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Episodes: 13 | Released: 2000 | Certificate: U | Genre: Animated | Director: Sarah Ball
Actors: Neil Morrissey , Rob Rackstraw , Kate Harbour , Rupert Degas , Colin McFarlane , Maria Darling , Emma Tate , Richard Briers , June Whitfield

Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 1

After a particularly hard day at work digging a trench, Bob and the Machines reTyre for the night and a well deserved sleep. The following morning Roley - still asleep - begins to roll out of the yard. Roley 'sleep rolls' towards Spud's field where he nearly runs over Travis. Bird (Roley's ever faithful friend) flies off in search of help. Meanwhile, back at the yard, the team discover that Roley is missing. Bird arrives and tells them that Roley is heading towards Town. Bob, Wendy and the Machines rush off to find him and guide him home. Roley trundles along, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Bob and Scoop spot him heading towards the trench they dug the day before. Luckily, Bob manages to build a makeshift bridge across it just in time for Roley to cross safely. Back at the yard Roley wakes up. He just can't understand why everyone looks so Tyred. After all he was the one who was 'working his rollers off' yesterday!

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 2

Wendy is going away for the day so she has arranged for Mrs. Potts to look after the office. Bob and the Machines decide to do up Wendy's garden as a surprise. Unfortunately, Mrs. Potts phones in sick so Bob has to divide his time between working on Wendy's garden and popping back to the office to check the answer phone for messages. As Wendy's garden starts to take shape things are livening up back at the office - much to the annoyance of Pilchard who is trying to sleep. Faxes pour out of the machine and pile up on the floor, the phone rings and lots of messages are left. By the end of the day the garden is finished and the office is a complete mess. But Wendy loves her big surprise and is happy to get the office sorted out now she has a lovely garden to relax in at the end of the day.

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 3

Spud decides being a Scarecrow is too much like hard work - he wants a different job! When he finds Bob's toolbox lying in the road, he has an idea. He is going to be a builder - just like Bob. He persuades Lofty to become his builder's mate - after all, every builder needs a Machine to help him. After fixing some window frames in Farmer Pickles cottage, Spud decides to mend the barn roof. When Bob discovers his toolbox is missing and Muck sees Spud and Lofty with it, they put two and two together and rush to the cottage to stop Spud before he hurts himself. Too late - Spud has moved on, leaving a very crooked set of window frames. With no way of knowing where Spud has got to, Bob abandons the search for the naughty Scarecrow and sorts out the window frames for Farmer Pickles. Meanwhile, at the barn, Spud has strapped a plank of wood to his back and is climbing up a ladder onto the roof. Suddenly a big gust of wind sends him flying. Bob and the others are startled to see a 'flying Scarecrow' land on the cottage. Spud apologises for all his mischief and, once Bob's extracted a promise that he won't ever try to be a builder again, Lofty helps him down from the roof. Spud is secretly relieved - he's decided it's a lot safer being a Scarecrow.

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 4

Bob is asked to help Santa by dressing up as him at the school carol concert, but it's snowing. After a series of adventures in which Dizzy gets stuck in a drift, Spud goes snow sliding, Muck becomes a sleigh and Dizzy pretends to be a reindeer, Bob finally makes it.

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 5

Lofty, Scoop and Muck are clearing some land near the new bridge, while Bob, Dizzy and Roley repair the pavement in the town centre. Lofty's scared of heights so, rather than cross the bridge, he goes the long way round, past Spud's field. The naughty Scarecrow, looking for some fun, decides to follow Lofty. Despite Spud teasing him about his fear of mice and heights, Lofty helps to clear the site by piling up some logs. When he's finished, the disheartened Crane returns to the yard. Back at the bridge, Spud is causing more havoc, hurling mud pies at Muck, and Scoop. Running away from the angry Machines, Spud climbs the pile of logs. Suddenly, the one he's standing on rolls over, hits a boulder, and catapults Spud into the air and over the side of the bridge. Luckily his belt catches on a bush, stopping his fall. The only machine that can rescue Spud is Lofty the Crane, and Scoop races back to the yard to fetch him. Lofty will have to use all his courage to overcome his fear of heights - not to mention Scary Spud! Wendy phones Bob to tell him about Spud's accident and Bob, Roley and Dizzy race to the bridge. When they arrive, Spud is still hanging on - just! Lofty inches towards the edge - but can he conquer his fears? Of course he can, with his eyes tightly shut and a little help from his friends. Spud is saved and rewards his new friend Lofty with a big hug.

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 6

When Bob and Lofty move some stacks of tiles in the Yard, they make an exciting discovery. A bird's nest containing a solitary egg is nestling amongst a pile of old Tyres. Although the nest is not in the safest of places, Wendy explains that they cannot move it because it will frighten the mother bird away. Just as the Machines are starting to wonder where the mother is she returns. It becomes Dizzy's job to 'bird watch' whilst Bob and the other machines are at work repairing a roof. After a couple of days of - almost - continuous bird watching, the egg hatches and out pops a baby bird. Dizzy adores her new friend and doesn't want to leave even when Bob needs some cement mixing. Reluctantly Dizzy goes to the building site but her mind is not on the job. She finishes her cement mixing in double-quick time, splattering Bob and the other machines in the process, and races back to the yard. To her delight, she's just in time to see the baby bird learn to fly. Now the baby bird and its mother can leave the nest - but not without thanking 'Auntie' Dizzy for looking after them so well.

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 7

Mrs Broadbent's new 'granny' flat needs decorating before her mother arrives, but the decorators have not turned up. Ever helpful, Bob rashly offers to do it for her, even though he's never done any wallpapering. Wendy has been decorating his kitchen, so Bob asks if he can borrow her brushes etc. Wendy is not sure that it's such a great idea, but Bob is convinced putting up wallpaper can't be that difficult...until he starts work that is! Wendy goes to see how he's getting on and finds a terrible mess. Tactfully, she suggests he take a lunch break, whilst she 'tidies the place up'. As soon as the relieved Bob has gone, Wendy gets to work. On his way back from lunch Bob bumps into Mrs B, eager to know how things are going. Assuming the flat is as he left it, he tries to stop her entering. Undeterred, Mrs. B opens the door - and thanks Bob profusely for doing a wonderful job! Surprised, Bob follows and discovers Wendy standing in a beautifully wallpapered flat. He tells Mrs. B her thanks are due to Wendy, not him. Mrs. B congratulates the bashful twosome on being a talented pair.

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 8

Bob has two jobs to do today, erecting bollards around the Town Hall and putting up Mrs Potts' garden statues. Bob and the Machines start by digging holes for the statues in Mrs. Potts' garden, then move on to the Town Hall job. Bob begins unloading the edging stones, then realises he's brought the wrong ones. He heads back to the yard with Scoop to rectify his mistake. No sooner has he gone than the bollards arrive. Odd looking bollards, think Dizzy and Muck, but they put their strange appearance down to the vagaries of human taste. They decide to help Bob out by putting the bollards in place. It doesn't take long and, delighted with a job well done, they decide to use their new-found skills to erect Mrs Potts' statues. They race off, full of enthusiasm. Bob and Scoop arrive back at the Town Hall to discover Dizzy's and Muck's terrible mistake - the 'bollards' are, in fact, Mrs. Potts' statues. They whizz off to Mrs Potts', arriving just as Dizzy and Muck finish putting in the last bollard. Poor Mrs. Potts' is horrified but Bob and the machines soon sort things out. Mrs Potts is thrilled with the result - so thrilled, in fact, that she gives Bob a 'thank you' present - a stone frog with a rather glum expression!

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 9

Bob and the machines are picking up the Town's rubbish, ready for recycling. Roley is excited - he gets to crush anything that can't be reused. At the farm, Farmer Pickles is going through his possessions, putting junk aside ready for Bob to collect. He comes across a box containing his Gran's tea set which, he explains to Travis, is very precious. Just then, the phone rings and Farmer Pickles is called away to attend to some escaped sheep. As he rushes off, he asks Travis to take special care of the tea set. Spud arrives at the Farm looking for someone to play with. He persuades Travis to join him in a game of hide and seek. While Travis is hiding, Bob arrives at the farm to collect the rubbish. Scoop picks up all the bits and pieces, including the box with the tea set in it. Travis comes out of hiding and realises the precious box is missing. He chases after Bob and the Machines but they're too fast for him and he loses them. He bumps into Farmer Pickles and shamefacedly explains the mishap. Travis and Farmer Pickles hot wheel it to Bob's yard. They arrive just in time to see Roley crushing the box that contained the tea set. To their immense relief, Scoop explains that Roley has crushed an empty box - Wendy found the tea set and put it away safely.

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 10

Bob's entered the yard into the 'Brightest Builders' Yard Competition' but he's only got a few hours to tidy up and decorate it with flowers before the judges arrive. Meanwhile, Wendy has to get the new football pitch ready for the big match that night. It's all go! Bob and Muck stay behind to sort out the yard whilst Wendy and the others zoom off to prepare the pitch. Football mad Dizzy can't believe her luck and has a quick kickabout whilst Wendy and the other machines get to work on the pitch. Spud, who's come to see what's going on, joins in and gives the ball a huge kick. Unfortunately it heads straight for Wendy, who is marking out the pitch with the line-marking machine. LOOK OUT WENDY! Wendy manages to avoid the ball but the new line isn't exactly straight. Spud is reprimanded and made to clear up the mess he has caused. Back at the yard, Pilchard has almost been carted away with the rubbish and Bird has made a nest in some of the new flowers! Bob's starting to wonder if he'll manage to get the yard ready before the judges arrive. Despite Spud, Wendy and the machines finish the pitch with time in hand. They decide to have a quick match and Wendy scores a tremendous goal. The footballers return to a beautiful yard and a triumphant Bob - they've won first prize in the 'Brightest Builder's Yard Competition'!

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 11

Bob is doing some work on the Clocktower when Lofty, frightened by a bat, knocks over the ladder leaving Bob stranded on the scaffolding. He decides to call Wendy on his mobile, and then realises that he's left it at the bottom of the Clocktower. Meanwhile, Muck, Scoop and Dizzy are clearing a field whilst Wendy checks the answerphone in the office. Muck misunderstands something Scoop says and goes off in a sulk before Dizzy can stop him. Meanwhile, a frightened Lofty has got completely lost and is wandering the lanes trying to find his way back to the yard. Muck is also lost - worse, it's getting dark, and he's scared of the dark. And someone or something is making strange noises! Wendy arrives at the field to find Muck's gone missing. She and the Machines race back to the yard but Muck's not there either. Wendy tries to ring Bob on his mobile but, of course, there's no answer. Wendy decides to look for Muck herself. She finds him and Lofty in a nearby field - the strange noises were, in fact, Lofty! Lofty explains what's happened to Bob and Wendy organises a rescue mission. Together, she and Lofty manage to lift the ladder up to Bob so he can climb down from the Clocktower. Back at the yard, a repentant Muck makes up with Scoop.

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 12

Bob, Wendy and the Machines are building a tennis court. The court has been dug out and rolled flat ready for its special asphalt surface. Wendy, Roley and Dizzy head off to finish it while Bob stays at the yard to build the umpire's seat and scoreboard. Dizzy is in heaven mixing the lovely green asphalt - she pours it on to the court and Roley rolls it flat. They do a lovely job and head back to the yard with Wendy to pick up the fencing. Meanwhile, Travis and Spud arrive at the court with the tennis net. Spud, as usual thinking of his stomach, decides if he helps Wendy by unloading the net, she will give him something to eat. Unfortunately, the net is too heavy for Spud to handle by himself and he falls slap-bang onto the gooey green asphalt. He tries to cover up the mess with grass but the surface now looks lumpy so he persuades Travis to 'do a Roley' and smooth it with his tyres. Just as Travis is in the midst of 'smoothing' the asphalt Wendy and Scoop arrive. They can't believe their eyes - the court is ruined. Wendy takes charge - she calls Bob on the mobile and asks him to send Dizzy and Roley over. By the time Bob arrives with the umpire's seat, Wendy and team have relaid the asphalt. There's even time for a quick match between Wendy and Bob, with Spud as an extremely reluctant ballboy.

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Bob the Builder - Series 2 - Episode 13

Bob has a busy day ahead of him so, to help out, Wendy has decided to clean out his fish tank. Pilchard, naturally, is taking a keen interest in the proceedings. In his hurry to get to work, Bob has forgotten the cement and sends Muck back to collect it. Muck races into the yard, and is forced to brake sharply to avoid hitting Bird. He skids into a lean to at high speed, badly damaging it. Hearing the commotion, Wendy rushes out of the house carrying the bowl with the goldfish in it. At Muck's pleading, she decides to fix the lean to herself. She absent-mindedly places the bowl with Bob's fish in it by some bags of cement. Whilst Wendy and the machines are busy fixing the lean to, Pilchard makes numerous sneaky attempts to catch herself a delicious meal. Each time her schemes are unwittingly foiled by Wendy and the machines. By the time Bob gets back to the yard, the lean to is fixed and looks as good as new. Whilst Bob is admiring Wendy's handiwork, Pilchard makes one last attempt to get the fish. Just in time, Bird whistles a warning, startling Pilchard into miaowing. Wendy gets completely the wrong idea and assumes that Pilchard is trying to draw her attention to the deserted fish. She decides to give her a reward - a special herring for her tea. Much to everyone's surprise, Pilchard rejects it and stalks off. She's had quite enough of fish for one day.

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