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Episodes: 11 | Released: 2007 | Certificate: 12 | Genre: Action/Adventure | Director: Greg Beeman
Actors: David Anders , Kristen Bell , Santiago Cabrera , Jack Coleman , Dana Davis , Tawny Cypress , Noah Gray Cabey , Greg Grunberg , Leonard Roberts , James Kyson Lee , Ali Larter , Masi Oka , Hayden Panettiere , Adrian Pasdar , Zachary Quinto , Sendhil Ramamur

Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 1

As the second volume of "Heroes" begins, the fates of Peter, Nathan and Matt are revealed, following the horrible showdown with Sylar and Peter's uncontrolled nuclear detonation miles above New York City. As everyone attempts to move on, a new sinister force begins stalking and murdering Heroes. With the family hiding in Southern California, H.R.G. and Claire attempt to live as inconspicuously as possible - which proves to be easier said than done. Meanwhile, after landing in feudal Japan, Hiro meets his hero Takezo Kensei. Twins Maya and Alejandro Herrera hope to make the crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, in hopes of finding help with their deadly abilities.

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Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 2

With one person dead, Matt enlists some unlikely help as the attacks continue on people with abilities. Claire's efforts to hide her healing abilities at her new California high school are jeopardized by a fellow student with a secret of his own. Niki and Micah leave Las Vegas in an attempt to start over. As part of his new job, Dr. Suresh must track down The Haitian. While crossing into Mexico, Maya and Alejandro's abilities prove to be a threat to those around them. Meanwhile, disappointed by his hero Kensei, Hiro resolves to rectify any damage his presence in feudal Japan has done to history. And another lost Hero falls in with a gang of Irish gangsters with clues to his past.

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Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 3

Upon his return to New York, Suresh is unnerved to find an undiscovered Isaac Mendez painting that foretells the death of someone close to him. Both Claire and H.R.G. pursue their own secret personal agendas. Determined to make it to the U.S., Maya uses her deadly abilities to free Alejandro from a Mexican jail. Ando returns to his job in Japan and makes a happy discovery. Meanwhile, in Japan's past, just when Hiro had written off Kensei, his childhood hero surprises him. Niki and a lost Hero individually strike shady bargains to reach their goals. Two familiar people with abilities make an unexpected return.

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Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 4

Between shifts at a local fast food joint, Monica Dawson begins to exhibit some unexpected new abilities unbeknownst to her brother Damon, grandmother Nana, and cousin Micah. Angela Petrelli makes a shocking confession as new information about the previous generation of Heroes is revealed. With Molly's "boogeyman" continuing to turn her dreams into nightmares, Matt asks her to put aside her fears and locate him on a map-with terrible results. Suspecting Claire has a new boyfriend, H.R.G. fears for the future. As they get closer to the U.S., Maya and Alejandro make a grim discovery on the road.

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Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 5

In Ireland, a lost Hero attempts to move beyond the past, but discovers that a mysterious woman, Elle, is willing to kill to find him. Matt and an unexpected ally fly to Philadelphia to hunt down the "boogyman," following his terrible attack on Molly, but the pair finds themselves outmatched.

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Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 6

West convinces Claire to teach head cheerleader Debbie a lesson after she deems Claire too ordinary to join the squad. While Suresh faces a serious moral dilemma with the Company, H.R.G. pays his Russian mentor a visit in an effort to locate Isaac's last prophetic paintings. Meanwhile, nearing the U.S. border, Alejandro becomes increasingly uneasy about Sylar's intentions, especially towards Maya. Peter and Caitlin's search for a mysterious doorway he painted ultimately leads them to a surprising place.

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Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 7

When one of his forgotten abilities suddenly manifests, Peter and Caitlin get thrown into a crisis situation, and learn first-hand just how deadly the mysterious virus striking people with abilities can be. Suresh, Matt, Nathan, Niki and Bob band together to fend off the "nightmare man's" attack. Despite Claire's best efforts to keep them apart, West learns that the man who kidnapped him as a child is her father.

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Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 8

When the clock turns back four months for all of the Heroes, Nathan pays a terrible cost for his heroic actions. While Peter survives his detonation over New York City, the Company "bags" him as a threat to the world, eventually leading to violent confrontation with Elle and the Haitian. D.L. makes the ultimate sacrifice for Niki and Micah. Maya horrifically manifests her dark powers for the first time, driving her and Alejandro to America for help. A mysterious, yet familiar face is introduced.

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Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 9

Convinced that the Company is close to finding them, H.R.G. prepares the family to run, but Claire has other ideas. Hiro returns from the past and learns of his father's death. Grief-stricken, he flings himself into the past and makes a stunning personal discovery. After a charged first encounter with Elle, Suresh makes a decision that could change lives. Meanwhile, Matt (Greg Grunberg) struggles with his expanding mental abilities. Maya and Alejandro's relationship is tested as they travel with Sylar. Peter meets someone who could unlock his past.

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Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 10

Peter travels to Primatech Paper in Texas with his new friend to destroy the virus, which will kill 93% of the world's population in the future. Niki returns to Micah with bad news. To right a wrong, Monica puts her abilities to the test. Hiro goes after his father's killer. Meanwhile, Matt uses his mental abilities to track down the last person in the Company photo. Outside of New York, Maya must choose between Alejandro and Sylar.

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Heroes - Series 2 - Episode 11

Deep below Primatech Paper in Odessa, TX, Peter's reunion with Nathan turns violent when the brothers, Matt and Hiro all clash thanks to Adam and his pursuit of the deadly Shanti Virus. After watching his heroic cousin captured by a street gang, Micah turns to the one person who can help him save Monica, his mom. Meanwhile, Maya tragically learns how much of a monster Sylar really is during his kidnapping of Molly and Suresh.

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