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Episodes: 8 | Released: 2010 | Certificate: 18 | Genre: Comedy | Director: Neil Biswas
Actors: Kaya Scodelario , Ollie Barbieri , Luke Pasqualino , Jack O Connell , Kathryn Prescott , Lily Loveless , Lisa Backwell , Megan Prescott , Merveille Lukeba

Skins - Series 4 - Episode 1

The gang are having a great time at one of Thomas's club nights until an accident leaves him feeling responsible. Shocked into questioning his role within society and feeling alienated from his peers, he turns to God and the African community and, in doing so, isolates everyone around him.

Watch Skins - Series 4 - Episode 1 Online Free

Skins - Series 4 - Episode 2

Emily and Naomi are back at Roundview and seem as loved-up as ever. When the police turn up, they are both called in to be interviewed. Their names were listed by the family as close friends of Sophia's, even though Emily knows they'd never met her.

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Skins - Series 4 - Episode 3

After previously 'losing it' at the party, Cook is up on a charge of GBH but insists on pleading ""not guilty"" much to the frustration of his world-weary lawyer Duncan. He's granted bail, but given an electronic tagging order and curfew that applies to him residing with his mother in her mansion.

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Skins - Series 4 - Episode 4

Katie has barely seen Emily since she walked out on the family to live with Naomi. Katie's mother Jenna is now the sole breadwinner with her new wedding planning business. Katie is trying to help her mum organise a client's ghastly over the top WAG wedding, but relationship problems are preoccupying Katie and things go horribly wrong. In desperation she turns to Emily for help, but things only get worse.

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Skins - Series 4 - Episode 5

Freddie is completely wrapped up in Effy, and with Anthea away, the Stonem house has become their private world. But their hedonistic lifestyle is having an impact on Freddie's coursework and when he voices his concerns to Effy it ends in a fight. Is this just a spat or is there something deeper wrong with their relationship? After an argument with his dad, Freddie turns to his grandfather Norman for advice.

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Skins - Series 4 - Episode 6

JJ has a part-time job with Thomas in a confectionery wholesalers where he has fallen in love with beautiful fellow cashier Lara. He sets about planning to get a date with her, but catching her eye is not as easy as he thought. What's worse is that some of his friends don't think he's up to it, and to his horror, his mum and his doctor agree with them. Cook comes to the rescue - full of advice on how to handle the opposite sex. JJ sets forth only to discover that there are many more hurdles than he could ever have expected. Is he up to the challenge?

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Skins - Series 4 - Episode 7

Effy has been receiving treatment at a psychiatric hospital, but with the help of Anthea and her counsellor John, she feels strong enough to return home. She is worried, but assured that so long as she is disciplined she will be ok. Her life is now dictated by routine and self-control.

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Skins - Series 4 - Episode 8

The domestic situation at Naomi's has come to a head. Everyone begin to congregate in the house and the showdowns begin as the teenagers meet the adult world in a head-on collision.

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