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Episodes: 12 | Released: 2011 | Certificate: 15 | Genre: Action/Adventure | Director: Hiroshi Aoyama
Actors: Milo Ventimiglia , Fred Tatasciore , Gwendoline Yeo , J B Blanc , Kate Higgins , Steve Blum , Vic Mignogna

Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 1

One night in New York, Logan saves a man named Tesshin Asano who was being attacked by members of AIM equipped with cloaking devices and metal destroying weaponry. Asano tells Wolverine about the whereabouts of his missing love, Mariko Yashida, and the crime organization Kuzuryu, the leader of which is Mariko's father, Shingen. Mariko is allegedly arranged to be married to a man named Hideki Kurohagi in order to expand his operations. In order to find Mariko, who was kidnapped from New York a year ago, Logan flies to Tokyo and infiltrates the Yashida household, but is detected by Shingen. After his henchmen are defeated, Shingen challenges Logan to a bokken fight. Logan barely manages to withstand Shingen's swordsman skills, but is shot with a drugged dart by Hideki, before going into a rage and bringing out his claws.

Watch Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 1 Online Free

Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 2

After Hideki shoots a drug in Logan to slow his healing factor, he loses the fight and Shingen's henchmen take his body to a railroad track. Asano follows the men to save Logan only to see he was gone. Logan awakes in an apartment treated by an assassin named Yukio. Logan goes to Asano's office to give him evidence, but finds him stabbed in the heart with a thin blade. The police arrive on the scene to see Logan and Yukio standing near the body of Asano. The duo escape and slaughter Yakuza trying to ambush them. Outside, a mutant name Kikyo Mikage, who has similar powers to Wolverine's, appears on the roof ready to fight him.

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Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 3

As Logan and Kikyo fought, more police arrive to see the two destroy the area, which Kikyo escapes and Logan retreats. Mariko sits silently as her father practices his kendo, but smiles when overhearing Hideki tell her father Logan is still alive. Yukio and Logan search for a lead and find Yashida clan members unloading a secret cargo from a docked ship. The police are in wait for the cargo to be dropped off and arrest the clan members. Logan then throws Molotov Cocktails and sets the vessel on fire, and then intercepts Hideki before he can escape. The cargo is revealed to be Omega Red who has come to Japan for revenge on Logan and grabs him with his long metal tendrils.

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Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 4

Logan's fight with Omega Red takes its toll on him regardless of his healing factor. In a flashback of one of Logan's black ops missions, he was to infiltrate and steal a power source for a Soviet era weapon, which drains the life force of any weapon it touches with its carbonadium tendrils, which are a KGB experimental counterpart to adamantium. As Logan steals the power source, he runs into Omega Red and leaves him to die in a cave in the snow. In present day, Omega Red blames Wolverine for his pain because without the synthesizer, his body was vulnerable to biological attack. To buy time and escape, Logan throws a flammable container at Omega Red which explodes and destroys the dock. While resting in a vacant apartment, Wolverine senses an assassin. The assassin is really a decoy for Omega Red, who reappears with a severely burnt face, and pins Logan to the wall and knocks Yukio back.

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Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 5

Logan beaks Omega Red's hold on him and their fight drags onto the street. Elsewhere, Shingen takes Mariko to Madripoor in a private jet. Yukio throws her ring blade at Omega Red and Logan uses it to sever Omega Red's right arm and slices the box on his chest, defeating him. Logan learns that Mariko is to leave for Madripoor soon so he pulls out a beacon with the X-Men insignia. As Logan and Yukio head to the Yashida house, A.I.M. takes Omega Red, still alive, back to a secret base in a stealth ship. At the Yashida household, Kikyo waits for Logan to finish their fight from earlier. As police storm the house with a search warrant, Logan and Kikyo take their fight to the top of a tower. At the house after finding nobody home, an autopsy report is sent to the detectives who worked with Asano, with the results saying that a hair was found in Asano's teeth with the DNA proving Logan's innocence. At the top of the tower, Omega Red wants to fight Logan with his new cybernetic right arm, only for Logan to win by destroying the box on Omega Red's chest. The fight weakens Wolverine, and Kikyo says he will not fight Logan in his current state as it goes against his code of honor. After the fight, the X-Men's airship the Blackbird decloaks with Cyclops piloting in response to take them to Madripoor.

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Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 6

Logan introduces Yukio to Cyclops as they make their way to Madripoor. After dropping off the duo, Cyclops heads home. Yukio and Wolverine are then ambushed by pirates and easily dispatch them. Logan goes on ahead leaving Yukio to handle the pirates alone. At night as Logan reaches another shoreline, vagrants jump him only to be shocked at his power. Two bikers chain Wolverine's leg from a motorcycle and drive him to a post and hang him upside-down. Not showing any concern, Logan cuts himself down and takes the motorbike. As soon as a mob of people come after him, a young girl throws knives at the men, killing them. The girl states that she saved Logan in hopes that he could work with her, but he turns her down. After she says she works with others who try and stop Kurohagi, Logan wants answers. She questions his reasons for wanting to kill Kurohagi, but he will not answer. She tells Logan where to find Kurohagi, in the most brightly lit tower on the island called Dragon Palace. Meanwhile, blindfolded Yashida cuts candles off a table and lines them up along the flat side of his katana, entertaining guests to his daughter's wedding, and throws them on to pillars of a gold statue of Kurohagi's father. As Kurohagi thanks Yashida for the show, a subordinate tells him that Logan is on the island. Despite Min's warnings, Logan still chooses to go. Knowing now Wolverine is on the island, Kurohagi sends the behemoth Vadhaka to take him which sends tremors through the island. The creature lands in front of Logan stating he will not pass.

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Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 7

When Vadhaka attacks Logan and Min, she tells him that the statue belongs to Hideki Kurohagi and is the spirit of Madripoor, but the statue cannot move unless the seal is removed. As they run, a crazed mob attacks and Logan directs them to a dead end alley way. Logan tries to protect Min, only for a rival group to attack the mob that chased the two. As soon as they flee the mobs, the statue intercepts them with Logan using his unbreakable skeleton to shield Min from Vadhaka's fists. Logan brings out his claws on the wall so Min has space to escape as he gets pummeled, but is captured by the locals. Yukio then saves Min with her ring blade, then Wolverine resumes fighting. Vadhaka then kicks Logan into the building behind him and Logan makes his way to fight the former in a more spacious area. Yukio pours quick-drying cement on Vadhaka to give Logan a chance to get out. Thinking that Vadhaka is encased in the cement, Logan and Yukio make their way only for the statue to easily break free and attack. Min arrives and uses a steam pipe that burns her hands to distract Vadhaka long enough for Logan escape far from the battle scene, but with Yukio hidden under debris. In the sewer as Logan tries to leave Min, a group approaches that Min says are her friends. As Logan tries to leave, he catches a knife-tip cane and throws it back. Logan meets Master Koh who offers a trade with Logan. Meanwhile, Kikyo arrives on the island killing four locals who attack him as he searches for Logan. Koh informs Logan that the wedding will be earlier then first thought, and he needs Logan to help win a guerilla war to retake Madripoor. Elsewhere, it turns out that Vadhaka is an A.I.M. robot. Koh tells the story of how Kurohagi Sr. gained control of the island and how he is Yukio's grandfather on her father's side, but Logan does not piece the latter fact together. When the cameras in Koh's base are hijacked, Hideki puts Yukio on screen saying he will kill her if Logan does not surrender. When Koh hears this, he tells Logan that Yukio is his granddaughter.

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Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 8

As a broadcast of Yukio's location is sent to Koh's base, Logan says he will go save her first rather than let her die to get his revenge, with Koh believing the opposite. Making a deal that Logan will distract Kurohagi when he arrives at Dragon Palace so that he and his men can attack, Koh gives Logan a map with a direct route to Dragon Palace named "Hell Road" due to its history of people going in but dying when they are caught. As the grunts watching Yukio play with her weapon, they reveal that they have automated-military grade weaponry guarding the bunker. When the men go to sleep, Yukio frees herself with her weapon being on the wall, but is tranquilized when Kurohagi checks on the men. The one in charge of guarding Yuiko is killed by a dart of a more potent and lethal version of the one used on Logan at the Yashida home. Logan easily disables this system and uses the ammo to break through the door of the bunker and unties Yukio. Logan picks up a tranq-dart, and takes it with him as the duo head for Hell Road.

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Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 9

To reach the Dragon Palace, where Kurohagi and Mariko are getting married, Logan and Yukio have to go through the Hell Road. While Logan and Yukio are dealing with the many traps setting along the road, Koh and his army are also heading to the Dragon Palace and planning to attack the place by themselves.

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Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 10

When Logan and Yukio are fighting their ways through Hell Road, the statue of Vadhaka once again appears before them. Meanwhile, the wedding of Mariko and Kurohagi is about to begin. Logan and Vadhaka are engaging in a fierce battle; Kikyo is crossing his arms and watching on the side...

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Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 11

Consuming with hatred and thoughts of revenge, Logan manages to enter the Dragon Palace, followed by Yukio and Koh. They are going to confront Shingen with his deadly sword skills. The wedding of Kurohagi and Mariko is about to start; does Logan have any hope to stop it in time?

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Wolverine Anime Series - Series 1 - Episode 12

Logan is engaging in his final battle with Shingen at the Dragon Palace, and Yukio is heading toward her own final battle. At the same time, Kurohagi is making his last-ditch effort to make Mariko his own. When all come down together at a critical moment, how does Logan mange to save the love of his life?

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