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Episodes: 13 | Released: 2005 | Certificate: 15 | Genre: Drama | Director: Brian Grant
Actors: Jemima Rooper , Jamie Davis , Amber Sainsbury

Hex - Series 2 - Episode 1

Back at present day Medenham, Cassie wakes up in a cold sweat, her sleeplessness and haunting, horrific dreams worrying Thelma. When Cassie spots a Nephelim, she and Thelma know it can mean only one thing - that Cassie and Azazeal's baby is alive. But when Cassie and Thelma try to question the doctor who should have aborted the child, they find him dead with his throat slit, too. As Thelma follows Jo Watkins to an abandoned church, Azazeal waits for Cassie with a toddler who can only be their baby, Malachi. Confronting her former lover, Cassie furiously reveals that she wants nothing to do with him. Yet it's clear to Azazeal that seeing the baby has rattled her. While discussing their next move, Thelma and Cassie miss the arrival of Ella, a mysterious new girl at school whose knowing wink not only makes it clear she must be supernatural, but has Thelma and Cassie worried that she could be an enemy. Upon running into her at a party later that night, Felix, the school's resident geek, declares his love for Cassie. Upset at being rejected, he pushes Cassie away, only to be attacked and instantly killed by Azazeal's underling, the Nephelim Baraquel. But when Baraquel then turns on Cassie, Ella appears and, using her telekinetic powers, kills him. Shaken but unharmed, Cassie is nonetheless devastated by Felix's death. Claming that Baraquel would never have hurt Cassie and that he was only sent to keep an eye on her for his master, Ella then reveals that she has been waging war against Azazeal for five hundred years - and that the only way to stop the Nephelim is to kill Malachi.

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 2

When Azazeal claims he wants the two of them and their baby, Malachi, to be a family, Cassie feigns indifference, even as she may be falling for him all over again. Azazeal persists and Cassie's resolve seems to ebb away. Kissing as Malachi plays on the floor, their afternoon of passion threatens to undermine Ella's plans. However, as Azazeal lies asleep, Cassie takes the baby and the amber stone he is clutching and runs. So when he wakes to find that he's been betrayed, Azazeal sets out after her. As Ella prepares the church for a ritual to kill the child, Azazeal pleads with Cassie. Resolved not to give in, she traps him in a Hexagram and, as he summons all his energy to escape, events take a surprising turn that none of them could ever have foretold.

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 3

As Ella and Leon go on a date, Azazeal appears and offers Thelma a deal she can't resist -- a last chance to see Cassie in exchange for the stone. Meanwhile, as things become too passionate and Ella starts enjoying their date a little too much, she must control herself so that Leon remain a virgin to be used as bait. After giving Azazeal the stone, Thelma is thrilled to see Cassie again and says that she wants her to die a proper death so that they can be together again. Telling her that she must stay on earth to help Ella, Cassie gives Thelma a kiss as her last gift. Promising Leon a good time, that evening Ella takes him out into the woods where she proceeds to set a trap for the Seraph by tying the semi-naked Leon to a tree. Meanwhile, as Roxanne is seducing their sexy new teacher and priest, Jez, not everything is as it seems on a cold and misty night that could very well hold some nasty surprises for Ella.

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 4

Thelma is mystified as Azazeal begins to torture Ella. A flashback to 1666 reveals there were witch trials in Mendenham, and Ella was very much a part of the ritual.

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 5

Haunting Leon's dreams, Thelma hopes that his feelings for Ella are strong enough to resist Roxanne's demands that they all forget about her. But as Thelma starts to make progress, a new nurse arrives at the hospital and, because this newcomer is clearly a creature sent by Azazeal, time is running out for Ella. As Thelma formulates an escape plan, it looks like Ella might actually be going mad. So, as the eerie Nurse Perie feeds her a drug that drains her telekinetic powers and threatens to leave her totally defenseless, will Leon find it in himself to rescue Ella before it's too late?

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 6

With Leon increasingly worried about Ella, Thelma thinks it only fair to show him the spirit world so he can understand what is going on. Ella, however, is adamant that she not do anything. But when Jez attacks and Ella barely escapes with her life, she is forced to allow Thelma to take drastic action. As Ella hopes that Leon's feelings for her are strong enough to withstand the shocking revelations that lay ahead, things become a whole lot worse when the effects of her mortality become more extreme than anyone could ever imagine, leaving Leon and Thelma in a race against time to save Ella's life before Azazeal's forces can destroy her forever.

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 7

When she and Malachi finally meet, Ella realizes at once that this is the boy she has sworn to kill. Still, the circumstances of their meeting are a surprise and she finds that, rather than being overcome with bloodlust, she is fascinated by him. So, while Thelma continues to believe that the boy deserves what's coming to him, Ella isn't so sure anymore. Knowing what has to be done, Ella steels herself to attack Malachi. However, when she finds Azazeal instead, he reveals some shocking information that leaves Ella more confused than ever about her purpose. Accepting Malachi's invitation to duel, she must harness all her skill and concentration to accomplish the task she has spent her whole life preparing for -- but will she be able to fulfill her destiny?

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 8

Going all out to steal Ella away, Malachi's efforts pay off when he provokes Leon into a fight. With Leon suspended from school, Malachi seizes the opportunity to persuade Ella to go out on a date with him. But it's no ordinary date, for he has the Stone of Belial, which he uses to bend the laws of space and time and transport them to Berlin in the decadent 1920's. Because Leon is more down to earth, will Ella be able to resist Malachi's advances? And will the sudden appearance of Mephistopheles be enough to keep the boy on the side of the damned?

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 9

As the Archangel Raphael tells Ella that she can only rid herself of the hideous affliction by ridding herself of lustful thoughts about the boy, Malachi's eyesight starts to falter. When he can't find Ella anywhere, Malachi begins to realize that Mephistopheles might have been deadly serious. However, he still has a trick left up his sleeve. Though things heat up between Thelma and Maya as they discover the joys of very public lesbian ghost sex, Malachi still has the power to destroy their relationship as quickly as he created it if Thelma won't help him. But the other side isn't without hope either as Leon's hidden agenda makes it seem as though he may not have given up on Ella just yet.

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 10

Thelma knows that if Malachi dies, she will be dispatched into darkness, too. After Cassie's death, she might not have minded so much, but now she is falling in love with Maya and wants to stay on earth to be with her -- even though Maya's death was a twisted gift from Malachi. With Thelma fatally compromised, it looks like Leon's plan might be doomed to failure - leaving Ella stuck as an empty-headed succubus forever, not to mention what Malachi will do when he learns what's happening. But Malachi has forgotten one thing - because the Fallen were once angels, too, his mentor Mephistopheles may not be everything that he appears to be.

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 11

However, Ella's even more surprised when she sees Thelma talking to another ghost - Maya. Suddenly it becomes clear that Thelma sold them out in order to sleep with Maya. Though Ella is furious, when Thelma reminds her that it's nothing that she herself hasn't done, they make their peace and agree that to end it once and for all, Malachi must die. When she attacks Malachi, Ella realizes it will not be so easy to do away with him now that he's grown stronger and the knife of Orokiah can get nowhere near him. Seeing the mark of Malachi on Alex's neck, Ella realizes that, because she's a succubus who's nourishing him, she must die, too. But when Ella discovers that Maya is also a succubus, she wonders if she can bring herself to kill the love of Thelma's life.

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 12

Even Thelma seems to have turned after Ella dispatched Maya into darkness, suddenly offering her services to Malachi, who seems only too willing to take her up on it. But when Malachi sends her into Tom's dreams, she gets far more than she bargained for. Determined to do his part to save the world from Malachi's malevolent influence, Leon hopes that if he can regain Ella's trust, he may be able to win back her heart. Turning his attention to Tom, who's showing all the signs of having gone over to the other side, Leon still wonders if he got the right man, or if it's already too late to save the world and get the girl.

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Hex - Series 2 - Episode 13

It's Ella versus Malachi in the final showdown. Leon wonders if he has what it takes to get tough, get killing and get the girl.

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