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Episodes: 13 | Released: 1999 | Certificate: U | Genre: Animated | Director:
Actors: Neil Morrissey

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 1 - Knock / Panda / Follow the Leader / Beach

Maisy wants to play today, and so she goes to all of her friends' houses to see if they want to play. / Maisy and Tallulah are playing follow the leader - when Eddie joins in they find out that there are some things which everyone can do, and some things which only an elephant can do. / Maisy and Cyril go to the beach, but Cyril is bit wary of going into the sea.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 1 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 2 - Umbrella / Roller Skates / Feather / Cleaning

It's Charley's birthday, and he gets lots of interesting presents, but the one he's most interested in is the umbrella that Maisy gives him. / Maisy's going out on her roller skates today, and she finds that with a little practice she's really rather good at roller skating - Tallulah thinks so too! / There are so many things you can do with a feather, as Maisy and her friends find out today. / Maisy's spring cleaning her house, and by giving her a helping hand Charley finds a good way to earn some of Maisy's delicious cakes.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 2 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 3 - Library / Squeak / Puppets / Hose

It's time for Maisy and Charley to take those books back to the library, and to choose some new ones. / Cyril comes to the playgroumd to show everyone his new car, but it's so new it still squeaks when he's pedalling! Maisy knows what to do though. / Maisy and her friends decide to put on a show for Panda - a very special show, with puppets. / Maisy and Cyril are fire chiefs today, but little black cat doesn't seem too keen to join in - maybe it's their hose which is worrying him.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 3 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 4 - Fish / Hiccups / Ice / Puzzle

It's time for a spring clean for Maisy's fish and Tallulah comes along to give her a helping hand. / What do you do when you've got the hiccups? Maisy and Cyril find out when Cyril drinks his lemonade just a bit too quickly. / It's a very cold day and Maisy finds a beautiful sparkling icicle on her walk As the icicle begins to melt, she decides to find a way of keeping it. / Charley, Tallulah and Cyril go to see Maisy, and they decide to do a jigsaw puzzle together, but one of the pieces is missing. Eventually they find it, in a most unexpected hiding place.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 4 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 5 - Breakfast / Doctor / Duckling / Swimming

It's breakfast time at the farm and Maisy is here to give all the animals their breakfast. / Maisy's the doctor today, and Tallulah decides that she wants to be the nurse. / Maisy and Charley meet the duck family on their way to the playground, but the littlest duckling decides that he'd much rather play with Charley than go to the pond. / It's swimming time today, and Maisy, Charley and Tallulah are off to the swimming pool. Tallulah wants to be the first in, but she doesn't like cold water!

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 5 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 6 - Oops! / Igloo / Sardines / Dolphin

It's a hot day and Maisy and Cyril are playing in the sandpit. Cyril gets caught short but Maisy saves the day. / Maisy and Charley decide to build a house - made of snow! / Everyone's round at Maisy's house, playing a game of sardines. The only problem is that Eddie's much too big to squeeze in with everyone else, so he finds his own way of playing. / Maisy's going deep sea diving today, and Dolphin is there to guide her through the underwater world.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 6 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 7 - Footprints / Sky / Wheel / Go!

It's a rainy day and Maisy decides to go for a walk in the garden. It's so muddy that she sees lots of different footprints and decides to follow them, meeting lots of different friends on the way. / Maisy sees all sorts of animals and sights as she flies along in her airplane. / It's Push Horse's turn to play with Maisy, Tallulah and Panda today, but when he loses a wheel, it takes a clever Maisy to figure out what to do about it! / Maisy's going for a ride on her bike, and as all her friends join in too before they know it they've got a great big convoy, riding along the road.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 7 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 8 - Mountain / Bubbles / Kangaroo / Goodnight

Everyone's going mountain climbing today and Maisy leads the way to the top. / Charley's blowing lots of bubbles, until Eddie accidentally knocks over his bubble liquid. / Maisy meets a kangaroo and her baby, who decides that he wants to come out and play. / Tallulah's come to stay the night with Maisy.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 8 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 9 - Hello / Chocolate Cake / Toot Toot / Piggy Bac

There are so many different ways of saying hello, as Maisy finds out when she goes for a walk and meets some new friends. / It's someone's birthday today, because Maisy is making a very special chocolate birthday cake. / Maisy and her friends are going on a very special tram journey, all around the world! / Maisy, Tallulah and Cyril are giving each other piggy back rides, and when Charley comes along he wants to join in too.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 9 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 10 - Penguins / Sneezes / Hop / Tennis

Maisy's having a great time on her sledge when she's joined by some very special fnends - nine pengums who show her how it's really done! / Oh dear, Cyril has got a cold today, although he won't admit it, and it's only when Maisy takes him home and tucks him up in bed that he starts to feel a bit better. / Hopping is fun, as Maisy finds out when she plays hopscotch with Charley and her friends in the playground. / Maisy and Tallulah are playmg tennis, but they need a bit of help with the really high shots, so Eddie and Charley join in too.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 10 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 11 - Ferry / Snail / Bounce / Batteries

Maisy's operating the ferry today, and she finds that it's going to be a very busy day.. / Charley's helping Maisy in her garden and meets a little snail who he really wants to make fnends with. / Cyril's got a very bouncy new ball, which Maisy and Tallulah decide is great fum to play with. / Cyil's got a brand new toy car, and Maisy and Tallulah are having great fun playing with it until the batteries run out.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 11 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 12 - Shopping / Bugs / Hats / Telescope

Oh dear, it's nearly lunchtime and Charley's got nothing to eat. Never mind, he's going to go shopping with Maisy! / Even on a quiet day you can hear all sorts of noises if you listen very carefully, as Maisy finds out. / Get ahead, get a hat - that's Maisy and Cyril's motto today as they discover just how many different types of hat there are. / Maisy and her friends learn all about how to make things look bigger, with the help of Eddie's magnifying glass and Charley's telescope.

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 12 Online Free

Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 13 - Rowing / Wheelbarrow / Torch / Band

Maisy, Charley and Tallulah decide to take their boats out on the lake, but Tallulah doesn't realise that it's very easy for a boat to drift away without you noticing it! / Maisy's planting a new tree in the garden and Rabbit comes along to give her a helping hand. / Tallulah brings her new torch round to show Maisy which comes in very handy when Cyril manages to lose his bouncy ball somewhere in Maisy's bedroom. / It's time to make music - Maisy and her fnends set up all their instruments, and once Eddie has decided which instrument he wants, the band begins to play!

Watch Maisy - Series 2 - Episode 13 Online Free