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Episodes: 13 | Released: 2000 | Certificate: U | Genre: Animated | Director: Sarah Ball
Actors: Neil Morrissey , Rob Rackstraw , Kate Harbour , Rupert Degas , Colin McFarlane , Maria Darling , Emma Tate , Richard Briers , June Whitfield

Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 1

Bob has some new boots, which squeak when he walks. So he goes to work on foot - repairing a gate with Lofty - to wear them in. Meanwhile, to settle an argument, Farmer Pickles tells Spud that the quickest way to Bob's Yard is "As the crow flies". Spud challenges Bird to a race, to show that he is faster than any crow. En route, he finds Bob's lunchbox and helps himself to a bun. Bob's squeaking boots attract some mice who follow his every step. When Lofty sees them he makes a bolt back to the Yard. Bob assures him that it is only his squeaky boots and gives chase on foot. Back home, Bob realises that there really are mice. Just then, Spud arrives, eating Bob's bun. The mice start to nibble the fallen crumbs, and as Spud dashes back to the fields, they give chase, squeaking gleefully.

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 1 Online Free

Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 2

It has been raining hard, and Bob returns to the Yard with a mud-splattered Scoop and Muck. He prepares to wash them down, something Muck dreads as he loves being mucky. But he is saved when Bob gets a call to say that Travis is stuck in the mud - Muck is the only one who can pull him out, since he has caterpillar treads. Bob sets off with Muck and Dizzy. Once Travis is rescued, Bob goes back to Farmer Pickles's for a glass of home-made apple juice. Spud appears and starts a mud-pie fight with Muck and Dizzy. When Bob returns they are all covered in mud, so Bob takes them back to the farm for a "surprise" - a good soapy wash. Spud is even more horrified than Muck, and as he tries to flee, he slips and falls headlong in the mud.

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Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 3

Bob takes the day off to go bird watching while Wendy looks after a job. The computer breaks down and she's forced to ask Bob to handle the job. Then more and more urgent jobs come up! By now it's too late for bird watching.

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 3 Online Free

Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 4

Mr. Bentley is organising some town improvements: Wendy is to clear the old railway track to make a cycle path, while Bob turns a rubbish dump into a park. Lofty is fitted with a magnet to help shift the rails, and Muck is loaded up with old rails and sleepers to take to the dump. At the site of the dump, Mr. Bentley drops his best pen, which gets covered with turf as Bob lays the lawn. Muck and Lofty - his magnet covered with old scrap iron - arrive on the scene, to be told that they should have gone to the new dump down the road. However, when Mr. Bentley misses his pen, Bob thinks of using Lofty's magnet to find it underneath the turf. With the pen retrieved, Bob adds to the town improvements by turning the old rails and sleepers into a park bench.

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Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 5

Bob and Wendy are building a bus stop, when Roley almost runs over a tortoise. Roley is entranced by the creature and christens him "Timmy", but Bird is unhappy to find himself supplanted in Roley's affections. Bob takes Timmy back to the Yard, saying they must return him to his owner. Bob starts to build a tortoise run, but is distracted by the arrival of Farmer Pickles and a trailer full of lettuce. Unseen, Timmy finds his way into the trailer and chomps happily as Travis drives away. Dizzy finds Mrs. Potts looking for her escaped tortoise "Tommy", and proudly leads her back to the Yard, only to find that Tommy has disappeared again. A frantic search is interrupted by Farmer Pickles, who has found an intruder in Travis's trailer. Delighted, Mrs. Potts takes Tommy back home, but promises that Roley can visit whenever he wants.

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Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 6

Bob's saw is so blunt that Mrs. Potts's fence is behind schedule. He decides to order Wendy her own saw as a surprise, but unknown to him, Wendy orders a new one for him too. The next day, Mr. Dixon the Delivery Man rings to say that he has a parcel for Bob but his van has broken down. Spud is feeling helpful and takes a sack of Mr. Dixon's parcels - unfortunately, as he can't read, he delivers them all to the wrong people. When Bob discovers that the sack is missing, he offers to track it down. He finds Spud as he finishes his deliveries, and makes him collect all the parcels to take back to Mr. Dixon. Back at the Yard, Wendy comes over with a parcel for Bob. Bob has got one addressed to Wendy too. They unwrap them and discover that they have each bought the other a saw.

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Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 7

Mr. Beasley is having a conservatory built. Wendy leaves to dig the foundations, while Bob waits at the Yard for a delivery of bricks. However, he sets off without giving Pilchard her breakfast. Roley and Lofty prove unable to open her tin of cat food, so Pilchard decides to fend for herself. She nearly manages to snatch some fish from Mrs. Broadbent's basket, then tries to steal Mrs. Potts's dog's dinner. However, startled by his barks, she runs into the road, narrowly avoiding Travis, who is transporting the conservatory roof. Bob realises his mistake and takes Pilchard to the site for something to eat, but Wendy has just eaten his last sandwich. However, Lofty arrives with Pilchard's bowl and a tin of cat food - but no tin opener! Fortunately, Wendy notices that it is a ring-pull can, and Pilchard finally gets her breakfast.

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Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 8

Bob and Wendy have been invited to a lunch at the Town Hall. Bob is not keen to go, but Wendy persuades Scoop to take charge of that day's work (completing the Mayor's new garage) so Bob cannot escape. The responsibility goes to Scoop's head, and he starts to boss the other Machines around. But when Mr. Bentley comes to inspect their work, Scoop accidentally runs over the watch given to him by the Mayor. Meanwhile, Bob is honoured with his own presentation watch (a secret which Wendy and the Machines had been keeping from him) and when he hears of the accident, he gives Mr. Bentley this as a replacement. Later, Mr. Bentley calls by the Yard. So happy is the Mayor with his new garage and, hearing the saga of Bob's watch, he has decided to give Bob another watch for his good work.

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Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 9

Farmer Pickles agrees to let Muck sleep over with Travis, while Bob undertakes a night job at the tunnel. Muck cannot sleep because the countryside is so much darker than the town. Spud makes some noises to scare Muck, who charges away from the farm with Spud in pursuit. Pilchard, who has accompanied Bob on the night job, hears an owl's hoot and decides to investigate. Worried that she might get lost, Bob goes after her. He bumps into a nervous Muck, who joins in the hunt. Meanwhile Spud is lost in the woods, and hears the owl's cries. He jumps back - right onto Pilchard's tail. Her caterwauling terrifies Spud, who rushes back to Travis's shed. Pilchard dashes straight into Bob's arms, and they all go back to the tunnel to finish the job. Then Bob sets up his arc-lights at the farm, so Muck will have enough light to sleep.

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Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 10

Travis comes to the Yard to take a delivery of hardcore to Farmer Pickles, while Wendy heads off to put up a signpost at the crossroads. Bob goes to Mrs. Broadbent's to build a porch, and she gives him a couple of apple pies as a thank you. Once Travis is loaded up he can barely move, so Scoop offers to escort him to the Farm. Spud hitches a ride in the trailer. As they reach the brow of a hill, Travis is struggling, so Spud uncouples his trailer to give him a rest. Unfortunately, it rolls down the hill with Spud on board, and heads straight for the signpost. Bob is admiring Wendy's work when they hear Spud's cries. Bob hands Wendy one of Mrs. Broadbent's rock-hard pies, and they wedge them under the wheels of the runaway trailer before it can do any damage.

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Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 11

Mr. Bentley asks Bob and crew to build a new out-of-town car park. Meanwhile Spud is scaring crows in Farmer Pickles's field, but cannot shake off one particularly persistent bird who follows him everywhere. He decides to climb aboard Travis's trailer, and get the tractor to drive so fast that the crow will be blown off. Heading towards town, Travis has to swerve to avoid Muck, who is coming the other way towing the line-marking machine. The crow is scared away, but Travis's load of corn spills all over the road, and Farmer Pickles insists that Spud clear it up. Once this job is finished, Wendy asks Farmer Pickles if they can borrow Spud - she has sown some grass borders in the car park and needs a scarecrow to keep the birds off. Unluckily for Spud, his persistent friend returns to keep him company.

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Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 12

Bob is erecting some telegraph poles with Scoop, and phones Wendy to say that he will need Lofty and Muck after lunch. During the lunch break, Spud persuades Scoop to help him play some tricks. First, Scoop hides behind a haystack and uses his scoop to lift a "magic" bale into the air - Travis is suitably impressed. Next, Spud gets Scoop to lift him onto the barn roof, and he terrifies Muck with a scary voice. Farmer Pickles catches Spud, and reprimands him. Lofty, meanwhile, has got lost on the way to the Farm, and while Bob and the Machines go back to work, Spud decides to find him and give him a fright. The terrified Lofty spins onto his side, so Spud goes to get help. Scoop thinks it is another prank, but Bob says they had better make sure. Lofty is rescued, and Bob decides to play a trick on Spud: he dresses up in old clothes and pretends to be Farmer Pickles's new scarecrow.

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Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 13

Bob and Wendy finish plastering a wall, and while it is drying, Wendy decides to make a start on another job - laying a garden path for Mrs. Potts. Things begin badly: Mrs. Potts is afraid Roley will crush her flower beds, and insists that Wendy use a hand roller. Roley's hurt feelings are mollified when Wendy asks him to supervise her rolling. Bob rings to say that the plaster is dry, so Wendy goes back to help him with the painting, leaving Muck and Dizzy to lay the paving stones. Their horse-play results in the stones getting smashed. Bob is worried about the Machines being left alone, so Wendy returns to discover the disaster. Dizzy's suggestion of laying the broken stones is dismissed by Muck, but Wendy thinks it is a brilliant idea - crazy paving! Mrs. Potts returns from the shops and is delighted at this novel touch.

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 3 - Episode 13 Online Free