as a victim in order to get close to Tom. Later, he realizes what's going on when she sends him a text. But Stacey misinterprets his reply and arranges to come over to his house, ostensibly to do homework with Chlo. Meanwhile, Steph is trying to be a good influence in Maxine's life - but how long will it be before she regrets it? Observing the obvious chemistry between Andrew and Kim, Lorna must admit that she is never meant to be with Andrew. When Lorna finds out that she has multiple sclerosis, Izzie rushes over to comfort her, which irritates Tom. But it's only the beginning of a terrible night for both of them.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 6

With Izzie suffering after a miscarriage, Tom has not confessed that he had a tryst with student Stacey. But a classmate reveals the shocking news, forcing Andrew and Kim to consider firing Tom - and prompting Izzie to throw Tom out of their house. Jack also wonders if he should notify the police, since Stacey is only 15 years old. Meanwhile, Steph is delighted when her protege, Maxine, returns to school, but Maxine's boyfriend, Lewis, tries to change her mind. Mika finally admits her feelings to Brett. The school remains on high alert because of the serial attacker in the area - and Stacey is about to be his next victim. And Maxine makes an accidental discovery that leads to the attacker's identity being revealed.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 7

An eager new trainee teacher, Russell Millen, arrives at Waterloo Road, having just left a career in law enforcement. But Andrew is disgruntled to see the easy rapport Russell has with Kim, who recruited him. Andrew's reservations about Russell's abilities are confirmed when Russell's first teaching attempt goes horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Jack wants Davina to move in with him, but she wants to keep her independence - plus she has unfinished business with Brett. As Lorna comes to terms with having multiple sclerosis, she finds comfort in allowing Tom to live with her. But Izzie's not happy with the cozy arrangement, and the threesome's personal problems spill over into work. Also, with Maxine spreading rumors about her home life, Steph decides that Maxine needs a proper foster family instead of living with her. And as Mika and Brett get closer, it becomes clear to her that there is someone else in his life.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 8

To Jack's delight, Davina decides to remain his personal assistant instead of becoming a teacher's assistant. Jack submits a formal application for permanent head teacher at Waterloo, but Andrew doubts Jack's prospects. During a field trip to a fashion warehouse, Jack is determined that the Waterloo Road students will make a good impression. But when the manager's purse goes missing, the pupils are sent back to face Jack's wrath. Meanwhile, when Stacey's father, Terry, brings Stacey back to school after the attack, she is pleased to notice that he gets along quite well with Kim. Izzie continues to be outraged by Tom and Lorna's living arrangements, but the two seem very content together. Also, with Donte pressuring her to have sex with him so he can lose his virginity, Chlo worries that that's all he is interested in. And after flirting all term, Mika and classmate Brett finally get together. But Mika ruins everything by confiding in Steph that Brett and secretary Davina had a fling.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 9

Kim worries about Dale Baxter, a student who keeps absconding from school. She's thrilled when Dale enjoys Izzie's drama class and believes that she has reignited his interest in school. But a disastrous English lesson with Lorna reveals the true nature of Dale's problem -- and with the cruel jibes of his fellow pupils ringing in his ears, Dale flees again. Meanwhile, on the day of his interview for the permanent post of head teacher, Jack is fighting for his job against relentless careerist Lyndsay Woodham, who impresses the governors with her sharp suit and catchy management-speak. Later, during after-hours drinks, Jack announces to his colleagues that he and Davina have moved in together.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 10

Drama-loving Steph is shocked to learn about Lorna's multiple sclerosis and becomes determined to support her friend in need. But Lorna is desperately struggling with her emotions. When her students present her with handmade cards, it's too much for her, and she walks out of the class, the school and her job. Meanwhile, with Davina dating Jack, Brett goes out with Mika, but Brett's wealth causes issues. Davina willingly steps in to help with the staff shortage and shows an aptitude in the classroom. But her plans to become a teacher's assistant are threatened when sly Steph informs Jack that Davina once had an affair with a pupil, Brett.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 11

Lorna has committed suicide, shocking her friends and everyone else at school. Meanwhile, groundbreaking takes place for the new City Academy. A wealthy American, Jerry, has bought Roger's business, which means he has also bought his investment in the academy. Jack is just glad Waterloo still has a backer - but he doesn't realize yet that Jerry has a strong religious agenda and plans to introduce it into the school. Change is also afoot in the school cafeteria, where Jack has instigated a healthy eating initiative. But when a burger van run by bullying ex-students Lewis and Jed rolls up to the school gates, the entrepreneurs make fast money selling junk food -- and drugs -- to the students. Meanwhile, Andrew must decide whether or not to accept a job offer in Rwanda. If Kim is ever going to share her feelings for him, it had better be now. And while reunited Izzie and Tom are planning their wedding, Chlo is preparing for her sixteenth birthday -- and a special celebration with Donte.

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Waterloo Road - Series 2 - Episode 12

As Waterloo Road becomes indoctrinated by Jerry's Creationist ideology, Andrew is dismayed by Jack's capitulation. The burger van is still at the school gates, tempting the kids with junk food and, secretly, drugs - causing one student to be hospitalized for an overdose. Jack is angry when Andrew submits his resignation, and he becomes even more furious when he finds out about the drugs being sold. Meanwhile, it's a sad day at Waterloo as staff and pupils gather for Lorna's memorial service. When Jerry begins preaching, however, Andrew challenges Jerry's beliefs in front of the packed hall. Amazed by Andrew's performance, Kim finally shows her appreciation for him -- but will her feelings be enough to keep him at Waterloo Road? When Chlo and Donte announce to Izzie that they are engaged, she gives them a harsh ultimatum. And Lewis brings a supply of illegal pills to Chlo's sixteenth birthday party, causing her special night to take a bad turn.

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