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Episodes: 26 | Released: 1999 | Certificate: U | Genre: Animated | Director: Louis Piche
Actors: Emma Isherwood , Justin Bradley , Oliver Grainger , Carrie Finlay , Tia Caroleo , Marcel Jeannin , Carole Jeghers

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 1

In response to a dare, Mona, Charley, Lily, and Fang venture out on a night-time mission. Their goal: to retrieve the hat of the Living Scarecrow, the nefarious straw entity that haunts the local graveyard. It's a ghoulish tale of unbridled evil, stamp club meetings, and wayward zombies. When Mona's parents go out for the night, the new babysitter comes over. But there is something unsettlingly "different" about Belinda. Enlisting the help of her friends, Mona uncovers conclusive proof that her babysitter is...a robot! And worse still, a robot programmed by her most hated rival: Angela Smith!

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 1 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 2

Charley breaks the ultimate taboo and leaves Mona's favorite comic book, Von Kreepsula #1, out in the rain. To Mona's horror, when the water makes the ink run, the evil Von Kreepsula is freed from his comic book prison and is soon stalking Mona's town. Mona and Charley must face down Von Kreepsula on his own turf - within the comic book realm - if they have any hope of beating the vampire king. Charley buys himself a hot new computer game, "Starclangers IV" and becomes so involved in the game, it takes over his life. He's inside day and night, he's always late for class, and he has suddenly adopted a permanent, glassy expression. As more and more kids in town fall under the strange spell, Mona discovers that the game possesses a virus capable of infecting hard drives - no, not computer hard drives, BRAINS! With the help of a scanner and some liquid anti-virus disks, Mona, Lily, and Fang enter the computer world to put an end to the vicious virus.

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Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 3

Hair-raising night-time howling. The mysterious disappearance of Mrs. Bryerson's poodle. What's going on? The clues all point to none other than the Phantom Dog Catcher! Using an undercover Fang as bait, Mona and Lily follow the dog soul-stealing villain to his lair - the astral dog kennel - for an ultimate showdown... It's the annual science fair and Mona has pulled out all the stops. Armed with a dino D.N.A. amber tree sap sample, a papier mache exo-skeleton, and a gene-splicing recipe she found in the back of a comic book, Mona creates...a Frankensteinorsaurus! By all rights she should be the hands down winner at the science fair! That is, if and only if, she can recapture the giant lizardly beast before it destroys the town.

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Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 4

Socks, shoes, vampire towels and other miscellaneous objects are vanishing, disappearing, as if vanishing into some void. Someone or something is stomping through town, taking things that don't belong to them and leaving other odd objects in their place. Could the Whirling Void be behind the reign of terror, snatching and destroying at will, leaving a path of confusion and devastation in it's wake? Or, might the answer quite simply lie in Mr. Tuckerfield's new prescription glasses? Garden gnomes are vanishing from front yards all over town and many townspeople suspect juvenile pranksters at work. But Mona's investigation uncovers something far more insidious behind the strange disappearances - namely a rabble of very animated, very real gnomes.

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Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 5

The town is in the grips of an insect invasion and no one knows where to turn for answers. A little footwork leads Mona and Charley to Herb Crofton, a visiting entomologist, who may or may not be a bug himself. But when Mona and Charley try to zap Herb down to size with Zapman's Zapperamma incredible shrinking ray gun, a stray shot glances off a mirror and zaps THEM INSTEAD! Suddenly, Mona and Charley find themselves trapped in an oversized, creepy, very crawly world. St. Faith's is holding a fashion show. All the kids are to design their own clothing and have it judged by world class super model Tiffany S. Tyk. Of course, Mona is far too busy trying to save the town from the arrival of the Living Mannequin, whom she's already spotted lurking around the Non-fat Simulated Yogurt Parlor. The world of high stakes glamour competitions and catwalks inevitably comes crashing down when Mona inadvertently finds herself a reluctant finalist in the self-designed costume competition.

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 5 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 6

Mona and Charley beam a message via satellite to extraterrestrials across the universe - and, the very next day, an exchange student suddenly shows up at school. Coincidence? Hardly. Mona suspects that Cedric is, in reality, a cleverly disguised alien there on an advance scouting mission. To make matters worse, it turns out that the "x-change student" will be staying at her place for the week. Mona's attempts to ward off an imminent invasion by red moon monsters are stymied by the new next-door-neighbor - a shy, introverted girl named Lily Duncan whom she is forced to entertain for the evening. But before night's end, the reserved Lily does a one eighty turn around. With Mona's help, she transforms into the lively Princess Giant, thwarts the red moon monsters, and discovers a spirited part of herself she never knew existed.

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 6 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 7

At night Mona can hear the dreaded skeleton cowboy galloping through town on his phantom steed. Still, no one will admit there is a skeleton cowboy in town, least of all Sherrif Halcroft, ...err, Officer Halcroft. But, pardner, how else would you explain the night time neighing, the missing merry-go-round horses, and the upsurge in the town's cowboy population? Mona the Cowboy Vampire has a wee inkling that it has nothing to do with the visiting rodeo and everything to do with the ancient curse that has plagued the town for well over a century. When U.N. Secretary General Harundi comes to town, Mona is disturbed to discover that he is under surveillance by the Men In Dark Suits, disguised aliens plotting world domination! It's as though the Men In Dark Suits are invisible to almost everyone - no one else seems to talk to them or even see them. Will Mona the Vampire, Princess Giant and Zapman be able to brainwash Special Agents Crawford and Bowman before they brainwash them? They better ...cuz the universe as we know it is at stake.

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 7 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 8

Garlic in her lunchbox, anti-vampire slogans in her locker, Mona starts to suspect that someone with an animosity towards vampires wants her out of town and soon. Mona really meets her match when Nicole, the new girl at school, not only turns out to be a vampire hunter but becomes best friends with Angela. And Mona's responsible. After all, she DID snub the new girl when she tried to offer her friendship. But no time for what might have been. It's vampire against vampire-hunter in a dreaded struggle between two little girls with the BIGGEST imaginations in town. When Charley falls under the spell of Lucy Lanning, a girl with THE WORST singing voice at St. Faith's, Mona's suspicions are aroused. And, it is during Miss Gotto's lecture on the Greek epics that Mona puts two and two together. Lucy Lanning is, in reality, a seducing Siren. Ages ago, she would beguile passing sailors with her song. Today, she'll settle for poor old Charley. It's up to Mona to save her friend before he ends up a skeleton on the shores of love!

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 8 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 9

Mona's secret scrapbook (or, as she calls it, "The Book of the Slimy") has gone missing. Replete with snippets and mementos of past supernatural encounters, it was destined for "show and tell" before it disappeared... The regular cafeteria staff is on vacation and a husband and wife team by the name of Sam and Ella have taken over kitchen duties. But after watching an in-class hygiene film on the dangers of food contamination, Mona puts two and two together. Sam and Ella = Salmonella!

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 9 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 10

The day after the Philatelic Society's visit to the travelling mummy exhibit at the local museum, Reverend Gregory disappears. Mona the vampire and her pals must get to the bottom of his mysterious disappearance AND discover why an Egyptian mummy has been strolling about town... It's the hottest July on record when Mona and company venture down into the deep dark recesses of Mona's basement to check out her cryogenics experiment...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 10 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 11

Miss Gotto has been acting weird of late. Forgetful, giddy, surprisingly upbeat, she is often seen staring vacantly into space with a silly grin on her face. It's as if she had no will of her own; as if she had become...A THRALL! Who would have guessed that the Dancing Underpants Ghoulie would be haunting the old laundromat? Mona, that's who. Using a little vampire know-how, Mona determines that the Dancing Underpants Ghoulie is none other than the old owner of the laundromat, Mr. Clarkson, some fifty years after his demise...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 11 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 12

When Miss Gotto moves into a new house, she enlists the help of Mona and co. to clean the place up. But it is while working on the creepy old place that Mona makes a horrifying discovery. Miss Gotto has unwittingly moved into the Cursed Home of the Washburns! Mona suspects the sound can be only one thing: the cry of the legendary swamp creature! As Mona and co. trudge into the mucky mire to investigate, they are joined by an unlikely ally...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 12 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 13

Mona's class goes on camping trip to learn more about nature. Instead, they end up learning about the legendary Wendigo that haunts the woods... Why has Charley seemed so unusually tired of late? What's been keeping him up until all hours of the night? Well, it turns out Mona's buddy is losing sleep over the return of his childhood nemesis: The Bogeyman...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 13 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 14

Charley's idol, the Man With Nine Lives, is coming to town to perform a series of high risk very dangerous do-not-ever-try-at-home motor cycle stunts. Only problem is Mona and pals have detected a Mechanical Mayhem Gremlin lurking about town causing trouble in the local machinery - and even Charley's bicycle... During a freak electric storm, Mrs. Vanderplatz's greenhouse is struck by lightning. The combination 40 000 volt jolt and the vitamin-enriched soil bring to life a creature the likes of which the world has never known: a giant, horrific...YAMMERING YAM!

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 14 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 15

Old Mr. Williams who lives across the street from Mona has always kept to himself. But Mona never suspected he was capable of THIS! Peering through a basement window one night, Mona spies Mr. Williams bent over a miniature replica of the town complete with little lights, little cars...and little people! When she is reprimanded for breaking her mother's favorite vase, a miffed Mona seeks refuge in the basement - a ten year old vampire's last sanctuary. There, she uncovers an old antique mirror...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 15 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 16

Eerie night time rattling. Disembodied groans. Soggy floors! What's gotten into Mona's house? Mona is convinced it's the pollywog that she lost down the bathroom sink lo those many years ago, now grown up and living in the plumbing... There's a werewolf loose in the school, a furry, slobbering beast running amok in the hallowed halls of academia. All clues suggest that the lycanthrope is none other than...Principal Shawbly!

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 16 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 17

One person's junk is another person's treasure!" But who, in their right mind, would throw away a perfectly good genie bottle? Well, someone else's loss is our gang's gain when Mona and co. purchase the magic bottle at a charity fundraiser... During show-and-tell, Angela shows off the latest addition to her toy drawer: a line of rather creepy-looking designer dolls. Mona knows is certain there is more to these dolls than plastic and batteries - and her suspicions are confirmed when they follow her home for a dead-of-night, harrowing, ankle-snapping showdown.

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 17 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 18

Fang develops a flea problem, which soon infests the whole house. A frustrated, itchy Dad decides to use a chemical product, despite Mom's warnings that it could have unforeseen side effects. And does it ever - ballooning the fleas to human size... Ever since Principal Shawbly started jogging, he's felt a lot lighter. And no wonder. He's gained a spring in his step - but lost his shadow in the process. Now, the poor detached shadow is wandering aimlessly through town, trying everything it can to reattach itself to it's former host...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 18 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 19

An evening's dining at a local Chinese restaurant takes a terrifying turn when the fortune cookie fortunes Mona's family receives begin to come true. First it's Mom. Then Dad. Then Fang! Mona's fortune read "Beware people bearing gifts" - all the more ominous because her birthday is coming up! Determined to avoid her fate, Mona undertakes a mystical journey to track down the source of the fortune and have her destiny changed... Angela has started a chapter of the Pixies, an all girl service organization devoted to being helpful - as long as it isn't too strenuous -and cheerful. Helping people? Being cheerful? What has gotten into Angela?

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 19 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 20

Mona's town is seized by paroxysms of sporadic exercise when a fitness instructor from Australia, Bruce, opens up a new fitness center. However, Mona soon discovers that there is something afoot in the Health Center - namely, a dreaded Billabong Bunyip... When Miss Gotto falls ill and is replaced by a substitute, Mona immediately suspects foul play. Indeed, this is no ordinary teacher: he hears even the faintest whisper, he writes in bizarre ciphers, and she could swear that he has a third eye on the back of his head for spying on them when he's at the blackboard...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 20 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 21

It's Valentine's Day but you wouldn't know it from the way everyone is acting. No chocolates. No flowers. None of the goofy hand-holding that marks the special day. When Mona investigates, the reason becomes clear. Cupid's cousin, Stu, has taken over on this special day while Cupid tries to mend from a broken heart... The town is in an uproar. There's something wrong with the neighborhood water pressure, and it turns out the culprit is the big old Oak tree in Mona's front yard. According to the city plumber, the tree's roots are tying the towns plumbing into knots...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 21 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 22

Mona's cousin, Dottie, prepares for her big dance recital with a certain amount of trepidation. It seems that lately, she's developed two feet, stumbling and fumbling about the dance floor like...someone hexed! Indeed. It turns out Dottie has been hexed... Angela has a new pet - a talking parrot who seems a little TOO clever to be a simple bird. In reality, he is an apprentice magician who lost a shape-shifting duel centuries ago and has been cursed to walk/fly the Earth in parrot form ever since...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 22 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 23

Albert Einstein? Julius Caesar? Walking around downtown? Marie Antoinette? A neanderthal? Staying at the local hotel? Mona knows that a time travel contraption is wreaking havoc in this dimension... After a mysterious clockmaker does some work on the new town clock, strange things start to happen. Things go missing around town. Knowing only too well that there are no such things as coincidences in her town, Mona investigates and discovers that the clockmaker has brought a few modifications of his own design to the town clock...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 23 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 24

The new kid in class doesn't bring a very big lunch to school... in fact he eats "like a bird". In fact, little Robin has a way with birds. Mona suspects there is more to Robin than meets the eye when the fellow students who tease him fall victim to unexplained bird attacks! There's something remarkable about the carefully manicured lawn and shrubs at the City Park. In fact, ever since groundskeeper Scrybb has begun work there hasn't been a blade of grass out of place. Mona, however, knows that it takes more than a few "Keep Off Grass" sign to deter kids and dogs...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 24 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 25

It's a rainy afternoon, and Mona's tearing through the attic so noisily that her mother worries she'll wake the dead. And indeed she does: that night, great great uncle Morbus rises from a dusty painting bent on completing an age-old mission. What is the devious Uncle Morbus up to? An outrageous fairground rides crack the scary dimension barrier. Fang is lost in another dimension! But how to find him? The answer lies within the FUNHOUSE at the heart of the fair. It's a maze, it's a trap, it's fourth demension mayhem!

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 25 Online Free

Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 26

The latest pre-teen pop music sensation, the "Brainwaves", is all the rage with the kids at St. Faith's. It seems like everyone is dropping everything to tune into their mega-hit single, "Get With It". Mona finds it all a little weird but pretty amusing until first Lily, and then Charley become "Brainwaves" fans and decide to "retire" their super-hero personas, Princess Giant and Zapman... Ever since Mona and Charley battled Von Kreepsula on his own turf and won, they've felt pretty confident that he'd be trapped forever in his comic book prison. But that was before they met Melvin...

Watch Mona the Vampire - Series 1 - Episode 26 Online Free

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