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Episodes: 26 | Released: 2007 | Certificate: U | Genre: Animated | Director: Taeho Han
Actors: Rick Miller , Martha MacIsaac , Dan Petronijivec , Lyon Smith

Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 1

In the fantastical world of the Moonlands, a pair of heroic Magi named Aidan and Elle battle Agram, a villainous Shadow Magi. Utilizing the Dreamstones in the cover of the Book of Elders, Aidan and Elle form the Core Glyph, a magical entrapment that locks Agram away in the Core of the Moonlands. The history of the Moonlands is revealed, and the story shifts thousands of years ahead to present day. We are introduced to Edyn, a young Magi whose curiosity leads to trouble when she opens the Book of Elders in her mentor Orwin's library. Before long, Agram appears - or rather his projection appears, since he's still locked away in the Core. Agram's magical prison is beginning to weaken, and he's intent on escaping to conquer the Moonlands. After eliminating Agram's projection, Edyn learns of the impending peril facing the Moonlands... and about the legend of the Final Dreamer. This powerful Magi of ancient myth is destined to defeat Agram by collecting all eleven Dreamstones (which have been scattered throughout the realms) and reforming the Core Glyph. Believing herself to be the Final Dreamer, Edyn takes the Book of Elders and sets off to find the Dreamstones. Agram dispatches his Shadow Magi henchmen Korg and Zed to capture Edyn and retrieve the Book of Elders. When Orwin finds Edyn missing, he calls upon Strag, a young Shadow Stalker, to find her. Meanwhile Orwin, along with Evu, an old Naroomi spell-caster, magically conjure the off-worlder whom they believe to be the Final Dreamer of legend. On Earth, we are introduced to Tony Jones, a human teenager, as he is about to run a track and field race. While running, Tony follows some ethereal voices in distress, only to be magically transported to the Moonlands. There, he is thrust into Edyn and Strag's battle against Korg and Zed. The teenage trio defeat the Shadow Magi, and a promising alliance is formed between the visitor from Earth and his new Moonlandian friends.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 2

Tony is back home on Earth when he receives an eerie visit from Agram. The arch-villain persuades Tony into believing that Agram isn't the enemy, but rather, his new friends Edyn and Strag are. Waking up back in the Naroomi forest in the Moonlands, Tony realizes he was only dreaming. Only now he questions where his loyalties lie. Agram's henchmen Korg and Zed arrive to lead their new "friend" Tony away. But before long, Edyn and Strag arrive to help him fight off the Shadow Magi. Tony discovers that Agram's appearance was just an elaborate trick. Agram's attempt to cloud the newcomer's mind only succeeded in making Tony see who his real friends are. Returning to Vash Naroom, the capital of the forest realm, Orwin reveals to the kids that it was he who summoned Tony to the Moonlands, believing him to be the Final Dreamer. This makes Edyn envious, to say the least. Meanwhile, in the Core, when Agram discovers that Korg and Zed let Tony escape, he magines his own Shadow Creature Gorath to join his minions and orders them to go after Tony again. Back in Naroom, Tony, Edyn and Strag once again encounter Agram's henchmen. By working together to solve a riddle in the Book of Elders, our heroes learn a valuable lesson in teamwork - which pays off when they battle Korg, Zed and Gorath, who give up the fight when they realize they're outnumbered.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 3

Watching a seasoned Magi named Ranger Dex acquire the animite of a wild Dream Creature, Tony learns more about why he was brought to the Moonlands - about the Final Dreamer's purpose, the Dreamstone quest, the Core Glyph, etc. He also gains a valuable piece of knowledge; specifically, where the first Dreamstone is located via a mural in The Living Gardens. Unbeknownst to Tony however, a Shadow Creature called a Plith has been watching the kids. A comedic chase ensues wherein Tony, Edyn, Strag, and Orwin try to catch the Plith, but are unsuccessful. Knowing that the Dreamstone's location could fall into the hands of Agram's forces, Tony joins Edyn and Strag in traveling to Kybar's Teeth to find the Dreamstone. When the image of Tony's Dream Creature Furok is spotted on the Living Gardens' mural, our heroes realize that Furok has had a long history in the Moonlands, and that he will be a great resource on their journey to Kybar's Teeth. Upon arriving in the mountain realm, Tony, Edyn, and Strag battle a Shadow Magi named Chur. When an avalanche occurs during their standoff, the trio choose to rescue Chur over getting the Dreamstone. The Guardian Hyren of Kybar's Teeth appears to tell them that by they by choosing to save their enemy they passed the test of worth. Having earned the Dreamstone, the Hyren hands it over to our heroes. Tony now realizes how important it is that he remain in this world until Agram is locked in the Core forever and the Moonlands is saved.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 4

With the help of Ugger, Edyn's trusty Dream Creature, the kids fight a ferocious storm while on a schooner at sea. Tony, Edyn and Strag are on a mission to rescue their mentor Orwin, who's gone missing in the frozen realm of Nar. On route, they encounter a Corathan - a giant whale Shadow Creature - that nearly sinks the kids' boat until they're assisted by a Narian Wanderer named Halstead. Their new friend brings them to safety of his cave where the kids find Orwin, unconscious. Halstead was the one who found Orwin in the wilderness. Tony, Edyn and Strag learn that Korg and Zed, under Agram's command, are currently in Nar. They're trying to unearth the Dark Heart - the accumulated energy of the frozen realm - that's hidden somewhere beneath the ice. The evil duo plan on using the Dark Heart to Agram's advantage by disrupting the delicate ecosystems of other Moonlands realms. When Orwin discovered their plot, the Shadow Magi attacked him with the sting of a Djarmander - a powerful arctic Dream Creature - which froze Orwin into sleepy unconsciousness. Tony, Edyn, and Strag set off to stop Korg & Zed from getting the Dark Heart in a battle that nearly destroys the vast Narian wilderness. Tony releases the possessed Djarmander from Korg & Zed's control, and it becomes Tony's Dream Creature. With the Dark Heart safely beneath the Narian ice for good, the kids return to Halstead's cave where they successfully wake Orwin from his frozen slumber.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 5

A Weave Emissary named Iyori is being pursued by Core Drushes. As she gets closer to Vash Naroom, Edyn, Tony, and Strag come to her aid and defeat the attacking creatures. Bringing Iyori back to Evu's home to recover, Iyori informs the kids that the Moonlands' jungle realm of Paradwyn is under siege. A Shadow Magi named Ashio has unleashed a blight - a deadly plant disease - on Paradwyn. Ashio did this despicable act in order to destroy all the vegetation in Paradwyn, thus making the realm's hidden Dreamstone easier for him to find. Iyori asks for the kids' help in stopping the spread of the disease before it decimates the environment. To accomplish this task, they must first free Iyori's father, Bazha. He's being held captive in Paradwyn because Ashio believes Bazha knows where the Paradwyn Dreamstone is hidden. Bazha's rescue is of prime importance, because only he knows how to use Paradwyn's healing five-leaf clovers to halt the blight. Edyn attempts to reach Bazha by impersonating Iyori and acting as bait to flush out Ashio. But Ashio discovers the ruse and Edyn's safety is put at risk. Tony and Strag soon come to her aid by taking on Ashio, and after a fierce battle, Ashio is defeated. Edyn and Bazha are freed, and the clean up process begins for Paradwyn.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 6

Korg's theft of a scroll from Naroom's library sends our heroes in pursuit of the Shadow Magi to the forbidding desert realm of the Sands of D'Resh. They ride aboard a Quanjuel - a horse-like creature that can travel great distances through magical vortexes. Upon arriving in D'Resh, the kids are ambushed by Korg and Zed in battle - only for the evil duo to suddenly leave. Noticing that their Quanjuel is gone too, the kids realize that their enemies weren't after the scroll at all. That was only the bait to get them to D'Resh...and trap them there. Trekking across the scorching dunes in an attempt to escape the desert, our trio face many Dreshian perils - vicious creatures, sand avalanches, desert illusions, and deadliest of all, heat exhaustion, which befalls Strag. Our trio's desert survival skills are put to the test when Tony and Edyn must care for their stricken friend in this harsh desert environment. Before long, our heroes are confronted with a Sandstone Gila, who attacks them despite Tony's plea for help escaping the desert (Tony blames himself for getting them trapped here). A heated battle ensues, which Tony wins. The mystical Gila then tricks Tony into believing that Edyn and Strag have been sent home to safety, while Tony remains stuck in D'Resh. When presented with the opportunity to magically switch places with his friends, Tony refuses. This noble act of choosing his friends' safety over his own leads the Gila to reveal that it is actually the Guardian Hyren of D'Resh, protector of the Dreamstone. For Tony's selflessness - which the Hyren believes is characteristic of the true Final Dreamer - she gives Tony the Dreamstone and reunites our heroes back in Vash Naroom.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 7

In the ruins of a Naroomi Arena in the forest, Orwin runs Tony, Edyn and Strag through a battle drill with their Dream Creatures. A massive Shadow Geyser erupts nearby, spewing powerful Void Energy into the sky, and sucking Edyn towards it. Korg and Zed emerge from the Geyser, capture Edyn, and take her down to the Core to be Agram's prisoner. Orwin has been dreading the moment the first Shadow Geyser would erupt in the Moonlands. Void Energy is a power used only by Shadow Magi. Any eruption above ground can contaminate the surrounding landscape. Edyn must be rescued and the geyser capped. Orwin, Tony, Strag, Furok, Freep and Ugger follow Korg and Zed into the Geyser to try and get Edyn back. At Agram's Spine Castle, Agram disguises himself as Edyn's friend to glean information from her about the Book of Elders. But when Edyn detects the ruse, Agram instead casts a spell on Edyn, forcing her to recite from the Book in order to learn the spells he seeks. Meanwhile, our other heroes battle Agram's Shadow Creature Sevedeer, as well as the constantly-changing landscape of the Core, until they arrive at the dreaded Spine Castle. As Agram prepares to destroy his foes using the spell he gleaned from the Book of Elders, the spell backfires on him. That's because Edyn cleverly cast a Duress Protection Spell on herself, preventing her from being forced to read anything besides spells that are harmful to Shadow Magi. Victorious, our heroes leave the Core safely and cap the Shadow Geyser. But they know full well that this Geyser won't be the last one they'll see from Agram.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 8

Tony and Edyn follow Strag to his home realm of the Underneath. They came to get some of Strag's old relics that could be useful in their search for the Underneath Dreamstone. But tensions are running high between Strag and his parents. Strag reluctantly reveals to Tony and Edyn that he is the distant relation of none other than Agram himself. This doesn't change Tony and Edyn's opinion of Strag; they know he's a good person, no matter who he's related to. Later, Strag runs into his childhood friend, Inara, who's now the Champion of the Magi Dream Creature League. Inara knows where the Dreamstone is. But she will only reveal it if Strag, the former Champion who left from the sport to pursue his goal of becoming a Shadow Stalker, agrees to battle her in the Arena. Inara proves exceedingly tough for Strag defeat in battle, as her Shapeshifter Dream Creature is very powerful. Further examination of their Book of Elders clue leads the kids to the realization that Inara's creature is not a shapeshifter at all, but rather three separate creatures, which is a violation of the rules. Inara is pegged as a cheater, and the spell combining her creatures is broken. The now-separated creatures give Tony, Edyn and Strag the information they seek about the Underneath Dreamstone's location. To everyone's surprise, Inara reveals herself to be a Shadow Magi in disguise. She was lying all along about knowing where the Dreamstone was - but now that's she's learned it's true location, she races off to find it. Tony, Edyn and Strag pursue, knowing that they must find the Dreamstone first before Inara can get it for Agram.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 9

Strag, Edyn and Tony are chasing Inara across the cave realm of the Underneath. Inara is Strag's former best friend who revealed herself to be a Shadow Magi. Because Inara knows where the Underneath Dreamstone is located, the kids must capture her before she acquires the stone and gives it to her master Agram. Their chase takes our heroes across the Underneath's craggy ceiling and through its dense fungal landscape. Strag must use every tracking skill at his disposal just to keep up with his target. He's determined not only to acquire the Dreamstone, but to transform Inara back to a normal Magi using his powerful Allegiance Relic. Tony and Edyn remind Strag that Inara isn't his friend anymore; she's a traitor. Strag however, believes that everyone deserves a second chance. Soon our trio track Inara to a cave deep in the Underneath, arriving at an altar where they encounter the bat-like Guardian Hyren of the Underneath. The Hyren informs them all that the Dreamstone must be earned - Strag and Inara must battle for it. The resulting Dream Creature combat is fierce, and all the while, Strag pleads with Inara to let him change her back. When she refuses, Strag uses the Allegiance Relic anyway - the risk being that if Inara doesn't accept its powers willingly, the relic will instead turn Strag into a Shadow Magi. Sure enough, when Inara stands firm, the relic boomerangs its powers back onto Strag, initiating his sinister transformation. After some agonized soul searching, Inara finds herself unable to watch her old friend being turned to evil. Battling the Void Energy inside herself, the emotionally wracked Shadow Magi accepts the relic's powers, which leave Strag and transform her back into a good Magi. Strag and Inara's friendship is renewed, and our heroes acquire the Underneath Dreamstone.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 10

Our trio arrive in the sky realm of Arderial where they meet Shimmer, an old friend of Orwin's who is the Headmistress of the Academy of Wind Magic. They're hoping to get Shimmer's help in deciphering the Book of Elders clue to finding the Arderial Dreamstone. Shimmer provides the kids with flying Dream Creatures, and gives Tony a Silver Flight Relic that can make Furok fly. Furok however, wants no part of flying and refuses its use. Hopping aboard their other flying creatures, our heroes take to the stationary clouds encircling the city. The Dreamstone is hidden inside one of the clouds. But which one? By discerning the different cloud types - cirrus, cumulonimbus, etc. - they pinpoint the cloud they're looking for. But then a sudden shockwave begins moving the clouds, releasing a hoard of Cloud Vashps - cloud-like beasts that attack the city. Tony, Edyn and Strag learn that Arderial's leader, Magistrate Nimbulo, has sabotaged the Axis, the ancient device used to position the clouds around the city and keep the Vashps at bay. Nimbulo is acting on Agram's behalf, his plan being to force all the citizens out of the city to give Agram's forces an airborne base of operations. With Shimmer's help - and Furok overcoming his fear of flying - our heroes battle Nimbulo, Korg and Zed, re-activate the Axis, and save Arderial. Unfortunately, the Dreamstone itself ends up falling from the clouds far out of sight, forcing our heroes to recover it another day.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 11

Tony, Edyn, and Strag open the Book of Elders to the clue page for finding the Deeps of Orothe Dreamstone...when the page suddenly vanishes in a water ripple effect. Edyn recognizes it as a spell, which they can only break finding the Orothian who cast it. On that note, our trio, along with their Dream Creatures, travel to Orothe. They find the underwater city in the midst of a parade celebrating a hero who once saved their city from a giant creature called the Cawh. When Tony magines Furok, Orothians are stunned. The Naroomi Magi who defeated the Cawh all those years ago had the very same Dream Creature - because that Magi was none other than Tony's Grandfather Spencer Jones. Why his Grandpa came to the Moonlands is a mystery to Tony. But Borse, Chief Protector of Orothe, believes Tony is a lair for claiming to be Spencer's Grandson, and he challenges Tony to a battle. When Tony loses, he questions his abilities, thinking he'll never be as good a Warrior as his Grandfather. Furok eases Tony's mind by telling him that he believes Tony is the true Final Dreamer. Realizing that Borse is the only one who knows the identity of the mysterious spell-caster they seek, Tony, Edyn and Strag venture out onto the ocean floor to find him. Borse leads the kids into a trap, bringing them the canyon reserve housing the captured Cawh - the same gigantic creature Spencer Jones defeated all those years ago. Intending to throw Tony into the cage to battle the Cawh and thus prove his lineage once and for all, the beast ends up escaping. Tony leads his friends and their Creatures in a battle against the Cawh, which they manage to get back into its reserve. Having watched Tony save Orothe, Borse apologies to him. Considering Tony to be a hero just like his Grandfather, Borse leads the kids to their mysterious spell-caster and the Book of Elders' spell is released.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 12

Vash Naroom is in flames. Our heroes are losing their battle against Agram. In his moment of victory, Agram reveals to Tony that he couldn't have escaped the Core without the assistance of one of his closest friends. Right then, Tony wakes up. He's with Edyn, Strag and Orwin at their campsite in Cald. They're trekking across the volcanic realm in search of its Dreamstone. Tony is shaken. Was he dreaming that one of his friends is a traitor? Or was it a prophecy of things to come? When Orwin tells Tony that his Grandfather Spencer Jones had premonitions of the future, Tony becomes intensely distrustful of Edyn and Strag. This hinders their march across the volcanic landscape, and nearly causes a disaster when they become separated at a lava flow. Distrust between our group intensifies when Ranger Dex arrives to take Orwin with him on a rescue mission to a nearby village while the kids continue their pursuit of the Dreamstone. As they dodge erupting volcanoes, a Shadow Geyser erupts from which Korg and Zed emerge. The chase is on to find the Dreamstone that's located in the heart of a living volcano - who is revealed to be the Guardian Hyren of Cald. By waylaying the Shadow Magi and solving a puzzle requiring trust, Tony realizes that Edyn and Strag are true friends who could never be traitors. Together they find the Dreamstone - but disaster strikes when Orwin returns. Having stolen Strag's Allegiance Relic, Korg and Zed use it to turn Orwin into a Shadow Magi and take him into the Shadow Geyser to join Agram's forces. Only now does Tony realize what his vision was really saying. One of his friends - Orwin - would be turned into a traitor against his will.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 13

Venturing into a Shadow Geyser in their pursuit of Korg and Zed - who transformed Orwin into a Shadow Magi and took him down to the Core to serve Agram - Tony, Edyn and Strag drop into a nightmarish maze inside the geyser. A Shadow Magi named Togoth is guarding the maze, and an energetic pursuit through the endlessly morphing labyrinth ensues.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 14

In the grass realm of the Weave, Tony, Edyn and Strag battle a vicious Reedwolf before arriving at Qui-Yeteh, the capital city. They find the realm's Dreamstone perched atop a building's roof, out in the open. It's protected by a puzzle lock. When they try to solve it, they're attacked by Weavians. A short battle ensues before our heroes realize that the Weavians are only protecting the stone. A truce is called. Our trio explain to Bo'Asha, Leader of the Weave, about their need for the Dreamstones, but Bo'Asha is unmoved.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 15

Tony, Edyn and Strag are ambushed in the Bograth swamp by their old Shadow Magi enemy Chur. After a heated battle, Chur gets his hands on the Book of Elders and incinerates it with a fireball before leaving in satisfaction. The kids have failed in their quest. The Book of Elders, the vessel holding their collected Dreamstones... is destroyed! Or is it? A magical clue makes the kids believe that the Book wasn't destroyed at all, but rather, it was somehow sent to Kybar's Teeth. In the mountain realm, they find a strange cave where statues of Warriors from Earth's past line the walls. There, they encounter Chogus, a two-headed dragon who has the Book of Elders. It's revealed that the Book is protected by a spell which returns it to its protector - Chogus - whenever it is threatened with destruction. To prove that they are the true possessor of the Book, the kids must pass three challenges presented by Chogus. The first challenge is to reach the other side of a mountain pass protected by Kybar Mountaineers. After a heated battle against the Mountaineers with no progress being made, Strag tries diplomacy instead and they succeed that way. The second challenge is to cross a bottomless gorge by walking across a path of small, floating stones. Tony's fearlessness and quick thinking gets them across safely. Reaching a Stone Forum, hundreds of Book of Elders copies magically appear, making the final challenge to choose the copy that's the real Book - or be destroyed by hulking rock creatures. Edyn's familiarity with the Book's exact visage saves the day. Having utilized their individual strengths for their collective good, the kids have successfully completed the challenges. The Chogus congratulates them on their fine work. It then surprises Tony by revealing that the Earth Statues in the cave are all monuments to Warriors from Tony's long family line - and that Tony himself will someday join those Warriors as a pivotal hero in Moonlands history.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 16

The kids return to the swamp realm to search for its Dreamstone where they encounter a herder named Gorran dipping a large cage containing Bograthian Creatures into an oozing black puddle. Turns out this puddle is the first Shadow Geyser Agram ever erupted. But its weak stream caused the villain to abandon it. The puddle proves perfect however, for turning creatures into Shadow Creatures - which is exactly what Gorran is doing. The kids put an end to Gorran's actions by battling the herder and defeating him.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 17

A comical dilemma involving Tony accidentally gathering together a herd of unwieldy creatures is solved by Edyn casting a spell. Tony and Strag wonder if they've been relying on Edyn's spells too much to solve their problems, but Edyn isn't worried. Traveling to the ice realm of Nar, they're led by the Book of Elders to a towering Ice Fortress where the Guardian Hyren of Nar protects the Dreamstone. After defeating some attacking Iceguards in the Fortress' Ballroom, the kids expect to be rewarded with the Dreamstone by the Guardian Hyren of Nar. But to their surprise, the Guardian Hyren has been captured by a relic-obsessed Shadow Magi named Sikan, who takes on the kids herself. Edyn confidently uses another spell on Sikan - only to be stopped by her foe's relic which renders all spells useless. Soundly defeated, our heroes are locked in the Fortress' ice dungeon where they meet the Guardian Hyren of Nar. The Hyren was also defeated by Sikan, whose mastery of relics knows no bounds. Having seen Strag's collection of relics, Sikan tries to interest him in joining her side by enticing him with a powerful Water States relic that can transform water to any state of matter at a whim - liquid, solid or gas. When Strag refuses, Sikan decides to put the kids to use in another way - as test subjects for her army of Ice Automatons. Created with the most powerful Relic in her collection, one that can animate any lifeless object, the robotic-like constructions were made by Sikan to help Agram escape the Core and conquer the Moonlands. Unleashing them on the kids, a victory in favor of the Automatons seems inevitable. Only by recognizing their over-reliance on spells, and becoming familiar again with using their Dream Creatures Furok, Ugger and Freep in battle, do they defeat Sikan, destroy her Automatons, free the Guardian Hyren, and acquire the Narian Dreamstone.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 18

Tony's vision of Evu being captured by Shadow Magi prompts Edyn and Strag to join him as Evu's bodyguards in her journey across the Sands of D'Resh. Three Shadow Magi manage to track them down nonetheless and a battle ensues to protect Evu. The wily senior proves more than capable of protecting herself as she pulverizes the villains with her own elephantine Dream Creature. We learn that Evu wanted the kids to join her in D'Resh because that's where they're all getting picked up to travel to the secret location where the Leaders of the various Moonlands realms meet. Flying to Arderial, our heroes enter a hidden citadel where they meet the Leaders. With the situation in the Moonlands becoming dire, the Council is in a heated argument as to whether or not to activate The Gear. It's a Doomsday device; the most powerful relic in all the Moonlands. Once activated, the Gear will jettison the Core from the center of the Moonlands moon, eliminating Agram at a threat - but in the process, it will destroy half the Moonlands' realms. A vote is held on the matter. Tony, Edyn and Strag make an impassioned plea to the Council. If they can prove that they're the Final Dreamers - who legend says will defeat Agram - then the Gear isn't required and half the Moonlands can be spared. The vote lands in favor of testing the kids to see if they're the Final Dreamer. In the middle of the test, the Citadel shakes. Shadow Magi Orwin has located the hidden citadel and is attacking it. Not only is this the perfect opportunity for him to destroy all the Moonlands Leaders, but the Final Dreamers as well. The kids stop their test and proceed to battle Orwin. As the battle sways in favor of the Shadow Magi, the Council leans towards activating The Gear. Evu buys the kids more time. Tony, Edyn and Strag eventually capture Orwin, defeat his Shadow Magi force, and prevent the use of the Gear. Proof that they're the real Final Dreamers comes when the kids' join their powers with those of the Leaders to transform Orwin back to a regular Magi again.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 19

Returning to the Deeps of Orothe to find its Dreamstone, the kids are horrified to see that the ocean realm has been attacked. A Giant Squid - The Guardian Hyren of Orothe - is busily sealing the city's leaking domes. The Hyren asks the kids to pursue the Realm Raider Pirates who attacked his people and stole the Dreamstone. Traveling across the ocean's surface, Tony, Edyn and Strag go to meet with their old friend Trup'Tika, a lookout guard who might have information about which direction the Raiders went. But when they reach her guard post, they find it's been attacked too and that Trup'Tika is missing. Further pursuit ends up with the kids being captured by the Realm Raiders and taken aboard their Pirate ship. The Raiders have been capturing Orothian prisoners to work the ship's decks. One of them is Trup'Tika. The kids are taken to meet Captain Alouicious, who now has possession of their Book of Elders and demands to know how to get the Dreamstones out of its cover. When Edyn tells him they can't be removed, the Captain is unfazed. He'll just sell all the Dreamstones in one lot, then. That's when our heroes learn that he's going to auction off the Dreamstones to the highest bidder - who the kids are certain will be Agram. As the ship containing the bidders for Alouicious' auction arrives - with their old nemesis Chur bidding on behalf of Agram - Tony, Edyn, Strag and Trup'Tika must think of a plan, fast. With the help of a large sea-faring insect creature, they break into the Captain's suite and steal a relic that helps them break out of their ankle irons. In an action-packed finale, the kids release the Orothian prisoners, pursue the fleeing Chur when he takes off in the other ship, and recover the Dreamstones from the devious Shadow Magi. Back in Orothe, the prisoners are reunited with their families, Trup'Tika thanks her friends for their help, and the Guardian Hyren allows them to keep the Orothian Dreamstone they recovered.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 20

In Naroom's forest, the kids are heading toward a giant obelisk, a structure which the Book of Elders says contains the Naroomi Dreamstone. On route, our trio are packing up camp when Tony starts having seeing things from his Earth life. Upon reaching the obelisk area, are heroes are caught in a net by Chur and Zed, who were anticipating their arrival. Escaping the net, our trio begin battling Korg and Zed...but Tony sees the image of his house near the obelisk, and he's drawn to it. As soon as he approaches - WHOOSH! A vortex appears that sends Tony away. Strag and Edyn are forced to retreat. When they regroup, Strag's Moonsense eavesdrops on the Shadow Magi. It's revealed that Tony's departure was all part of Agram's plan to return Tony to Earth in order to eliminate him as a threat. Edyn and Strag only have a few hours to defeat the Shadow Magi and get to the obelisk before the vortex closes forever. They begin strategizing a battle plan to get them past their enemy and close to the obelisk. Meanwhile, at his home on Earth, Tony and his Grandpa are reunited. Tony learns more about Grandpa's time in the Moonlands, and Grandpa shows him the multitude of relics he brought back to Earth when he left. As Tony tries to figure out how he got home and how he can get back to the Moonlands, to help his friends, he learns that his Grandfather's health is deteriorating. It makes Tony want to stay to care for him, but Grandpa insists that Tony go. The Moonlands needs its Final Dreamer! The mysterious, repeating appearances of the obelisk's image in various places makes Tony realize that it's the portal back to the Moonlands - and it's closing fast! Spotting the obelisk's image one last time before it disappears for good, Tony promises Grandpa he'll return soon, and then returns to the Moonlands through the vortex. At the obelisk area, Tony rejoins Edyn and Strag to help defeat Chur and Zed, and together they get the Naroomi Dreamstone.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 21

In the transitional zone between realms, Tony, Edyn and Strag are on route to Paradwyn to get its Dreamstone when a panicked Drowl comes bounding through the realm's tall, waving grasses - which are trying to capture it. Springing into action to help the creature, our heroes rescue it, but in the process the living grasses of the Weave carry Strag off. A Weave Architect named Gazean has captured Strag, and only Drowl can lead Edyn and Strag to his location. Meanwhile in the vast muddy zone beneath the Weave proper, Strag finds himself inside one of large bulb roots of the grasses. Gazean explains to Strag that he's been using his realm's magical living grasses to capture all kinds of living order to preserve them. Gazean is convinced that Agram will ultimately destroy the Moonlands, so he decided to preserve examples of all life forms. As he tries to escape Gazean's control, Strag attempts to convince his captor that while his intentions may be good, taking creatures against their will is the wrong way to achieve it. There are alternatives. Namely, that he and Tony and Edyn are the Final Dreamers who are destined to stop Agram. Gazean remains undeterred. He forces Strag to help him move the remaining bulbs containing captured creatures into a large grass rocket ship. One that Gazean will catapult into space to a distant new world called Moonlands II where they can't be destroyed by Agram.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 22

In Arderial searching for that realm's lost Dreamstone, Tony, Edyn and Strag are attacked by a bizarre creature with traits from multiple realms. A Book of Elders clue leads them to believe that this creature is the key to finding the Dreamstone. The kids track the beast to a strange new island that's not on any Moonlands map. As they traverse the island looking for the Dreamstone, they encounter three familiar foes - Chur, Ashio and Warrador. A battle ensues which Tony, Edyn and Strag are on the verge of winning... when Chur offers a truce. If the kids help them in their quest...they'll help them get the Dreamstone. Turns out that the Shadow Magi are there to capture Korg & Zed. Weeks ago, the converging powers of the fallen Dreamstone and a nearby Shadow Geyser combined to create a rugged new land mass in the ocean, as well as a host of powerful hybrid Dream Creatures like the one that attacked the kids earlier. Korg and Zed claimed the island as their own, and when Agram learned of this betrayal, he sent Chur and the others to capture the pair. The idea of the Final Dreamers teaming up with Shadow Magi doesn't sit well with anyone. But it's the only way to defeat Korg & Zed, who possess the Dreamstone. The newly formed team trek across the island to Korg and Zed's lair, where the villainous pair try to persuade their fellow Shadow Magi to join them in their quest to depose Agram. A huge Dream Creature battle ensues between the team and Korg & Zed. During the skirmish, the kids are shocked to discover that the Arderial Dreamstone the island itself! The Void Energy from the Geyser fed into the Dreamstone, expanding it to island-size. Before the kids can cap the Shadow Geyser to stop the island from expanding any further, the Dreamstone itself revolts against the Geyser by discarding its collected Void Energy downward like rocket fuel...causing the island to rise into the air. Chunks of the island break off as it ascends dramatically into the sky - it's shrinking! The kids win the battle, their Shadow Magi allies take off with Korg & Zed, and the back-to-normal-size Dreamstone is recovered.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 23

In Naroom's Arena Ruins, Tony, Edyn and Strag are running battle drills in an attempt to master their still-raw Final Dreamer powers... when Furok begins to act strangely. When Tony offers to send him to the Dream Plane to relax, Furok's eyes widen in fear: "No!"...only for him to vanish to the Dream Plane. When Tony summons Furok to return... he's become a Shadow Creature! A battle ensues in which the kids must defend themselves against Furok. They defeat him, but Tony is shaken. Returning to the Vash Naroom library to figure out what is going on, they find Orwin, Evu, and Ranger Dex, who have news to share. Dex has been undercover in the Core and he's learned of Agram's latest scheme. Their enemy has found a way to infect the Dream Plane with Void Energy. When the infection is complete, all Dream Creatures will become Shadow Creatures. Our heroes realize that the only way to stop the Void Energy infection is to go to the Dream Plane themselves. Problem is, only creatures can travel to the Dream Plane. Evu gets around this by casting a spell that merges our kids with a Dream Creature, which allows them to make the journey unscathed - barely. In the strange but idyllic Dream Plane, our heroes encounter the Salamander Shadow Creature who's rapidly conquering his peers by infecting them with Void Energy. With Furok at its side, and their other Dream Creatures (who are already in the Dream Plane elsewhere), the kids must flee before they get infected themselves. They eventually find Freep and Ugger defending a cave inside which the last of the uninfected Dream Creatures are holed up. Tony, Edyn and Strag help the creatures barricade themselves inside and convince them not to panic. They'll find a way to use their Final Dreamer powers to right the situation. As the Shadow Creatures outside break into the cave, our heroes band together as the Final Dreamers to defend themselves and the creatures they're protecting. Just when it looks like all is lost, the kids connect their Final Dreamer Powers and feed them into Strag's Allegiance Relic. This sends out a powerful wave that transforms each and every creature in the Dream Plane back to its normal state. Returning home to Orwin and Evu, they're thrilled to learn that the Final Dreamers have vaccinated the Dream Plane and eliminated the Void Energy infection.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 24

With ten Dreamstones now in their possession, our heroes have only the Paradwyn stone left to acquire. The Book of Elders informs the kids that the only being who can help them find the jungle realm's Dreamstone is "The Ultimate Dream Creature" - a majestic beast called a Manticore. Problem is, the Manticore isn't interested in becoming anyone's Dream Creature, and he issues his own creatures to repel the kids. Our trio defeat the Manticore's minions, which, upon turning back to Animite, return to the Manticore! This creature is so powerful that its bodyguard creatures are actually part of its own body. The kids realize that they must battle the Manticore himself, but the regal creature doesn't give them the chance as it blasts a canyon into the ground between them as an obstacle and evades the Magi. Pursuing their target into the jungle, the kids are captured by another party interested in acquiring the Manticore - Shalax. He's a Shadow Magi Creature Hunter working for Agram. Whoever controls the Manticore controls the Moonlands, and Agram is determined to have it for himself. The wily Shadow Magi uses a control relic to turn the kids' own Dream Creatures against them before going off after the Manticore. It takes some clever thinking for Tony, Edyn and Strag to escape their own possessed Dream Creatures. When they catch up to Shalax, he's in the middle of a fierce battle against the Manticore. In their struggle to protect the Manticore, the Final Dreamers send Shalax packing. Appreciating that the kids protected him rather than trying to capture him themselves, the Manticore agrees to lead the kids to the Dreamstone. Expecting to be led someplace, our heroes are stunned when the Manticore simply vanishes to the Dream Plane...leaving its Animite behind. The kids realize this is no ordinary Animite's the Paradwyn Dreamstone! The Manticore was the Guardian Hyren all along, and the prize he protected...was himself. Placing the final Dreamstone into the Book of Elders...the kids are shocked to see another empty Dreamstone slot open up. Their quest isn't over yet.

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 25

The Vash Naroom library is in a state of chaos. The kids, Orwin and Evu are trying to unearth any mention of an additional Dreamstone. That's when our heroes realize that the Core is a Moonlands realm too - which means it would have Dreamstone as well. Sure enough, an apparition of Agram appears to tell them just that - and he has it. Uncapping an old Shadow Geyser in Naroom, the Final Dreamers, along with a freshly assembled Magi Resistance Force travel down to the Core to take it from Agram. At the villain's Spine Castle they see that Agram has amassed a huge Shadow Creature army, ready to march forth. And worse, he's planted a massive crop of Shadow Geyser seeds in the Core's ceiling. One by one they erupt. Our heroes realize that the collective power of the geysers will soon shatter the magical trap keeping Agram in the Core, allowing him to escape and conquer the Moonlands. As for the Core Dreamstone, it turns out Agram only lured his foes down here as a ruse to waste their time when they would otherwise be capping geysers. He used to possess the Dreamstone, but he hid it somewhere the Final Dreamers will never find it. The Magi Resistance Force, rather than battle Agram in the Core, return to the Moonlands' surface. Their last chance, is to cap all the geysers before Agram can escape. The kids use vortex-traveling Quanjuels to visit each realm and warn people about the geysers. But as each geyser is capped, three more erupt. It's too late. Meeting back in Orothe, the Magi Resistance Force witness the entire ocean draining away into a giant crack in the ocean floor. The endgame has begun. Agram's castle rises ominously from the fissure. The only glimmer of hope our heroes have left, is a new Book of Elders clue about the Core Dreamstone, revealing that it's hidden on Earth! Can Tony afford to abandon his friends and travel back home to find it? Can the Moonlands afford for him not to?

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Magi-Nation - Series 1 - Episode 26

Tony returns to Earth through the Naroomi vortex relic in order to find the Core Dreamstone, while Edyn, Strag and the Magi Resistance Force battle Agram on the drained seabed of Orothe. Unleashing the giant Cawh from its canyon enclosure, Agram turns it into a Shadow Creature to attack the Magi Resistance, while he himself travels to Vash Naroom to destroy the city. On Earth, Tony goes to see Grandpa for help, only to find him sicker than he was before. Eyeing Grandpa's many relics he collected from his years in the Moonlands, Tony comes to a startling realization. He begins smashing relics...and amid the broken relics lays the Core Dreamstone! Agram had hidden it inside a relic - and it was in Grandpa's house the entire time! Vowing to return to care for Grandpa when he's done, Tony goes back to the Moonlands through the vortex. Meanwhile, in Orothe, Edyn and Strag cleverly turn the Shadow Cawh against the Shadow Magi, defeating them soundly. This leads to Tony, Edyn and Strag reuniting in Vash Naroom for the ultimate showdown - Agram versus the Final Dreamers for control of the Moonlands. Agram blasts the Core Dreamstone out of Tony's hands, preventing our heroes from making the Core Glyph. The kids use their Final Dreamer powers to combine Furok, Freep and Ugger into one powerful Dream Creature - ROKREEPER! None of Agram's Core Creatures can defend against its might, forcing Agram to defend himself. This buys the kids the time they need to recover the Core Dreamstone, insert it into the Book of Elders, and make the Core Glyph. The Glyph's incredible power not only sends Agram back to the Core - it transports the Core itself to an entirely different dimension. The Final Dreamers are victorious. The Moonlands has never been more damaged, but at last it's safe once again. It will rebuild. As Tony returns to the obelisk to go back to Earth... Grandpa appears through the vortex. He's healthy again! Turns out that the Void Energy from the Core Dreamstone, being so close to Grandpa all those years, was what made him sick. By finding the Dreamstone, Tony not only freed the Moonlands...he saved his Grandfather. Grandpa always wanted to return to the Moonlands - maybe now he'll stick around this time. With his family now here, Tony decides to stay as well. Who knows what new adventures await the Final Dreamers?

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