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Episodes: 13 | Released: 2000 | Certificate: PG | Genre: Animated | Director: Nathan Chew
Actors: Gregg Berger , Ed O Ross , Keith Diamond , Charles Napier , Jennifer Lien

Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 1

The pursuit of an illegal alien time jumper leads Kay and Jay to Jeebs' shop where the Worm Guys happen to be in mid-transaction. When Kay and Jay try to arrest the perp, a battle ensues, during which the Worm Guys are accidentally slimed with a mysterious substance. The alien perp then uses his Quarthanite Time Jumper to open a time portal to escape. Jay overzealously pursues and finds himself inadvertently sucked into the portal as well, winding up in a disturbing future where Worm Guys rule the Earth. Kay eventually follows Jay into the future, hooking up with an underground human resistance group to help free his partner. The agents then travel back in time to just before the Worm Guys were slimed, stopping the future world gone Worm before it ever starts.

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 2

Harry Dribble, a meek and mild alien who's on earth illegally, decides to use his alien abilities to help mankind as costumed superhero Cosmosis. Jay and Kay, on the trail of an Amperian an energy sucking alien parasite cross paths with Cosmosis who messes up their mission. After attempts to discover the true identity of Cosmosis fail, Zed and Kay decide what's needed is to draw Cosmosis out into the open again, so he can be captured. And Jay will become a supervillain to provide the bait. Just as Jay hits the streets and lures Cosmosis out, Kay is drawn away by a new Amperian rampage. Jay, now left to fend for himself, has a battle with Cosmosis during which his "powers" repeatedly go awry, but he emerges victorious anyhow. But then Scraw, a bad hombre supervillain alien, shows up. The tough Scraw defeats Swiss Army Jay, but Cosmosis comes to Jay's rescue in the end. After Jay pleads the guy's case, Zed lets Harry Dribble off without pressing criminal charges, but still is going to deport him.

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 3

Kay and Jay go on a Worm-rescue mission to the distant, Roman-esque planet of Empiria. The WORMS have been abducted from the MiB coffee room in the mistaken belief that they are the legendary warriors, the WORPS...and now have to fight in the Coliseum for the entertainment of the hard-to-please emperor. The rescue doesn't go all that smoothly; Kay gets swallowed by an arena beast and Jay is forced to face off with the Worms in a battle to the death. And just when things couldn't get any hairier, the actual Worps show up, angry about the Worms stealing their thunder and calling for their blood!

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 4

After a coup attempt fails on the distant planet of Naar, its Emperor fears that rebels will try to kidnap his son Raax, who's on Earth disguised as a high school student. He asks MiB for help. With a special weapon pen and a backpack provided by Zeeltor, Jay goes undercover. Alas, he runs afoul of the Principal, incurs the wrath of two Jocks, (who may be the kidnappers in disguise) and with the unwanted "help" of the Worms who end up blowing his cover. Kay eventually shows up to bust Jay's chops as a substitute teacher. Things come to a head when a Worm prank backfires and the Jocks come after Jay, holding him to blame and reveal themselves to be Naarians. But it turns out, they ain't the rebels. The sinister rebels are actually the perky Amber and the Cheerleaders, who snatch Raax and attempt a rendezvous with their spaceship. But Jay foils their plan and rescues Raax, by using Zeeltor's pen gizmo and a lesson on "reflection" he learned from "teacher" Kay.

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 5

Zed hires a new alien field agent, infuriating Elle who's been bucking for a promotion to the field for months. She proposes a replacement for herself in the lab; Dr. Zeeltor, a wacky eccentric genius, whom Zed knows by reputation. Zed agrees to give it a try and promotes Elle, but she's mortified to discover her new partner is Agent X. Meanwhile, Jay is having minor aches and pains, thinking nothing of it not realizing he's got a life threatening neuro-spinal disorder resulting from exposure to a thistly alien called a Bovus. He refuses to let the new Dr. Zeeltor examine him. Things come to a head after X puts Elle's life at risk and Zeeltor operates on Jay without his permission. They both go rant and rave to Zed, insisting he fire his two new MiBs. But it's not to be. Zeeltor and X are now part of the team for good.

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 6

KAY and ZED of a case from the early days of MIB. Former MIB chief ALPHA was in charge of the investigation, but encrypted the data files. At JAY's suggestion the MIBs visit Alpha in the maximum security detention block, where he's in a pod, being kept alive by machinery. Jay sneaks back into the secured area to see Alpha again. As Alpha challenges Jay to a chess game, Jay coaxes out info, but who's finessing whom in this highly charged cat and mouse game? Jay smugly passes off Alpha's info as his own research, based on his keen "instincts" informing the MiBs that Vengiss is a scout for the Ixion Federation, who plan on invading Earth. As the MIBs race off to intercept Vengiss, they learn that Alpha has escaped, with the aid of a toy-like electronic chess game that Jay had given him. The MIBs get the drop on Alpha and Vengiss in Alaska, where the two villains are making good on a deal forged 30 years ago. Vengiss is captured in the ensuing battle, but Alpha manages to escape, and contacts Jay, congratulating Jay on foiling his scheme but implies that the game has only just begun.

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 7

The FMECKS, seeking a new home, have stolen a micro-planet, Thahzia, but KAY takes it back from them in a struggle that leaves JAY temporarily turned to stone! While Zeeltor tries to cure Jay, Kay is shrunk down and sent into the SMALL ORB containing the planet to help calm the locals and provide temporary climatic relief. But when the Fmecks return to MiB for the orb, it gets loose and ends up being used by the oblivious Worms in a sandlot baseball game. Jay takes a turn at bat and knocks the orb (not knowing what it is) into the city. When Jay finds out the horrible truth, he goes on a wild chase, Fmecks pursuing him, in a desperate effort to retrieve the orb before the planet inside, and Kay, are char-broiled. In the confusion, Frank finds the orb, sells it to Jeebs, who tries to re-sell it to the Fmecks, who steal it...and...and...well, anyhow, Jay ultimately has a showdown with the Fmecks and rescues the planet and Kay just in time.

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 8

After Jay scores a less-than-stellar "67" out of 100 in Zeeltor's VBE (Virtual Battlefield Environment) he gets endlessly ribbed by fellow agents. Eager to redeem himself in the field Jay volunteers to guard a visiting Dignitary. Unfortunately, the assignment ends up in more humiliation for Jay; the Dignitary is just not comfortable being guarded by an agent who scored a mere 67. Jay sneaks back into the VBE late at night, but what he doesn't know is that, at Zed's request, Zeeltor has retooled the VBE. It now contains more dangerous nemeses and opponents. Worse, due to a glitch in the circuitry, they're now firing real ammo! Jay's stuck in a real life or death battlefield with no way out. Though neither Kay nor anyone else can physically enter the VBE to help Jay, Zeeltor is able to cybernetically inject himself into the "game". Inside the VBE, Zeeltor provides a skeptical Jay with tips and strategy. Zeeltor ultimately helps Jay emerge victorious, but his selfless act results in Zeeltor getting "vaporized." Jay laments Zeeltor's loss, not realizing till he exits the VBE that it was only a "virtual" Zeeltor. The real doc was never actually inside the game.

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 9

The annoying alien Zobo, hiding out on earth, has been located by a Hit Squad for the Association a mob-like group of intergallactic crooks, who are after him for being an informer. MiB puts Zobo into protective custody at HQ. Zed decides that Zobo needs to be shipped off earth, where he'll be put into an intergalactic witness protection program. But the only transport leaving earth belongs to the world-famous earth attraction, the "Circus of The Universe," which Jay is shocked to learn is actually all aliens. Jay is sent to the circus to bodyguard Zobo until he leaves earth that night. A circus mole tips off the Hit Squad (who've been bunking at Jeebs shop) as to Zobo's whereabouts and, after the alien circus performers get wind of this they all quit, fearing for their lives. Now Zed, X, Elle and various MIBs must fill in for the circus performers, all the while being on the lookout. In the end, Jay has to face down his childhood fear one of the Hit Squad guys is disguised as Weezee the Clown.

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 10

After Jay accidentally eats an alien hot sauce at an MiB reception for the formerly war-like, now supposedly peace-loving Hoon'Taak Federation he develops human torch-like fire powers. At first Jay is appalled and embarrassed by his combustible condition, but after he uses his fire powers to save Kay's life and bust an alien smuggling ring, he becomes cocky about his new abilities. But then, Zeeltor discovers that by using his fire powers Jay's gradually destroying his internal organs any further use could prove fatal. Meanwhile, MiB discovers that HQ has been taken over by an organic "living computer" goo which had been smuggled into the reception by the Hoon'Taaks. Jay makes a heroic choice to use his fire powers in a last ditch effort to destroy the orbiting Hoon'Taak mothership, perhaps sacrificing himself in the attempt.

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 11

AGENT X invites a "COPS"-style camera crew from his home galaxy to tape an episode about the MiB (more specifically, about himself), without getting ZED'S permission first. An irritated Zed decides to allow the crew to film but they must focus their piece on KAY instead. JAY begins overacting and grandstanding for the camera, while Agent X vows to show up Kay and Jay, and show everyone who the greatest MiB agent really is. At the same time, DREKK has escaped from another maximum security prison and comes to Earth on a mission of revenge targeting everyone who helped put him in prison, including Agent Kay. When Agent X tries to stick his nose in the case, he winds up getting taken hostage by Drekk...leading to a big showdown on top of the World Trade Center.

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 12

The appearance of a threatening alien hologram at the U.N. is followed by the U.N. being vaporized. MiB realizes that Vengiss is out of prison and back in cahoots with Alpha...and that this time the Ixion invasion of earth is gonna proceed for real. MiB go to Washington and reveal to the stunned President the secret history of their covert organization. With the President's support, MiB and military forces are melded in order to stave off the first wave of Ixions attack. In the streets, people panic, not only realizing for the first time that aliens exist, but that earth is being invaded! Just when MiB and the military think they've got the upper-hand and the attacking spaceships retreat, MiB HQ gets vaporized!

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Men In Black - Series 4 - Episode 13

Yes, MiB has been destroyed, but all personnel have gotten out unharmed...and set up temporary HQ in Times Square. Frank and the Pup are alright as well, but Frank has suffered a broken leg, and winds up having to see a Vet, where he's muzzled and treated like a stray, then taken away by Animal Control. X and Elle have little luck hitchiking, due to X's alien appearance, until they intercept Jeebs trying to flee the city and make him give them a ride. Meanwhile, Worms cause havoc in D.C., using the Declaration of Independence for a paper towel, then getting a freaked out Congress to ratify silly coffee-related amendments. To stop the attacks at their source, Kay and Jay fly a space-travel-adapted LTD up to the Ixion mothership, by wind up getting captured. There, Vengiss and Alpha have a falling out over strategy: Vengiss now wants to blow up earth with a deadly Flobby Flaw torpedo, then simply suck out the oil. Alpha is agaisnt this: if the population is annihilated, then who will he get to rule? With earth mere seconds from destruction, Kay and Jay intercept and blow up the torpedo and Alpha along with it. Earth is saved. Kay neuralizes the planet via TV, on the pretext that all damage was caused by asteroids. Rebuilding of MiB begins.

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