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Episodes: 51 | Released: 2005 | Certificate: U | Genre: Animated | Director: Kouichi Mashimo
Actors: Julie Lemieux , Stacey DePass , Joseph Motiki , Caroly Larson , Tim Hamaguchi , Cameron Ansell , Melanie Tonello , Lawrence Bayne

Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 1

Adventurous teen Hunter Steele follows his grandfather's directions in search of a doorway to the Inner World. Deep inside an ancient pyramid, Hunter acquires a unique manacle and falls into a new and frightening land deep within the earth. Hunter is almost killed by a giant, talking spider named Shadow until the unlikely pair are forced to team-up as Spider and Rider to combat the Invectid forces of the evil Mantid. But will their uneasy alliance survive the battle?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 2

Hunter gets his first lesson in being a Spider Rider from Corona as they travel deeper into the heart of Arachna. But soon Hunter insults Shadow and it looks like their partnership may be over before it starts. When the evil Grasshop threatens to destroy an Arachna village Hunter rushes to face the challenge alone, despite his inability to summon his powers. Will Shadow unite with Hunter again or will he let the newest Spider Rider pay for his mistake with his life?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 3

Hunter Steele finally arrives at Arachna Castle and quickly makes a bad impression on his fellow Spider Riders; especially the disdainful Igneous. Forced to prove themselves, Shadow and Hunter enter the arena to show Igneous what they're made of. But the veteran Spider Rider and his Battle Spider, Flame, prove to be an unstoppable force. If Shadow and Hunter can't find a way to work together, they may never discover their true power.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 4

Hunter is quick to volunteer when the Village of Fragrant Blooms calls on the Spider Riders for help against an Invectid assault. Corona and Igneous are overwhelmed by the beauty of the flowers the town is famous for but Hunter is too keyed up to notice. The trio find the village abandoned save for one little girl, Rain. Seeking the villagers, they follow her directions to a cave in which the Blossoms of Darkness grow. The Blossoms turn Corona and Igneous into enemies until Hunter and Shadow destroy the flowers. But it's not until Hunter literally stops to smell the roses that he is able to help his friends and the village overcome an attack by Beerain's drones. There truly is strength in beauty.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 5

Corona takes Hunter to the Hill of Champions, the place where spiders and humans first fought together against the Invectid invaders. They meet Galena, a woman whose Spider Rider husband disappeared many years ago. She cares for the monument while awaiting his return. When Buguese arrives to claim the hill, Galena shocks the Spider Riders by giving it up without a fight. Despite Galena, Hunter and Corona defeat Buguese only to find themselves thrown back by his human ally, Aqune! Through Galena’s courageous example, the Spider Riders learn the things that are truly worth protecting lie not in stone monuments, but rather within our hearts and spirits.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 6

Every child in the city is playing with a sparkling sphere but Princess Sparkle. After Hunter discovers where the children found the spheres and gets one for her, Sparkle is afraid to tell him that it turned black when she tried to paint it. But when Grasshop invades the city by controlling the children with his spheres, Sparkle's mistake saves her from its hypnotic effects. The spheres form a giant robot that uses the children as a shield and warps light, rendering it invisible as it pummels Hunter and Shadow. It's only when Sparkle and Hunter realize her black sphere remains visible even when the rest of the robot is not that they are able to turn the tables. And so Sparkle, the youngest Spider Rider, achieves her first victory over the Invectids with the help of Hunter, the newest Spider Rider!

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 7

Prince Lumen's lackadaisical attitude and distaste for practice leave Hunter questioning his ability to lead the Spider Riders. Igneous insists the Prince is a powerful fighter although he can't offer any concrete proof. When Invectids attack a nearby village Lumen refuses to fight, preferring to negotiate with the enemy and offering them a village of their own. Hunter's worst fears come true when the Invectids break the truce and attack again but it is Lumen himself ho meets their assault. Finally revealing his powerful Spider, Ebony, Lumen single-handedly defeats the invading army and leaves the remaining stragglers for his fellow Spider Riders. Did Lumen act only because he was forced to, or has he been hiding his true strength even from his own allies?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 8

While on patrol, Hunter and Shadow fall into the Forest of Bewilderment, from which, legend has it, no one has ever escaped. While trying to find their way out, they meet up with a strange traveler named Magma who invites them to use his place as home base. But Magma seems to lack the will to leave. Or does he have other plans? Hunter and Shadow follow him late at night and discover that their quiet friend is actually a fellow Spider Rider in search of a strange, purple spider named Portia. Will Hunter and Shadow find their way out of the Forest of Bewilderment or will they fall prey to the Invectid menace of Billbug?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 9

After weeks of non-stop battle and training, Corona and Igneous arrange for Hunter to have a day off but they can't understand why he wants to spend it sleeping. After being woken up by nearly everyone in the castle, Hunter searches for a private place to steal a nap while Corona and the spiders train together. Only Prince Lumen understands Hunter's desire to sleep but he needs Hunter's help to impress some pretty girls. Shadow enjoys training with Flame and finally has a chance to train with Venus when Hunter's favour for Lumen turns into trouble. Hunter would rather face an army of Invectids than three girls practicing their martial arts!

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 10

Hunter and his fellow Spider Riders investigate sinkholes at a remote village and uncover a giant, Invectid Centipede named Celpido who is bent on destruction. Buguese and his mysterious human ally, Aqune arrive at the village, proving there is more going on than they know. Hoping to understand her better, Hunter challenges Aqune to single-combat but both end up falling from a cliff and disappearing into the forest. Aqune saves Hunter's life and nurses him back to health, revealing the humanity beneath the mask Buguese forces her to wear. Reunited, the Spider Riders defeat Celpido but may have lost the war when Aqune leads Buguese at last the doorway he seeks.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 11

When Buguese finds the doorway to the Spirit Oracle's shrine, all that is left is to breech the energy shield. Mantid enlists Grasshop to distract the Spider Riders and buy Buguese and Aqune sufficient time to get the job done. After hearing that Grasshop and his forces are threatening to destroy a village, the Spider Riders arrive to find themselves challenged to a duel.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 12

Following up on Grasshop's tip, Hunter and the Spider Riders journey to the location of Spirit Oracle's shrine. But when they arrive, they are greeted by Beerain and her Buzz Rays. Igneous and Lumen send the others to find the passage to the shrine and remain to fight the villainess. But once the Buzz Rays are beaten, they are faced with an even bigger opponent; Beerain's giant bee!

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 13

Now that Buguese has two of the Oracle Keys, the Spider Riders find themselves too weak to defeat his powerful Battle Beetle. Their only hope is for Magma, Igneous and Lumen to hold off the Battle Beetle while a weakened Hunter and Corona pursue Buguese and Aqune. Can Hunter fulfill his promise to save Portia and Aqune and recover the Keys? Or will the triumphant Buguese realize his ambition to bring down the mighty Spider Riders once and for all? Just when defeat seems imminent, Hunter and Shadow commune directly with the Oracle through one of the Keys, transforming into pure embodiments of her power. But if Hunter uses his new-found power to save Aqune and Portia, he could doom his friends to destruction at the hands of Battle Beetle!

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 14

Buguese has lost the first Oracle Key but Mantid is unconcerned. They will find the other Keys and then come for Hunter's. Stag, the most powerful of Mantid's Big Four Generals, wishes to test himself against Hunter's "Electra-Twist" power. Hunter brags about his new-found power until Stag bursts through the castle and single-handedly overcomes Lumen's elite guards. Stag issues his challenge: If Hunter Steele does not face him in a duel, he will destroy Arachna Castle. Hunter is eager to accept though no one has ever beaten Stags. An over-confident Hunter calls on the power of the Oracle Key but nothing happens. If Hunter can't overcome his arrogance, Stags victory will signal the final defeat of the Spider Riders!

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 15

Hunter agrees to help Corona practice dancing for Arachna's Annual Dance Party. But when he sees a silhouette of a huge spider haunting the castle halls, Corona becomes quite upset. She tells him the legend of a beautiful princess who was put under a spell by an evil witch. It is believed that anyone who sees her ghost will have misfortune follow them until they see the ghost again. Hunter scoffs but sure enough his luck seems to turn for the worse, and it's starting to affect the other Spider Riders! Will Hunter and Corona find the elusive ghost before disaster befalls them all?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 16

Corona and Hunter visit her home town in search of the Oracle Keys. But Corona's friends and relatives are more interested in making a couple of the two eligible Spider Riders. Despite Corona and Hunter's best efforts, nothing can convince the villagers that they're just good friends. While talking with her sisters, Hunter learns some surprising facts and a new mystery behind Corona's childhood and her decision to become a Spider Rider. Inspired by her childhood vow, Hunter visits the town monument and makes a vow of his own. But the resolve of the Spider Riders is put to the test immediately when Beerain and her Buzz Rays show up. Can Hunter and Corona defend the town that took her in? Or are they doomed to go down in defeat and watch as her home is destroyed?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 17

Igneous is reunited with Slate, his oldest friend from the Arachna Knights. The pair were such a formidable team the people called them "Arachna's Claw and Fang". The comrades pick up right where they left off, laughing and fighting Invectids like a well-oiled machine but Igneous is troubled by Slate's appearance. He reveals to Hunter his best friend has challenged him to a duel to the death! Can Hunter and Shadow uncover an Invectid plot to separate Arachna's Claw and Fang for good? Or will Igneous and Slate see their duel to its deadly end?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 18

While out on patrol, Hunter and Magma happen upon an ancient school. There they discover Aqune, who arrived on the school's doorsteps not knowing who she was or where she came from. Magma quickly notices that not only is she not wearing her mask, her manacle is missing too! Fearful for Portia, Magma persuades Hunter that they should stay and spy on Aqune.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 19

Lumen's childhood friend, Lady Noia, pays a visit to Arachna Castle and the Prince falls head over heels in love - much to the dismay of his fellow Spider Riders. But Lumen has no idea his new flame and her butler are really Beerain and Grasshop in disguise! They have infiltrated the castle to find the Oracle Key but their plans are frustrated by Lumen's 24-7 attentions. Lumen saves "Noia" from a booby-trap and she begins to warm to the brave Prince despite her mission. When Lumen challenges Hunter to a duel and lets his lady Noia hold the Oracle Key, Beerain's true colours are revealed. But the Prince is too deep in love to deny Beerain anything anymore, even the Oracle Key. Can Hunter and the Spider Riders stop Lumen from betraying his own people for the sake of true romance?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 20

When the actors of a theatrical troupe putting on a play about the renowned hero Quake quit, the Spider Riders decide to get in on the act and help out. Much to Igneous' chagrin, Hunter is chosen to play Quake because he is the only one who fits the costume. With a packed audience, the play proceeds, getting laughs where none were intended. But with the appearance of the real Grasshop and his army of Invectid soldiers, the drama heats up. Can the Spider Riders beat their enemies and put on the show of a lifetime or will the legend of Hero Quake become a legendary flop?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 21

The Spider Riders are so worn out from the constant skirmishes with the Invectids, Corona begins to long for a "normal" life. But that will always be denied her with the Invectids around. Or will it? Lily uses her magic to show Corona how her life could have been. But with Hunter and Aqune as battle partners and Grasshop for a gentleman caller, Corona's dream soon becomes a nightmare. Corona comes to terms with her duty as a Spider Rider just in time to save her friends from Grasshop's latest trap and realizes she wouldn't want to live her life any other way.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 22

When Magma decides to go on patrol to see is he can get any new information on Portia, Hunter immediately invites himself along for the trip. But once the pair arrives in Cross Town, their task proves harder than they thought. Hunter meets a young Invectid named Katy and is surprised to learn not all Invectids love to fight. The next morning, the Spider Riders wake up to an attack by Grasshop and Aqune. Demanding the return of Katy, Grasshop unleashes a deadly Battle Bug which captures Katy and grows in strength the more Katy pleads for it to stop fighting. Things get worse when Grasshop discovers the hard way that he forgot to activate the device that enables the Battle Bug to differentiate between friend and foe. It’s up to Aqune to team up with Hunter to beat the bug and save the town.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 23

After failing once again in a desperate attempt to retrieve the Oracle Key from the Spider Riders, Grasshop finds himself demoted and losing face in the eyes of his family and fellow Invectids. While he plots to regain his prominence, his fellow Big Four have other concerns. One hundred years of stripping all life from their land has left them helpless before an all-consuming darkness and the only thing holding it at bay is the power of Aqune's Oracle Key. But Arachna, with its sunlight and teeming life, is the answer. All they have to do is steal the Oracle's power, decimate the humans and invade Arachna once and for all!

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 24

Stags' army lays waste to the Kingdom of Nuuma in search of the Oracle Key, only to find their courageous Queen has entrusted it to her Page in hopes he can deliver it to the Spider Riders. Mantid dispatches a determined Grasshop to capture the Page but during a chase the Page drops the key ... right onto Lumen's head! Will the Spider Riders discover the significance of the mysterious, locked box in time? Or will they lose it to Grasshop as they rescue the Nuuman Page?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 25

When Hunter loses his Oracle Key to Aqune, it seems like the Spider Riders are finally beaten. Beerain attacks the castle and captures the Oracle Key of Nuuma, only to have it stolen from her by Grasshop. It looks like he might even get away with it until Sparkle transforms herself and Hotarla into a formidable new Spider Rider team. The pint-sized avenger humiliates Grasshop and regains the Key only to have it magically lift from her hands in answer to Hunter’s desperate need. With renewed strength Hunter frees Aqune from her hypnotic spell long enough for her to return his own Key. Backed by the awesome power of two Oracle Keys, Hunter defeats the Invectid forces. But will his new power be enough to save far-off Nuuma?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 26

Stags' forces have overrun the city of Nuuma. But just when it looks like the fourth Oracle Key is within his grasp, the Oracle creates a force field around the Castle and levitates it into the sky. Meanwhile, the Spider Riders help reinforce Arachna against another invasion, but Hunter can't understand why the others don't want to leave to help Nuuma.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 27

The Spider Riders arrive in the port town of Fuushyu in order to find a boat. But to cross the Inner ocean they must first conquer the wondrous upward falling Fuushyu Falls and no ordinary boat can do that! The mayor finds them a magnificent old ship designed for the Falls but Quint, the shipbuilder refuses to lend it for a "joyride". When Buguese and Beerain attack the town in an effort to destroy the ship and regain the Oracle Keys, the Spider Riders put themselves at risk to defend the people. And it looks like Hunter has made the ultimate sacrifice!

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 28

When the Spider Riders set out on their voyage, Hunter finds them ill prepared. Their quarters are disorganized, the food is terrible and seasickness and laziness are rampant. Hunter whips his friends into shape only to find a new challenge waiting for them... a fiery channel of lava! After making one attempt go through and sustaining serious damage to the ship, the others want to return home or find a detour. But Hunter is determined. The people of Nuuma are counting on them to fight the Invectids! Will Hunter inspire the Spider Riders to rise above it all or will his dreams all go up in smoke?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 29

While lost in a dense fog, the Spider Riders stumble upon to what appears to be a Ghost Ship piloted by the legendary Lost Mariner. Meanwhile, Grasshop, Sparkle and Hotarla struggle to catch up to their boat in their flying machine. The Mariner shares tales of his youth, sailing the Inner Sea with the hero Quake. But his story is interrupted by an Invectid attack. The Lost Mariner leads his friends into the thick of the fog where Beerain and her Buzz Rays can't find them But just when Sparkle and Grasshop arrive and safety seems assured, Aqune attacks, stealing one of Hunter's Oracle Keys. Their evenly matched power causes a huge backlash of energy, transporting everyone but Lumen and Igneous away... But where?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 30

When Hunter, Corona, Magma and their spiders regain consciousness, they find themselves deep in a forest. Aqune appears, ready to fight but her mask crumbles from her face, releasing her and Portia from their spell. After a joyous reunion between brother and sister spiders, Buguese attacks, determined to capture the Oracle Keys and Aqune. But a tear in reality opens, sucking the Spider Riders and their spiders away, one by one, and leaving Buguese behind to wonder what happened. The Spider Riders now find themselves in Paradise and are persuaded to give up fighting and enjoy their lives. Will Hunter actually throw away his manacle and leave the people of Nuuma at the mercy of the Invectids? And who is the strange old man who reveals himself to the Spider Riders once their decision is made?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 31

When a mysterious, old man claims to be the hero Quake, Magma is beside himself with joy at meeting his childhood hero. But Hunter remains dubious until Quake shows off more of his power by sharing a vision of Castle Nuuma floating safely out of reach of the Invectids. Hunter is eager to learn how Quake became a champion but the old hero keeps giving him menial duties. Quake finally shows his power when he sends the Buguese and his soldiers flying from the forest with a tap of his staff. Quake shares his secret with Hunter; no one can tell you how to be a champion. You must look deep within yourself

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 32

Lumen and Igneous have trouble trusting Grasshop when they discover him traveling to Nuuma with Princess Sparkle. Their suspicions appear correct when they find themselves surrounded by a platoon of Invectid Warriors led by Lt. Scarab. The platoon is out of communication with Mantid and Stags and haven't heard of Grasshop's banishment. Their excitement to be led one of Mantid's Big Four cause them to put Grasshop in charge. Grasshop is delighted for the chance to seize power again until he discovers his first duty to is to "take care" of the imprisoned Spider Riders... permanently!

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 33

As the Spider Riders continue their journey across the desert, Hunter is still plagued by dreams and doubts about becoming a Champion. When they come upon an oasis, Hunter refuses to stop, insisting they must get to Nuuma as soon as possible. Hunter gives in when his friends point out they all need a much-deserved night's sleep to be battle ready for the Invectids. With the dawn comes an attack by Beerain and her Buzz Rays and once again, Hunter impulsively insists on acting alone until Aqune reminds him that you cannot become a true Champion without the help of your friends. Battling as a team, Aqune and Hunter send Beerain on her way until the unexpected appearance of Buguese changes the balance of power. Will Hunter be willing to exchange the Oracle Keys for Corona's life?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 34

The Spider Riders interrogate Grasshop, hoping to find out the Invectids' plans for the Oracle Keys. Meanwhile, Buguese sends Beerain to delay them so Aqune can uncover a way through the Spirit Oracle's spell into the floating Castle of Nuuma. Beerain entices Grasshop to help her by promising he will be reinstated in the Big Four and allowed to return to his family. After placing a poisonous flower in the Spider Riders' sleeping quarters, the Invectid sneaks off, guilt-ridden. But when Beerain threatens to harm Sparkle, Grasshop is forced to make a difficult choice. Can Sparkle's "Uncle Hop" be trusted? Will Hunter win his duel with Beerain in time to help the Nuumians? And why does Beerain fight with such determination?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 35

The Spider Riders finally arrive in Nuuma only to find the city completely under Invectid control. They are found by a Nuumian named Solon, who shows them a secret path into the floating Nuuma Castle. The presence of their spiders activates a mystical door through the Oracle's barrier. Inside the castle, Igneous is instantly smitten by Queen Illuma, but she is more interested in finding out if Corona could be a long-lost servant of the Oracle who was taken from Nuuma as a child. But before that mystery can be solved, Buguese and Stags launch an attack on the castle, using Aqune and Portia to activate the mystical gate. Have the Spider Riders inadvertently caused the defeat of Nuuma?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 36

Even with Stags and his forces invading Nuuma Castle, Queen Illuma commands the Spider Riders to flee. Hunter defies her orders, taking Corona and Magma with him to confront the Invectids and leaving Lumen and Igneous to protect the Queen and the Oracle Key. The Spider Riders split up, searching for Stags and battling forces throughout the palace. Magma confronts the Big Four Invectid Commander and finds that he's met his match. Can Hunter save Nuuma Castle from the even more powerful Stags? And what does Buguese have planned now that he and Aqune have penetrated the castle undetected?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 37

All seems lost when a fierce battle with Stags leaves Hunter buried under a pile of rubble. Quick thinking by Shadow protects his partner and the battle resumes but something doesn't seem right... Stags is keeping the Spider Riders from the real battle, a battle where Buguese and Aqune are taking the Nuumian Oracle Key from Igneous, Lumen and the Queen! Even Grasshop is unsure how to stop his former comrades. Upon discovering Stags' ruse, Hunter confronts the Soldier, accusing him of fighting without honour. Will Hunter and Shadow be able to defeat Stags in time to help their friends and protect the Oracle Key? And if so, will they be a match for Aqune's new power?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 38

Hunter and Shadow face off against Buguese's newest weapon; Battle Beetle. When they destroy a piece of its armor, the Beetle regenerates, making itself virtually indestructible. It attacks Hunter and Shadow, lashing them to columns and blasting them repeatedly. The Spider Riders join forces to come to their friends' rescue but find themselves beaten down and at the mercy of the beast. Hunter quietly taunts Buguese, giving him and Shadow an opportunity to escape. With a little help from Grasshop, Hunter and Shadow destroy the Beetle only to discover Buguese's true plan; to provide Aqune with enough time to remove the Oracle Key from the orb! The Castle and all its inhabitants begin to fall from the sky. Will Hunter be able to to stop the fall? And in doing so, will he help Corona discover her true identity?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 39

With Nuuma Castle safely on the ground again, Queen Illuma thanks the Spider Riders for their help and reveals an astounding secret; Aqune has visited Nuuma before, as a Handmaid in training. And at her side was another young Handmaid in training...her sister, Corona! On the journey home, Corona is confused about her destiny. Hunter tries to cheer her up, but he only makes her angry, as usual. When the ship is attacked by a flock of flying Invectids, Igneous is too heart-broken over his unrequited love for Queen Illuma to help out, so it is up to Hunter and Shadow to save the day. But the Invectids beat the partners down and it looks like all is lost. Without realizing it, Corona taps into the Oracle's power, allowing Hunter and Shadow to destroy the Invectids.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 40

Slate and the exhausted Arachna guardsmen fight to defend Arachna against Invectid forces but only the timely arrival of the Spider Riders turns the tide. The Spider Riders settle in to normal life by catching up with old friends. Hunter and Corona visit Quinn to apologize for wrecking his ship. Magma shares tales of the hero Quake with his friend, the Theatre Troupe Leader and a lonely Igneous reconnects with his fan club. The calm is shattered when Mantid's plans for his two Oracle Keys is made clear. After supplying power to the formerly dark Invectid city, hundreds of new, more powerful Invectid Warriors are created using twisted Invectid science and the Oracle's power. Mantid sends a single warrior to attack Arachna and even Hunter's Blue Bolt attack barely stops the creature. How will the Spider Riders fight an entire army of such creatures?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 41

Mantid shows off his newly gained Oracle power by lighting the Invectid city for the first time in years. A rousing speech rallies his minions to renew their assaults on Arachna. Meanwhile, The Spider Riders are hard-pressed to deal with the increased Invectid attacks led by Mantid's new breed of warrior. Igneous uncovers an Invectid fortress armed with a powerful cannon that can destroy Arachna castle and the villages around it from afar and send Hunter and Corona on a search and destroy mission. They manage to destroy the cannon but find themselves surrounded. Beerain returns to Mantid to uncover the truth behind his plans and is attacked for her treachery. Mantid's wrests more power from the suffering Oracle and the Inner World's sun goes dark. Can humans and Invectids survive as their sun grows cold?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 42

Beerain has become a fugitive since discovering Mantid's plans to destroy the Inner World. After evading her former allies, she is forced to fight Aqune, who defeats her easily. Only the intervention of the Oracle allows her to escape with her life. At Lan-Kirk fortress, Hunter tries to decide his next move against the Invectids but Corona is caught up in her own questions. Who is she? What is her place in the world? And can she continue to fight a war with no end? Hunter misconstrues her reticence for fear and traps Corona in the fortress when Buguese attacks, leaving him open to defeat. Even the arrival of the other Spider Riders fails to tip the balance of power. But Buguese retreats anyway, to plan a more final defeat for his enemies.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 43

Sparkle, Hotarla and Grasshop stumble upon the wounded Beerain. After bandaging her wounds, Beerain discovers that Buguese has been sent to Darklan. Unknown to the other Spider Riders, Hunter ponders how to end the war between humans and Invectids. He presents a proposal to Prince Lumen; the Spider Riders should negotiate peace. Despite a mixed response from the others, Lumen gives Hunter permission to pursue his plan. Buguese arrives, ready to fight but Hunter makes his offer, asking only what the Invectids want in return. Buguese is clear; hand over the Oracle Keys and all battles will end. But Lumen demands guarantees, causing Buguese to reconsider. Finally, Buguese and Hunter agree to battle to determine who will keep the Oracle Keys. The unexpected arrival of Beerain interrupts the match and she reveals to Buguese all she has learned of Mantid's evil plans. Rather than listen to reason, Buguese flees, vowing to remain loyal... for now.

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 44

Before leaving Arachna, Beerain informs the Spider Riders that the only way to reach Invectid Headquarters is through the dreaded Labryrinth. Hunter persuades the others to join him, leaving Arachna under the protection of Slate. Lumen wants Sparkle to stay behind but is stunned when Ebony insists she must accompany them. With a reluctant Grasshop as a guide, the Spider Riders enter the Labyrinth. But no one is ready for the attack of strange slug monsters who crawl up from the depths. Fearing that the elevated paths will not hold the extra weight, the Spider Riders try to jump over the slugs but soon it is clear that a more aggressive attack must be taken. Hunter and Shadow rise to the occasion, only to have the bridge crumble beneath their feet. Will Aqune's appearance save her fellow Spider Rider? Or will she deliver him to even greater danger?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 45

Hunter and Shadow regain consciousness to find themselves inMatid's Citadel. The Invectid leader reveals the darkness which hangs over his kingdom and blames it on the Spirit Oracle. Though moved, Hunter confronts Mantid about keeping Aqune prisoner. In response, Mantid removes her mask, inviting Hunter to take her away... if she wishes. To Hunter's surprise, Aqune refuses to leave, reaffirming her choice to help the Invectid cause. Hunter makes a request; to be taken to Grasshop's home. There he meets with Grasshop's family and tells them he is safe and sound. Meanwhile, the rest of the Spider Riders resume their journey, only to be surrounded by the strange monsters from below. Will the Spider Riders defeat the monsters and reunite with Hunter? And can Hunter's judgment be trusted now that he is Mantid's guest in the Invectid Kingdom?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 46

Moved by the plight of the sunless Invectids, Hunter is ready to hand the Oracle Keys over to Mantid and end the war. The sudden appearance of the hero Quake changes everything when the old man reveals the truth: Mantid's lust for power is the reason the Invectid world has been robbed of sunlight. And the Invectid ruler is willing to destroy all of Arachna to gain the rest of Oracle's power. Hunter and Quake escape Mantid's citadel but are pursued by Buguese's Buzzrays. When Hunter realizes he must make a stand but no longer has the heart to fight the Invectids, Quake sees he's finally learning to be a true hero and demonstrates his mighty Soul Shudder power; the ability to defeat your enemy by taking away their fighting spirit. Hunter reunites with his fellow Spider Riders at the mouth of the labyrinth, but is he the Hunter they remember?

Watch Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 46 Online Free

Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 47

Overwhelmed by the desolation of the Invectid lands, the Spider Riders debate their next move. Quake reveals the reason for his silence for so many years. After his allies were all defeated by Mantid, he faced the dark lord alone, only to suffer his own defeat. Rather than cost others their lives through his rash actions he has waited for the prophesied time when all eight Spider Riders will gather in Mantid's presence and summon the Oracle herself. Hunter counts only seven Spider Riders including Sparkle when Quake reveals his latest surprise, he is the eighth Spider Rider! An attack by Buguese's giant Robo-Invectid, Dark Opal (Dark Oracle), forces the heroes to fight. But Buguese is himself betrayed by Aqune, who uses Dark Opal (Dark Oracle) to steal the power of the final two Oracle Keys for Mantid. Have the Spider Riders come so far only to have victory snatched from their hands?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 48

Buguese and the Spider Riders barely have time to realize Mantid betrayed them all before Mantid uses Oracle's stolen power to make himself a godlike being. Turning his back on the Invectid people, he teleports away to deal with the Spider Riders once and for all. When he commands them to kneel before him, only Grasshop agrees, hoping to trade his life for those of his friends. After toying with Grasshop, Mantid laughs at Buguese's pathetic attempt to use his own robo-invectid, Dark Opal against him, and easily cripples the machine. Buguese is saved by none other than Stags, who has also returned for the final confrontation with Mantid. Mantid gives a brainwashed Aqune a fraction of his power and leaves her to end the Spider Riders forever. Just as she is about deliver a killing blow on Hunter, Buguese stops her. Feeling guilty for manipulating her, Buguese removes her mask, freeing her forever. He uses the Oracle power still residing in the mask to re-awaken Dark Opal. But will Buguese's ultimate sacrifice be enough?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 49

Desperate to confront Mantid before the Oracle’s sun goes dark for good, the Spider Riders journey to Mantid’s Citadel led by Grasshop. Once inside, the team splits up; Lumen, Grasshop and Sparkle go to see Grasshop’s family, Igneous and Magma hold off the palace guards, while Hunter, Quake, Corona and Aqune confront Mantid. But Mantid is unmoved by the possibility of destroying the Inner World. Like Hunter, he was brought here hundreds of years ago by the Oracle to fight as one of her warriors. But after his beloved died, he turned on the Oracle and has grown to hate her more with each passing year. Now that he has stolen Oracle’s power, Mantid plans to sail back to the surface in a solar ship and let the Inner World die in his wake!

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 50

Using Oracle's stolen power, Mantid createss his glowing Ark of Destiny, enticing Hunter into another futile attack. Mantid repels him easily, revealing his motivation for destroying the Inner World. Like, Hunter, he too was summoned from the Outer World to fight for Oracle. But in the battle he lost all that was dear to him and has now devoted his life to revenge. Facing yet another devastating attack from the Ark, Old Quake performs a transformation of his own, calling out his Spider, Dagger, and changing into his younger self; the Hero Quake. Together the Spider Riders destroy the Ark. But victory is snatched away in an instant when Mantid simply resurrects it before their eyes. With the Hero Quake's power depleted, will the Spider Riders be able to save the Inner World from Mantid and his Ark of Destiny?

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Spider Riders - Series 1 - Episode 51

With the Spider Riders devastated, all eyes turn to Hunter as the last hope for the Inner World. But even Hunter and Shadow seem too weak to pose any threat to Mantid and his plans for revenge. Mantid delivers his final, fatal blow only to be blocked by a mysterious light emanating from the two Oracle Keys. With renewed energy, Hunter and Shadow attack, damaging the Ark. Enraged, Mantid moves to finish them off, only to be blocked this time by Buguese, Beerain and Stags. Buguese gives his two keys to Hunter and with the help of Hand Maids; Aqune and Corona, the Spirit Oracle draws back her power from Mantid. Seeing his opportunity to rid the Inner World of it’s nemesis, Hunter grows enraged and attacks. But is Hunter risking becoming that which he hates the most? Or will he come to understand what it means to protect all living things?

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