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Episodes: 13 | Released: 2007 | Certificate: U | Genre: Animated | Director: Liz Whitaker
Actors: Neil Morrissey

Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 1 - Zoomer's Snowy Adventure

Zoomer the skidoo is staying with Bob in Sunflower Valley. And, when a huge snowfall blocks the whole valley, Zoomer's caterpillar tracks are ideal to help Scoop find his way through the snow with his snowplough to unblock the valley. But Zoomer is impatient and easily distracted. When he sees a distressed little rabbit he leaves Scoop on his own. With no expert guidance, Scoop drives into a deep snowbank and gets stuck. Zoomer races off to get help from another machine with caterpillar tracks... Muck! Zoomer is very sorry. He was only trying to help the little rabbit but Bob has a great machine-inspired idea to help the animals!

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 1 Online Free

Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 2 - Radio Bob

Horticultural Flex is busy studying some rare plants when he hears about Sunflower Valley's very first radio station and Bob and the team get to work building the studio and erecting the transmitter. While they work, the machines think of ideas for their very own radio shows. Flex is determined to have an original idea but every time he thinks of one, someone else has beaten him to it - Roley's doing a jingle, Dodger's telling jokes and Scoop and Muck are reading stories. Flex is so worried he'll never have an original idea that he forgets that Bob needs him to help install the tall transmitter! Flex is very sorry but Bob has a great idea to solve Flex's problem. Later, with the radio station finally finished Flex dazzles the valley with his very own gardening programme!

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 2 Online Free

Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 3 - Tumbler and the Ice Rink

It's snowy and icy in Sunflower Valley and Bob is building an ice-rink at Bobland Bay. Dizzy is delighted as she loves to ice-skate. Tumbler declares that loves to skate too and will show her how it's really done! On their way to collect some special concrete for the ice-rink, Tumbler has skids on the ice. He's not as experienced on the ice as he says! But determined not to let Dizzy find out, he does everything he can to avoid more ice - including taking them a very long way back to Bob! When Dizzy gets stuck in a snow drift, Tumbler only has one choice - to admit that he's not very good on the ice and to ask Dizzy to teach him. Soon Tumbler is skating like a pro!

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Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 4 - Spud the Dj

When Mike Turntable the Sunflower DJ needs to go and collect his new microphone, Spud volunteers to mind the radio station. Mike tells him that in the world of radio "bigger is better". Spud take s this advice a little too literally and concocts a series of wild stories.

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 4 Online Free

Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 5 - Silent Scoop

Mike Turntable is on the nightshift at the radio station and he tries to get some sleep at the hotel during the day to be ready for a tropical themed pool party that evening. Scoop and Muck are digging the pool in time for the party, a job that's much noisier than they expect. Mike keeps waking up and trying to dig quietly and quickly is proving impossible. Scoop tries to soundproof Mike's room with egg boxes, but that doesn't work. Scoop thinks things through and has another idea. He remembers Mike's favourite song and plays it to him through some big headphones. Mike is soon sleeping like a baby and the pool is soon finished! In fact Mike's sleeping so soundly that he doesn't wake up in time for the pool party and Scoop takes over as DJ!

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Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 6 - Scrambler Get's Prepared

Chip Chipper and Scrambler are taking the Sunflower Valley kids on an overnight "Badger Patrol". Their motto is "Be prepared" - advice that Scrambler is determined to follow. When Roley tells him that the patrol will need shelter, Scrambler rushes to get a tent from Mrs Bentley - but Chip has already organised the kids to build bivouac shelters. Then Roley tells Scrambler that the patrol will need food so he rushes off to get some fruit and nuts. But again, Chip beats him to it with some energy bars. Finally, Roley says that the children will need to keep warm at night so Scrambler zooms off to get some warm clothing, not realising that the patrol already have warm jackets. Scrambler feels bad for not being properly prepared. When the patrol needs some badger food, Scrambler realises that his fruit and nuts are ideal. He was prepared after all! The patrol declare Scrambler to coolest patrol member ever.

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 6 Online Free

Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 7 - Sumsy's Special Building

Mr Bentley is in need of a proper Mayor's office so he can stop filing his paperwork in Mrs Bentley's greenhouse. Bob sets about constructing a special earthship out of unusual recycled materials. Sumsy wants to help and sets off to find some materials for Bob. Unfortunately, she gets the wrong end of the stick and brings some bricks and some glass from Mr Bentley's greenhouse - things that people still need. Chaos ensues when birds make off with Mr Bentley's paperwork. Spud retrieves the paperwork back but Sumsy feels terrible. Eventually Sumsy has a great idea for some unusual office furniture, woven from recycled wooden twigs - including a filing cabinet for Mr Bentley's paperwork!

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Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 8 - Lofty's Banana Tree

Bob and the team are building a Hot House in Bobland Bay for tropical plants, it's a big job and will require lots of concentration. Lofty asks Mr Beasley if he can take care of a Banana tree until the Hot House is finished but looking after a tropical plant is hard work. Lofty refuses help from plant expert Flex because he wants the banana tree to be his special friend and ends up rushing back and forth between the build and the banana tree. In his rush Lofty smashes all the glass panels needed to house the tropical plants and has to explain his strange behaviour to Bob. Bob explains that if you want to be a plant's friend, you should do what's best for it. Letting Flex take care of the banana tree while he finishes the build Lofty learns that its not only the tree who has become his special friend but Flex too.

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Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 9 - Roley's Flat Garden

Roley is keen to get some flattening done and when he bumps into Mr Bentley designing the new botanical garden Roley thinks a flat garden would look beautiful. Mr Bentley agrees and goes off to tell Bob and the rest of the team while Roley excitedly gets to work with the help of passing Benny. Roley sings a song to help the work go quickly. However when Mr Bentley speaks to Bob he learns that the plants will all need different things and a flat garden just won't do! They race to tell Roley but too late he has flattened the whole field. They have to start all over again but Roley's work song helps to get the job done!

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 9 Online Free

Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 10 - Super Splasher

Splasher arrives in town and with a... well... splash! Saving Lofty's wood from floating away down the river, Splasher becomes known by Bob and his team as Super-Splasher. Splasher arrives for his first day of work taking the hotel guests for sight-seeing tours by land and water. However, determined to live up to the name Super-Splasher, he interrupts the tour to rescue people who turn out not to need rescuing! Splasher becomes disheartened by his inability to live up to his name until he has to rescue Ela Stevenson's houseboat furniture from floating away down the river and learns he just has to check he is needed before he jumps in.

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Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 11 - Breezy Bristle

It's a hot day in Sunflower Valley and Bob and the team are going to surprise Gripper and Grabber, who are coming from the city, with a new shelter.Bristle has an ingenious idea - he uses cool air from his hose to distract the two machines just long enough for Bob to finish the job.

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Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 12 - Splasher's Two Stops

Everybody is getting ready for the Big Summer Party in Bobland Bay and Bob and his team are going to build two shelter stops for Splasher's new ferry route. Splasher just can't wait for them to finish! Splasher races around announcing his new route but no timetable has been put in place yet and despite what he thinks Splasher can't be everywhere at once. With passengers waiting at both stops Splasher gets into a muddle and starts to think he has let everyone down, until he sees radio DJ Mike Turntable's speakers and has a great idea. Using the speakers and his Talkie- Talkie Splasher creates a loudspeaker system so he can announce his arrival times and be Super-Splasher once more.

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Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 13 - An Inspector Calls

Mr Carruthers the Chief Building Inspector arrives in Sunflower Valley to inspect the Teams work, but what if he doesn't think Bob's team have done a good job! The machines set about trying to show all the good bits of Sunflower Valley but only remember their mistakes!

Watch Bob the Builder - Series 16 - Episode 13 Online Free