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Episodes: 13 | Released: 2001 | Certificate: U | Genre: Animated | Director: Sarah Ball
Actors: Neil Morrissey , Rob Rackstraw , Kate Harbour , Rupert Degas , Colin McFarlane , Maria Darling , Emma Tate , Richard Briers , June Whitfield

Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 1

Bob is digging a ditch for Farmer Pickles when he notices something in the trench. Suspecting it might be a dinosaur bone, he rings Mr. Ellis the museum curator. There appears to be an enTyre stegosaurus skeleton, and Scoop is left at the site with instructions not to let anyone touch the bones. Spud is determined to take a look and tells Scoop that he has found some even bigger bones in the next field. A curious Scoop cannot resist going to take a peek. Later at the museum, Mr. Ellis is disappointed that the skeleton is not complete. Bob and Scoop go back to the site to look for more bones, and Scoop reveals that he left the site unattended for a few minutes. Bob's suspicions are confirmed when they come across Spud with his very own dinosaur display. Spud is reprimanded, and Bob takes the bones back to a delighted Mr. Ellis.

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 1 Online Free

Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 2

Farmer Pickles asks Bob for some old Tyres to hold down a tarpaulin in his field. Bob agrees to drop them off on his way to the Lazenby's. At the field, Scoop starts sneezing. Bob realises he has hay fever, and sends him home. Spud follows Bob to the Lazenby's, where he causes mischief with one of the Tyres. Bob sends him to the yard to look after Scoop. Delighted with his new job, Spud decides to find out what else makes Scoop sneeze. Bob finishes work and heads home, with Lofty carrying Spud's Tyre. Wendy returns to the yard with some flowers from Mrs. Potts' garden - a thank you for installing her rotary drier. Spud grabs them to see if they make Scoop sneeze. Indeed they do! Just then, Lofty returns. Scoop knocks into the Tyre he is carrying, which falls and traps Spud's arms, keeping him out of any more trouble.

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 3

While refurbishing Farmer Pickles' cottage, Bob finds a hibernating hedgehog. Scoop takes it to the yard for Wendy to look after, but she has gone to the builders' merchants. Scoop leaves the hedgehog with Roley and goes off to join her. Farmer Pickles calls in to see if Wendy has finished making his gate, and Roley explains that she will be back soon. As he drives off, Scruffty leaps out of Travis's trailer and chases Pilchard around the yard. Terrified that they will wake the hedgehog, Roley calls Farmer Pickles back to sort things out. Wendy returns and Farmer Pickles offers her a lift to the cottage. Bob fixes on the gate and asks Wendy how the hedgehog is. She has no idea what he is talking about, so they hurry back to the yard to find the Machines singing a lullaby to the snoozing hedgehog.

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 4

Bob is building a shed in Farmer Pickles' field while Wendy whitewashes his farmhouse. Pilchard comes too in Dizzy's mixer. As Bob lays the shed's foundations, some mice appear and Pilchard gives chase - Dizzy stops them running onto the concrete, but skids into it herself. Bob smoothes it out and goes to fetch the shed, leaving Dizzy to guard the cement. Meanwhile, Wendy lets Spud help with the whitewashing, but a string of disasters ends with a wall being painted bright red. Bob returns to find Dizzy exhausted by her attempts to keep Scruffty and Squawk off the cement. Bob suggests that he and Wendy swap helpers. Dizzy mixes what is left of the whitewash with the red paint, giving the farmhouse a coat of 'pinkwash'. As Spud stands guard, the mice run up his trouser leg, chased by Pilchard and Scruffty in turn. Spud runs off, pursued by animals - but at least the cement is safe.

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 5

While Wendy takes the Machines to build a Crazy Golf course, Bob stays at the yard to assemble one of the novelty 'holes' - a miniature windmill. Wendy discovers the instructions in her toolbox and phones Bob, who says he doesn't need them. As Roley flattens the greens, Bird spots a small white object in the grass. Roley runs over the object which he thinks is an egg. Bird fetches Wendy, who reassures Roley that it is only a golf ball. She rings Bob who tells her that the windmill will be ready soon. Wendy heads to the yard to collect it, but when they get there Bob is nowhere to be seen. Wendy rings him on his mobile phone, and they are amazed to hear the windmill ringing. Bob has managed to build himself inside it! They return to the golf course for an inaugural game of Crazy Golf, which Wendy wins with a hole-in-one.

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 6

Bob is putting up a rainwater tank in Farmer Pickles' field, while Wendy builds a toy sailing boat for her nephew's birthday. A curious Spud sees Lofty pass by with the tank, and decides to help. While Bob is installing a sprinkler system in the lower field, Spud encourages the others to finish the job without supervision. Lofty drops the tank which rolls down the hill, splashing into the duck pond where it smashes the toy boat which Wendy has been testing. Bob returns to find the boat's mast smashed beyond repair. He asks Wendy to sort out the tank, while he heads back to the yard and fits the boat with a propeller mechanism to turn it into a speed boat. After a brief shower of rain, Farmer Pickles tests his new sprinkler system - Spud proves too curious again, and gets showered with water for his troubles.

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 7

Bob is refurbishing the bandstand in the park for a concert which Farmer Pickles will conduct. Roley is excited about meeting the band, and the machines provide their own 'Oom-pah' accompaniment as they work. Farmer Pickles is driving into town to make copies of the sheet music, but it falls off the back of Travis's trailer. Spud finds the box and decides to use the music to make paper planes. As the bandstand takes shape, the machines' pistons hiss with the same rhythm as their 'Oom-pah' music. Unable to find his music, Farmer Pickles rings the band to cancel the concert. To console him, Spud gives him a paper plane - which he recognises instantly. Spud has to apologise to everyone for the trouble he's caused, when Mr. Bentley arrives for the dress rehearsal. Bob saves the day by introducing a new band - the Machines - who use their natural sounds to play a tune.

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 8

Farmer Pickles calls by to ask Bob to build a run for Scruffty, but he drops his mobile phone. Wendy is about to leave to build a bike shed at the school, when she hears Farmer Pickles' phone ringing. It is Mrs. Percival reminding him that he has promised to look after the school's guinea pigs for the holidays. Wendy asks Scoop to take Farmer Pickles' phone back and tell him about the guinea pigs. En route, Scoop meets Spud, passing the phone and the message on to him, but Spud doesn't pay attention. He gives the phone to Travis and asks him to remind Farmer Pickles about the 'mini-pigs'. When Travis announces the arrival of the little pigs, Farmer Pickles panics - he has got nowhere to keep them. Bob suggests using the dog run until he can build a pig sty, but Scruffty refuses to budge. Wendy takes the guinea pigs to the farm for Mrs. Percival, and eventually the misunderstanding is sorted out.

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 9

Mrs. Percival is raising money for a new sports pavilion but, despite Bob going on a sponsored run, she is still far from reaching her target. The Machines volunteer to undertake a 'sponsored demolition' of the old pavilion. During a practice session, Lofty loses control of his demolition ball so Bob fastens it tightly to avoid further accidents. He absent-mindedly slips the spanner into his tracksuit pocket and takes it with him on his sponsored run. At the pavilion, Lofty gets his cable tangled in some rugby posts. The spanner is missing from the toolbox, and Wendy realises where it must be. She sends Bird to find Bob, who jogs over to the pavilion and helps untangle Lofty, then goes back to complete his run. Mrs. Percival is delighted to announce that since Bob has run twice as far as originally planned, enough money has been raised to build the new pavilion.

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 10

Bob has a new personal organizer, which has details of all his jobs for the day. However, as soon as Wendy sets off to build a garden wall, the screen goes blank. Rather than admit that it is broken, Bob ties knots in his handkerchief to remind him of his jobs - put up a new bin, clear Mrs. Broadbent's guttering... or is it Mrs. Potts'? He finds one knot there already, but can't remember what it is for. Meanwhile, Wendy is having problems with the wall, due to some well-meaning interference from Mr. Beasley. Bob clears Mrs. Potts' gutter, but should have been fixing her garden gnome. He goes on to sort out Mrs. Broadbent's guttering, but the drainpipe is still blocked. As Bob tries to clear it, a load of grunge shoots over his face. Back at the yard, Wendy helps him clean up and finds a knot tied in his hanky. Bob admits that the organizer wouldn't work - and Wendy reveals that the first knot was to remind him that it needed new batteries.

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 11

One scorching hot day, Bob is installing a garden pond for rock star Lennie Lazenby. Roley is excited to be meeting his hero. Wendy is laying out a Nature Trail: first she erects a signpost, then Lofty has to clear a fallen tree. Spotting a duckling behind the tree, Lofty panics and the duckling rushes away. Next, they build a stile, when two ducklings appear. Wendy wonders why they are so far from home. As they put up some picnic tables, a third duckling arrives. Wendy and crew follow them to the duck pond, which has dried up in the heat. Wendy takes the ducklings to the Lazenby's in Muck's digger; they can swim in his pond while they find their mother. The Mother Duck arrives - she has been looking for a new home for her brood. The ducks are so happy in the pond that our guitar hero says they can stay. Then to Roley's delight, Lenny plays his guitar and everyone dances!

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 12

Mr. Ellis, the museum curator, is planning a Time Capsule, to which everyone in town contributes an item. Bob builds a metal chest to be used as the Capsule and he and Wendy are to dig a hole outside the museum to bury it in. While they are inside the museum, Spud comes along and finds the Capsule. Thinking it is some sort of treasure chest, he loads it into the back of Travis's trailer, throwing out all the items inside en route, since he thinks they are complete rubbish. He collects his own 'treasure' (feathers, bits of twig etc.) and puts these in instead. However Farmer Pickles' dog, Scruffty, has seen Spud take the Capsule, and leads Bob, Farmer Pickles and Mr. Ellis on a trail. They find Spud just about to bury the Capsule, and take it back to the Museum for its proper burial. Spud is reprimanded, and Scruffty is declared a hero for saving the day.

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Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 13

Some paving slabs are delivered to Bob's yard for a special job which Mr. Bentley the Building Inspector wants done. Meanwhile, Wendy is taking a day off to do some water-colour painting in the country. Bob and team arrive at the Town Square to find that the slabs have to be assembled into the pattern of the town's coat of arms. When Mr. Bentley calls Bob into the Town Hall to fix a squeaky door, the Machines try to assemble the pattern themselves, but cannot get it right. Wendy's attempts to finish her painting are frustrated by Scruffty, who picks up Wendy's mobile phone, thinking it is a bone, and buries it somewhere in a nearby field. Farmer Pickles saves the day by giving Scruffty a real bone, which he buries right next to Wendy's phone. Bob returns and helps the machines to assemble the slabs correctly, and they head back to the yard where Wendy proudly shows them her paining - a picture of Scruffty holding her phone in his mouth.

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 4 - Episode 13 Online Free