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Episodes: 27 | Released: 1983 | Certificate: U | Genre: Action/Adventure | Director: Oscar Dufau
Actors: Don Messick , Danny Goldman , Lucille Bliss , Frank Welker , Michael Bell , William Callaway , Paul Winchell , Hamilton Camp , June Foray

The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 1 - The Pussywillow Pixies

Clumsy and Brainy head off into the forest to find Pussywillow Hollow. Clumsy gets separated and he meets a pixie called Pansy, who has been hiding from the Wartmongers. The Wartmongers capture Clumsy and they take him and the pixies to their castle. Clumsy and the rest of the pixies are rescued by the Smurfs. Clumsy and Pansy realise that they have feelings for each other but Clumsy realises his place is with the Smurfs, but promises to visit.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 2 - Gargame's Giant/The Gargoyle of Quarrel Castle

Garagamel's Giant: Gargamel creates a giant as part of his latest plan to destroy the Smurfs. Following Tuffy back to the village with his new giant Dufus, Gargamel orders the giant to attack. The Smurfs try to drive off the giant by firing pies at him; however they soon run out of pies. Gargamel gets angry when Dufus won't attack the village because the Smurfs were nice to him. Dufus decides to destroy Gargamel's house instead. The Gargoyle Of Quarrel Castle: Tharp, a baby gargoyle is unhappy, as he has no one to play with. Heading off into the forest he meets the Smurfs playing Smurfball. Unfortunately he kicks the Smurfball down a hole and it is lost. Returning home he bumps into his master and gets his ball mixed up with the Orb of Hydra. When the Smurfs kick the orb, it turns into a giant hydra that starts burning down the village. His owners team up with the Smurfs to save the village and learn a valuable lesson.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 3 - Jockey's Shadow/The Whole Smurf and Nothing but the Smurf

Jockey's Shadow: Papa Smurf is given a bottle of magic pollen from Mother Nature. When Jokey spills the pollen on his shadow it comes to life. The shadow starts to play pranks on everyone in the village. Finally the shadow is captured and the pollen wrung out and scattered. The shadow is then sewn back on to Jokey by Tailor. The Whole Smurf And Nothing But The Smurf: When Smurfette is captured, Gargamel tries to give her a truth potion. Instead he uses a Fib Formula by mistake. When Smurfette escapes and returns to the village she causes all sorts of problems with her lies. Papa Smurf makes an antidote but Smurfette has once again wondered into the forest. When the Smurfs follow they are captured by Gargamel. Smurfette cured of the Fib Formula helps the Smurfs escape back to the village and apologises for the trouble caused by her lies.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 4 - The Incredible Shrinking Wizard

After years of Gargamel dumping his failed potions in his pond, the pond has become dangerously polluted. When Gargamel falls in, he begins shrinking, soon he is smaller than a Smurf. Fleeing Azrael, he finds his way to the village and asks Papa Smurf for help. Papa Smurf soon realises that it is negative emotions which are shrinking him. The only cure is for Gargamel to do good things. Each time he does he grows a little bigger, but each time he does something bad he shrinks again. It is only when he saves Baby Smurf from Azrael that he is finally cured and returned to his proper size.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 5 - The Secret of Shadow Swamp/Smurfiplication

The Secret Of Shadow Swamp: Grouchy Smurf hates everything, even his birthday. So when the fateful day comes around, he goes off into the forest to hide from his fellow Smurfs. Eventually he finds himself in Shadow Swamp. While the Smurfs search for their missing friend, Grouchy meets strange and mysterious beings, including a troll. Finally after several strange adventures Grouchy is re-united with his friends. Smurfiplication: Out in the forest the Smurfs decide to play a game of hide and seek. Brainy is It, as usual. While looking for the Smurfs he is captured by Gargamel and taken to his hovel. Gargamel uses his latest invention to duplicate Brainy and suddenly there are 6 of him. The 6 of them escape and make it back to the village. Papa Smurf soon realises that 6 Brainy Smurfs are too much and returns to Gargamel's hovel to restore order. Brainy is returned to normal but this time Gargamel is duplicated with explosive results.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 6 - Never Smurf Off til Tomorrow

A great storm is coming and all the Smurfs are busy getting the village ready. Lazy is told to get the windmill ready, but he is knocked unconscious. When Lazy is discovered asleep on the job the other Smurfs tell him off and start doing his jobs. The storm arrives and carries the windmill to a volcano. When the Smurfs realise that the volcano will erupt, Handy begins work on turning the windmill into a “Whirlysmurfer”. While airborne Handy is knocked out and Lazy takes his place, saving them from the Volcano. The Smurfs realise that Lazy was also knocked out earlier and apologise. The Smurfs land and are rescued by Papa Smurf and the rest of the Smurfs.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 7 - The Traveller/The Man in the Moon

The Traveller: With a great dragon terrorising the village, the Smurfs set out to find a way of stopping it. They soon find out that they must find a famous Chinese traveller, as he and only he knows how to calm the dragon. Finally meeting him, the Smurfs are only able to understand some of the Chinese Traveller's words and customs. Eventually they understand what needs to be done and with his help the dragon is calmed and the village saved. The Man In The Moon: Sick and tired of not being appreciated the Man in the Moon quits his job and retires to the Earth, joining the Smurfs in their village. Many of the Smurfs' customs are tied to the phases of the moon and problems start to occur when the moon does not change. Eventually Mother Nature and Father Time are brought in to help sort things out and return the moon to normal.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 8 - A Pet for Baby Smurf/Symbols of Wisdom

A Pet For Baby Smurf: The Smurfs are having a competition for the cutest pet. Baby Smurf brings a cute and affectionate Glowing Darling, which was found in the forest. Everybody in the village starts to fall in love with the pet. Little do they know that the pet is the latest creation of Gargamel. It soon turns into a ghoul, endangering the village. Symbols Of Wisdom: Brainy Smurf fed up with not being respected like Papa Smurf, decides that it must be because of how he looks. After going without his glasses and trying on a red suit, he decides it must be his lack of a beard. Gargamel is having the exact same thought and decides to grow a beard. When this takes too long he mixes up a potion. When Gargamel's beard grows out of control and grows into the village, Papa Smurf follows the beard to its source and uses his magic to stop the beard. Meanwhile Brainy has found the beard potion and needs Papa Smurf's help too.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 9 - The Gingerbread Smurfs/Secret of the Village Well

The Gingerbread Smurfs: Brainy Smurf is challenged to a baking contest by Greedy Smurf. That night Brainy uses a recipe from Papa Smurf’s spell book. The following day Brainy’s cookies come to life in the shape of gingerbread Smurfs. These doughy Smurfs begin to cause havoc in the village, playing pranks on the Smurfs and eventually taking over their homes. When Papa Smurf returns he warns Brainy that he may need a new apprentice. Apologising Brainy turns all the gingerbread Smurfs back into cookies. Secret Of The Village Well: Brainy finds Clumsy by the village well, where he is waiting for his wish to come true. When Clumsy won’t tell Brainy what he wished for the other Smurfs in the village all try and get him to tell them. Clumsy is soon told that his wish won’t come true because he did not use a penny. Meanwhile Gargamel is searching for a wishing well of his own. Coming upon the Smurfs he gives chase, dropping his penny. Now with a penny Clumsy can make his wish. However Papa Smurf thinks that Clumsy should return the penny back to its rightful owner.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 10 - A Circus for Baby

When the Smurfs meet a circus elephant travelling through the forest they decide to put on a circus for Baby Smurf. While Baby Smurf and the rest of the village are having lots fun, Lord Balthazaar, Gargamel's evil godfather has other plans. With the help of the circus elephant, Hefty is able to thwart Lord Balthazaar's plans and rescue Baby Smurf. Hefty also is able to lose his fear of heights.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 11 - The Float Full of Smurfs/Stop and Smurf the Roses

The Float Full Of Smurfs: Tomorrow is the Smurf Autumn Carnival. Each year a float carrying six Smurfs is pulled by a bunny. While the Smurfs go off into the forest searching for a bunny, Gargamel and Azrael dress up as bunnies to try and capture the Smurfs. When Gargamel is chosen to pull the Smurfs’ float he almost makes it back to his house before he is stopped by some of Nat's animal friends. Stop And The Smurf Roses: Chlorhydis has a plan to kill all the flowers in the Wood Elf Grove. She plants a Snapdragon in the forest and captures Laconia, Papa Smurf and Nat. Taking Laconia's wand she alters it and then begins to kill the flowers in the grove. Slowly with each flower's death Laconia gets weaker and weaker. When some of the other Smurfs find the snapdragon and are transported to Chlorhydris castle, they free everyone and take back Laconia's wand. Changing the wand back to normal the Smurfs restore the flowers in the grove and heal Laconia.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 12 - Jokey's Funny Bone/Gargamel's Mis-Fortune

Jokey's Funny Bone: When one of Jokey's pranks causes Vanity to hurt himself, Papa Smurf needs to operate. Vanity is soon recovering from his ordeal and the whole village wants to make him feel better. Jokey, jealous of Vanity, uses one of his own special presents to blow himself up, declaring that his funny bone is fractured. With Papa Smurf away it falls to Brainy Smurf to cure him. Jokey soon finds out that sometimes the cure can be even worse. Gargamel's Mis- Fortune: When the gypsy Esmeralda turns up at Gargamel's door, she quickly convinces him that she is a fortune teller. Reading his future, Gargamel is told that if he leaves a bag of gold in a spotted oak tree he will catch some Smurfs. Gargamel has no gold and decides to trick the gypsy. Placing fake gold in the tree he soon captures some Smurfs. Esmeralda is not pleased when she finds out she has been tricked and with the help of Papa Smurf decides to teach Gargamel a lesson.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 13 - Tick Tock Smurfs/Hefty and the Wheelsmurfer

Tick Tock Smurfs: Handy's latest invention, the Clockwork Time Smurfer, creates havoc in the village. Brainy is allowed to implement schedules for all the jobs that the Smurfs have to do. The Smurfs soon find that the schedule is very tiring and does not actually leave any time to actually do anything. That night some of the Smurfs decide to sabotage the Clockwork Time Smurfer and get their revenge on Brainy. The next day everything goes wrong, teaching all the Smurfs a valuable lesson. Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer: When Hefty breaks his leg, Handy creates a Wheelsmurfer for him. Soon he is whizzing around playing Smurfball with his friends. Meanwhile Gargamel has a new pet snake and has trained him to capture Smurfs. Some of the Smurfs are soon captured by the snake but Hefty comes to the rescue.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 14 - Hopping Cough Smurfs

Gargamel's latest evil plan is to spread an infectious germ across the forest hoping to make the Smurfs ill. Soon with the germ spread across the forest, the first smurf to fall victim is none other than Baby Smurf. The Smurfs are frantic with worry and go to Papa Smurf to find a cure for the bouncing disease. Papa Smurf thinks that the only cure for the disease lies with the Hopping Crane. The Smurfs set off to find the Hopping Crane and cure the disease.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 15 - Smurfette's Golden Tresses/Monster Smurfs

Smurfette's Golden Tresses: Hogatha's latest date is horrified and leaves when he sees her with no hair. Hogatha, very upset, comes up with a plan to grow some new hair by using someone else's. Smurfette is out in the forest feeling sad about not being able to have a new hairdo when she is captured by Hogatha and placed in a terrarium. Demanding that Smurfette cut off her hair, Hogatha prepares a potion. When she applies the potion to her head, her hair grows so long she can't see anything and with the help of her friends Smurfette escapes. Monster Smurfs: Its Spooka-Smurf Eve in the village and the Smurfs are busy making their costumes for a contest. Brainy decides to use Papa Smurfs' spell book to turn himself into a monster. Soon he has turned all the other Smurfs into monsters and they set off into the forest to scare things. When they return they do not realise that they have an extra monster with them. When they decide to turn back into Smurfs, the real monster runs off with Smurfette. With the help of Mother Nature all is made right when the monster is turned into a tree which the Smurfs promise to look after.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 16 - Smurf on Wood

Gargamel meets the gypsy Esmeralda again and she decides that she wants his gold coin. As part of her plan she also tricks the Smurfs into believing that there is such a thing as a magic tree. Soon the Smurfs are scared because they think that Papa Smurf has been turned into a toad when they see a toad with Papa Smurf's hat on. Gargamel also convinced that the toad is Papa Smurf sets off after it. Eventually order is restored to the forest and the Smurfs learn not to be so superstitious.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 17 - Smurf the Other Cheek/The Trojan Smurf

Smurf The Other Cheek: When Hefty meets an unhappy old woman in the forest he agrees to help her get rid of the huge red spot on her nose. After he kicks her, he is surprised to find that he now has the red spot on his nose. When he gets back to the village he tries to get the other Smurfs to kick him so he can get rid of the spot. They all refuse due to the no kicking rule recently put in place. After Handy gets the spot by using one of his inventions, Papa Smurf intervenes by taking the spot and finding the old woman. By kissing her instead of kicking her he is able to make the spot go away. The Trojan Smurf: Gargamel's latest plan to capture the Smurfs is to hide inside a giant wooden statue of Papa Smurf. When the Smurfs find it they decide to take it back to their village. Along the way the statue is bounced around and even falls into the hands of Bigmouth. Eventually the statue makes it to the village and Gargamel springs his trap. Luckily the Smurfs are able to trap Gargamel in the statue and give it back to Bigmouth to teach Gargamel a lesson.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 18 - The Patchwork Bear/Smurfette's Sweet Tooth

The Patchwork Bear: When the River Smurf dries out Papa Smurf and some of the Smurfs set out to find out what has happened. When they reach the source they see that it has turned to crystal and there they meet a patchwork bear. The bear tells them that the Emerald Empress and her kingdom have been trapped in crystal by an evil man called Crackle. The Smurfs and the bear set off to save the kingdom. Defeating pirates along the way, the Smurfs make their way to the castle, where they find Crackle demanding to marry the Emerald Empress. Captured by Crackle the Smurfs face being crystallised, when all is saved by the bear when he destroys Crackle’s magic crystal. Smurfette's Sweet Tooth: Every year Greedy hands out candy to the other Smurfs, giving them enough to last the year. When Smurfette eats all her candy that day she goes off to ask the other Smurfs for some of theirs. When she can't get any she uses one of Papa Smurf's spells to give her the Smurfy Touch. Now everything she touches turns to candy. Upset she flees into the forest, where she is captured by Gargamel. Using her touch Smurfette escapes Gargamel and is taught a lesson when she must drink a foul tasting medicine to cure her.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 19 - The Little Orange Horse with Gold Shoes

Sliding down a rainbow a little orange horse loses one of its golden shoes. In the forest he meets Smurfette and she helps him in his search for his missing shoe.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 20 - Tailor's Magic Needle/Breakfast at Greedy's

Tailor's Magic Needle: It's spring again and Tailor Smurf announces he will start taking orders for all the Smurfs' new clothes. Soon he has lots of orders and begins work. It is not long before he realises that he has too much work to do. With Brainy he creates a magic sewing needle to help him. Things get worse when the Smurfs realise that the magic needle sews faster than Tailor and he soon finds himself out of work. Once again turning to Brainy for help, they cast a spell on the needle. Now it starts flying round the village undoing things, putting the whole village in danger. Breakfast At Greedy's: Greedy's latest batches of pancakes have an unusual effect on the Smurfs when they all start to float away. With greedy and Lazy chasing after them the Smurfs float through the forest towards Gargamel's home. Gargamel seeing the floating Smurfs steals a wandering salesman's cart and horse. During the chase Gargamel gets closer and closer to catching the Smurfs. Eventually the Smurfs are saved by eating another of Greedy's pancakes which causes them to sink back to earth.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 21 - Petrified Smurfs/The Bignose Dilemma

Petrified Smurfs: Brainy Smurf once more causes havoc for the Smurfs, when in front of Papa Smurf he casts a spell. The spell goes catastrophically wrong and turns all the Smurfs, the village and most of the forest into stone. Fortunately for everyone Peewit is outside of the spell's range. It is now up to Peewit with the help of Selwyn and Tallulah to work together to reverse the spell before dawn. The Bignose Dilemma: When Vanity finds out that his nose is like all the other noses in the village het sets out to change it. Coming across Bignose and Bigmouth, he finds out that they are off to see Gargamel to see about changing Bignose's nose. Hiding in Bignose's hat Vanity sees the spell that Gargamel uses. That night he too casts the spell and ends up with a fancy new nose. The next day Bignose realises that she doesn't like her new nose and returns to get her old one back. Vanity is also ordered to return to Gargamel and get his nose changed back. After some chasing around everyone gets their noses back and they are all happy again.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 22 - Papa's Worrywarts/The Smurfomatic Smurfolator

Papa's Worrywarts: Worrying about the Smurfs brings Papa Smurf out in Worrywarts. This nasty disease causes Papa Smurf to become indecisive. Soon the Smurfs are getting into trouble as they no longer have Papa Smurfs’ sage advice to guide them. The only way to cure him lies in the Pussywillow Grove, so the Smurfs set off to get Papa Smurf to rub the horn of the Wartmonger, the slimy and stupid enemy of the Pussywillow Pixies. The Smurfomatic Smurfolator: When Handy dreams of a new invention he asks Papa Smurf what he should do about it. With Papa Smurf’s blessing he starts to create the machine from his dreams. Meanwhile Gargamel plants some magic seeds his mother has given him. Soon weeds are growing all over the forest and the whole village is overrun. The Smurfs take refuge on Handy's new machine; luckily it is the perfect answer to the invasion of weeds.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 23 - Lazy's Slumber Party/Smurf Box Derby

Lazy's Slumber Party: Poor Lazy, all he wants to do is get a good night's sleep. However, the other Smurfs have a different idea and throw him a huge slumber party. He soon gets dragged into various misadventures and even ends up painting Bigmouth's toenails. At the end all Lazy wants is to forget about this night and go back to sleep. Smurf Box Derby: When the Smurfs complain about how hard it is to push their carts around Handy comes up with a great idea. He builds all the Smurfs in the village their own individual Smurfmobiles. Soon arguments are occurring about who has the fastest and it's decided a race will decide the matter. Gargamel has also created his own vehicle powered by Bigmouth and plans to crush the Smurfs. The Smurfs turn Gargamel's new invention back on him but it is too late to save the Smurfmobiles.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 24 - The Master Smurf

While Greedy is visiting Miner they find a crown. Taking it back to the village they want to give it to Papa Smurf. Unfortunately Greedy tries it on and is now able to command all the other Smurfs to do his bidding. When Papa Smurf realises what has happened he is given a map to the crown's twin, the only thing that can stop Greedy. Once back in the village with the crown Papa Smurf is able to battle Greedy until he is able to trick the crown off his head. With the crown defeated all is returned to normal in the village.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 25 - The Smurf-Walk Cafe/The Bad Place

The Smurf-Walk Cafe: As the result of an accident, Handy and Greedy create a new delicious food they call Smurfcream. However when the rest of the Smurfs want to know who created the fantastic food, an argument breaks out ending with the new partners going their separate ways. Gargamel's latest plan causes an avalanche that covers the village in snow, trapping Greedy. Handy comes to the rescue and the partners are back in business. The Bad Place: During the night a strange ship flies above the village. When the Smurfs awake the next morning they meet some visitors from far away, called the Grimeys. The Smurfs try and make friends with their visitors but things soon go wrong between them. The Grimeys are jealous everything that the Smurfs have and decide to never leave. All is resolved when Baby Smurf and Baby Grimey show everyone else how to get along the visitors.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 26 - Bigmouth Smurf/The Smurfiest of Friends

Bigmouth Smurf: Yet again Gargamel's plans are ruined by Bigmouth. Gargamel determined to get back at the ogre, uses a spell to turn him blue and dresses him up as a Smurf. When Bigmouth wakes up, Gargamel convinces him that he is a Smurf. At the village Papa Smurf realises that Bigmouth has been turned blue by a spell and that they must look after him until it wears off. Unfortunately Bigmouth causes lots of problems in the village before he returns to his normal colour. The Smurfiest Of Friends: When Brainy ends his friendship with Clumsy, he realises that he no longer has any friends in the village. Sad he wanders off into the wood and meets Buddy. Believing Buddy to be his new friend, Brainy follows Buddy home, only to find that he is now Buddy's slave. Meanwhile Clumsy worried about Brainy heads into the forest to find Brainy. Seeing Brainy being treated badly, Clumsy rescues Brainy and they become best friends again.

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The Smurfs - Series 4 - Episode 27 - Baby's Enchanted Didey/Smurfing for Ghosts

Baby's Enchanted Didey: Gargamel creates a flying carpet out of his quilt and sets off to catch the Smurfs. He soon crashes his flying quilt and loses a piece of it in the forest. Later the piece ends up in the hands of the Smurfs and they decide to create a new diaper for Baby Smurf. Once in it, Baby soon flies away leaving the Smurfs behind. Gargamel spots the flying smurf and tries several times to catch the baby, each time failing more spectacularly than the last. The Smurfs saddened that Baby maybe lost to them forever are overjoyed to see him return to village. Smurfing For Ghosts: Peewit needs the Smurfs help as the castle is haunted by some naughty ghosts, relatives of the ghost Uncle Fenwick. Brainy and Clumsy offer to help Peewit with their new invention the Autosmurfer. Back at the castle the Smurfs set off to catch the ghosts. Clumsy catches one ghost but refuses to believe that he is a good ghost and the others are chased when their Autosmurfer breaks down. In the end by talking to each other, Uncle Fenwick and the other ghosts are able to resolve their differences and make everything all right.

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