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Episodes: 31 | Released: 1982 | Certificate: U | Genre: Action/Adventure | Director: George Gordon
Actors: Don Messick , Danny Goldman , Lucille Bliss , Frank Welker , Michael Bell , William Callaway , Paul Winchell , Hamilton Camp , June Foray

The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 1 - Once in a Blue Moon

During a rare night with a blue moon, a stork delivers a baby Smurf in a picnic basket to the Smurf village. Everyone in the village soon falls in love with the new arrival, with the exception of Grouchy. The stork returns explaining a mistake has been made and that Baby Smurf needs to be returned. Grouchy realising his love takes Baby Smurf and runs into the forest. In the end realising how much the Smurfs love Baby Smurf, Baby Smurf is allowed to stay.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 2 - April Smurf's Day/The Magic Stick

April Smurfs Day: Gargamel disguises himself as a Smurfberry bush to capture the Smurfs. One by one the little Smurfs are captured. Papa Smurf with the help of Feathers gets all the birds of the forest to attack the fake bush and strip it of its leaves. The freed Smurfs climb aboard Feathers and fly away.The Magic Stick: Papa Smurf creates a magic stick that is able to teleport things away. While playing with the stick Clumsy loses it in the forest. Without the stick to protect the Smurfberry bushes, Bigmouth the Giant starts to eat them all. Finally Papa Smurf finds the stick and is able to whisk the giant away.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 3 - Born Rotten/The Smurfs Fire Brigade

Born Rotten: While the Smurfs prepare for the Festival of the Stars, a strange egg is found and taken back to the village. When the egg hatches a very smelly Star Creature is born. While Gargamel follows the smell to the village, Papa Smurf realises the creature is from another planet and asks Feathers to take him home. The Smurfs Fire Brigade: A spate of fires inspires the Smurfs to set up a Smurf Fire Brigade. Unfortunately Gargamel has built a dam stealing all the Smurf’s water. Luckily the Dam breaks, washing away Gargamel and Azrael, flooding the village and putting out all the fires.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 4 - Every Picture Smurfs a Story

While looking for inspiration Painter discovers a magical painting that has trapped an artist called Maestro. Maestro convinces Painter to use his magical paints to free him. Unfortunately Painter paints Papa Smurf, switching him with Maestro. The evil Maestro terrorises the village, until Painter steals his paints and puts him back in his picture.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 5 - The Winged Wizard/The First Telesmurf

The Winged Wizard: Determined to catch a Smurf to bring to the Wizard’s Convention, Gargamel uses his Book of Spells to help him. Unfortunately the various flying machines he creates all fail dramatically, once more making him the laughing stock of the convention. The First Telesmurf: Papa Smurf pours a potion over the new Smurf melon patch. Soon the Smurf-Melon blossoms cover the entire forest and the Smurfs start to use them as telephones. Luckily, before Gargamel is able to use the telephones to trace the Smurfs, the blossoms turn into melons.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 6 - Hats Off to Smurfs/No Time for Smurfs

Hats Off To Smurf: Vanity finds a cursed magic hat made by Gargamel. When Vanity splashes his face with water the hat turns Vanity ugly. Papa Smurf tracks down the antidote from Gargamel and returns Vanity to his beautiful self. No Time For Smurfs: Handy, Brainy, Clumsy and Smurfette discover Father Time’s hourglass in a cave. When they accidently break the hourglass, time starts behaving strangely. Realising their mistake the Smurfs try and fix the hourglass, but it is only with the help of Father Time and Mother Nature that things are restored to normal.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 7 - The Golden Smurf Award

Hogatha turns herself into a golden statue to try and catch some Smurfs to use as an ingredient in her beauty cream. When the statue is found, Brainy decides to hold the Golden Smurf Award. During the presentation of the award Hogatha springs her trap and captures the Smurfs. Vanity convinces Hogatha to try a mud bath as part of a beauty treatment, which immobilises her, allowing Papa Smurf to free the Smurfs.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 8 - The Chief Record Smurf/Good Neighbour Smurf

The Chief Record Smurf: A lab accident gives Clumsy photographic memory and he learns amongst other things Papa Smurf’s invisibility potion. Gargamel overhearing that Clumsy has the secret recipe, traps Clumsy and Smurfette. Gargamel uses his “Babble Bath” potion on Clumsy to get the formula. Papa Smurf and the other Smurfs use the invisibility potion to rescue Clumsy and Smurfette. Good Neighbour Smurf: Brainy’s house is hit by lightning and burns down. The other Smurfs in the village agree to help him rebuild his house. Wondering where he will sleep in the meantime, Handy offers to put him up but soon kicks him out due to his meddling. One by one the other Smurfs put him up, then kick him out, finally Brainy moves into the forest. During a storm the other Smurfs get into trouble looking for Brainy, but all is forgiven when Brainy rescues the Smurfs.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 9 - A Little Smurf Confidence/Harmony Steals the Show

A Little Smurf Confidence: Papa Smurf gives Weakling a special cream called “Can Do”. With his strength restored Weakling carries out a series of daring deeds. After he is awarded a medal his confidence is restored even further when he finds out the cream is only Smurfberry jam. Harmony Steals The Show: Harmony decides to write a symphony and plans to have it ready in one day. He meets a spirit called Ghost Writer who will give him a symphony if he signs a contract. Ghost Writer then accuses Harmony of stealing his symphony and calling it his own. At trial Harmony is found guilty, but before he is taken away Papa Smurf has the music played and Ghost Writer is discovered to have stolen the Symphony from other spirits.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 10 - The Last Smurfberry

Gargamel has killed off all but one of the Smurfberry bushes in an attempt to catch the Smurfs. Papa Smurf organises a trip to Smurfberry Island to find a new source of berries for the Smurfs. While harvesting Smurfberries on the island, the Smurfs encounter The Witch of Smurfberry Island. Just as the Smurfs try and explain their presence Gargamel appears. The witch demands to know the truth, driving off Gargamel with the help of her seagulls when he is found to be lying.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 11 - Hogatha's Heartthrob/A Bell for Azrael

Hogatha’s Heartthrob: When Hogatha, while en route to meet her heartthrob the Harlequin, finds herself in one of Gargamel’s Smurf traps and she makes a deal with him. In return for a Magic Smurf Summoning Whistle Gargamel will introduce her to the Harlequin. As they each depart to get ready, little do they know that they each intend to deceive the other. Hogatha’s whistle is neither magical nor will summon Smurfs and Gargamel intends to disguise himself as the Harlequin. A Bell For Azrael: After being chased by Azrael, Brainy comes up with a plan to stop Azrael sneaking up on the Smurfs. With the help of some of his friends he tries to put a bell on Azrael. When Garagmel hears a commotion outside he finds a bell tied on Azrael. Gargamel casts a spell on the bell which will now ring when a Smurf is nearby. After Papa Smurf is chased by Azrael and finds out about the bell, he places a counter spell on the bell which leads Gargamel to Bigmouth the Giant.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 12 - Smurfette for a Day/The Magic Earrings

Smurfette For A Day: After meeting the gnome Piltkin and bringing him back to their Village. The Smurfs are worried about the attention Piltkin is paying to Smurfette. When Piltkin decides that he wants to marry Smurfette, Hefty disguises himself as Smurfette to protect her. During the kidnapping Piltkin and Hefty are captured by the female gnome Guardiana. When Piltkin escapes and takes Guardiana with him, he soon realises that he is in fact in love with her. The Magic Earrings: Looking through the goods of a travelling salesman Hogatha finds a magic earring. When she finds out that the other earring was sold to Gargamel, she comes up with a plan to get the other one. Applying a potion that makes her beautiful she visits Gargamel and tricks him into giving it to her. Now that she has both earrings she is able to cast a spell with them and hear everything clearly. Unbeknown to her, Papa Smurf has gotten wind of her plans. While she tracks down the Smurf village by the sound of Lazy’s snoring, Papa Smurf gets Harmony to blast out terrible sounds from his horn driving her away until she runs into Gargamel.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 13 - The Tear of a Smurf/How to Smurf a Rainbow

The Tear Of A Smurf: While using her viewing crystal, an ugly hag spots a couple of Smurfs being chased by Azrael. Overjoyed at the sight she freezes the image. Meanwhile both Papa Smurf and Gargamel realise that some Smurfs and Azrael are missing. While they both search in vain for their missing friends, Grouchy, Jokey and Azrael find themselves captured by the hag. She explains that she needs the whiskers from a yellow cat and the tear of a Smurf to reverse her curse. After helping the hag turn back into a beautiful princess the Smurf and Azrael are set free. How To Smurf A Rainbow: It’s Rainbow Day, and the Smurfs all await Mother Nature to create a rainbow. Worried that there is a problem Papa Smurf visits Mother Nature and finds out that she is very busy with a volcano. Offering to help, he borrows Mother Nature’s Spell Book. Gargamel seeing that a rainbow is appearing rushes off to find the end of the rainbow and the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold. However the Smurfs soon realise that their rainbow has no yellow in it and decide to use the gold before Gargamel can find it.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 14 - The Miracle Smurfer

Sickly meets a Dr. Charlatan and he is amazed by his Miracle Tonic. He decides to bring the man back to the village and introduce him to his friends. Soon all the other Smurfs are selling all their things to get hold of the tonic. Once the Smurfs have nothing left to give him the doctor decides to capture the Smurfs and to use them in his next batch of tonic. Through trickery and a use of a special potion Papa Smurf forces the doctor to release the Smurfs and stop lying.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 15 - All Hallows' Eve

It Halloween and Jokey's birthday and all the Smurfs are busy helping to get the party ready. Papa Smurf asks Lazy to go into the forest and get some red leaves. When he struggles to find any, Lazy decides to have a quick nap. Meanwhile Mother Nature is out with her red wand turning leaves red for autumn. When she casts her spell on some leaves, she accidentally turns Lazy red. Distraught at being red he asks Mother Nature to turn him back. Unfortunately she can’t as she doesn't have a blue wand. Very upset Lazy runs into the forest. Mother Nature finds Father Time and after bribing him with some Smurfberry jam, gets his help in turning Lazy back to blue.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 16 - Chip Off the Old Smurf/Lumbering Smurfs

Chip Off The Old Smurf: In a cunning plan to force the Smurfs out of the forest, Gargamel uses his spell book to summon a swarm of locusts. Meanwhile Brainy and Baby Smurf are playing and mix up Papa Smurf’s Formulae leaving them powerless to stop the swarm. Lumbering Smurfs: While out in the forest the Smurfs come across some men cutting down trees. Smurfette, Brainy, and Grouchy set off to tell King Gerard. Inside the castle they encounter Clockwork Smurf, who tells the three Smurfs that King Gerard has gone on a holiday. The only hope for the Smurfs is to pretend to be Ghosts and scare off the men. Luckily the King soon returns and banishes the men from the Kingdom.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 17 - Hovel is not a Home/Speak for Yourself, Farmer Smurf

Hovel Is Not A Home: After casting a spell on his house and making it too big for him Gargamel asks the Book of Spells to make him a Smurf catcher. When he tries to capture the Smurfs they escape his invisible catcher because they can see his net. Next Gargamel asks for a catcher that can blend in with its environment. When this catcher also fails and the book refuses to grant him more wishes, he creates a fire element that sets his home on fire. Speak For Yourself, Farmer Smurf: Farmer Smurf sends anonymous love poems to Smurfette. When they arrange to meet he puts on a disguise. However at the meeting they are captured by Bigmouth the Giant. While they struggle, Farmer Smurf’s true identity is revealed. Eventually they escape and discover their mutual friendship for each other.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 18 - Hefty's Heart/To Smurf a Thief

Hefty’s Heart: Gargamel infects Hefty with Yellow Hate Fever, turning his heart tattoo into a yellow cross. When Hefty refuses to stay in his house, Papa Smurf must banish him to the forest until he can find a cure. Hefty is captured by Azrael and when the Smurfs find out, they all head off to rescue him. Unfortunately they are captured. Hefty’s love for his fellow Smurfs cures the disease and turns his tattoo back to a heart. He breaks free from his cage and rescues all the Smurfs. To Smurf A Thief: The Smurfs and Homnibus meet and befriend a young boy. They soon find out that the poor boy has been forced to steal for his evil master. When the boy is captured and put on trial, the Smurfs with help from Homnibus prove that the boy is innocent. When the boy’s evil master is turned over to the magistrates the boy is overjoyed to find out he can now live with Homnibus.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 19 - The Noble Stag

King Gerard’s wicked cousin, Malcolm the Mean, plans to steal the Crown. He turns King Gerard into a black stag so he can hunt him down and mount him in his trophy room. The black stag flees into the forest and the hunt begins. Luckily with help from his friends the little Smurfs the black stag escapes. Eventually the stag is turned back into King Gerard and he is able to reclaim his throne. For his crimes Malcolm the Mean is turned into a stag.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 20 - Forget-Me-Smurfs/A Gift for Papa's Day

Forget Me Smurfs: While climbing Mount Smurf to see how deep the snow is Sickly, Brainy and Smurfette come across some strange flowers. Sickly refuses to smell them while the others do. They soon begin to act strangely. When the Smurfs return, the rest of the village smells the strange flowers too and start to act strangely. Worried Sickly runs off to find Mother Nature to cure the Smurfs. A Gift For Papa’s Day: It is Papa’s Day and the Smurfs have made a special hat for Papa Smurf. Not really liking the hat but not wanting to upset the Smurfs he tries to lose the hat by accident. Gargamel finds the hat and uses it to trap the Smurfs. When Papa Smurf finds out he tricks Gargamel and with help from Feathers he frees the Smurfs.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 21 - Handy's Sweetheart

After creating a diving suit, Handy rescues the mermaid Marina. When she awakens in the Smurf village she is worried about her father who is ill. Keen to help, the Smurfs split up into two groups, one group to fetchMarina’s father, the other to gather some Illyroot from the Pool of Avalon. Handy realising that he is in love with Marina, wants to join her underwater in his new and improved diving suit. After being rescued by Hefty, Handy realises that he can never be with Marina and sends her a flower to say he will always remember her.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 22 - Willpower Smurfs/Clumsy Luck

Willpower Smurfs: The Smurfs are so busy testing their willpower that they do not see Gargamel spying on them and capturing Harmony. When they tell Papa Smurf about what has happened he goes off to rescue Harmony. Papa Smurf uses a trick box to challenge Gargamel, allowing Harmonyto escape.Clumsy Luck: When Clumsy breaks Vanity’s mirror Brainy tells him he will have seven years bad luck. Papa Smurf tells Clumsy that it is only superstitious nonsense and not to worry. He gets more and more worried when a series of mishaps are all blamed on his bad luck. Eventually Clumsy flees the village. That night a meteor destroys his house. While the rest of the Smurfs mourn Clumsy, he returns and they all realise how lucky he was to not have been in his house the night before.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 23 - The Smurfs Time Capsule

When Papa Smurf is warned by his old master Palladore of the return of the druids, he goes to Hemlock Hollow. There he and the Smurfs find a strange golden capsule. When they take it back to the village and unlock it, they begin to unravel a riddle to help banish the druids once more. Meanwhile the leader of the druids is attempting to release the other druids from their prison in the trees. After getting the riddle wrong and realising his mistake, Papa Smurf solves it and with the help of the Smurfs is able to banish the druids once more.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 24 - Greedy and the Porridge Pot/Smurfing in Sign Language

Greedy And The Porridge Pot: When Papa Smurf announces that the Feast of Plenty will happen tomorrow, Greedy goes into the forest to gather ingredients. He rescues a fairy that has been trapped by Gargamel and is rewarded with a magic porridge pot. The next day Brainy activates the pot but unable to turn it off soon floods the village. Hearing the cries of help from the Smurfs the fairy returns and turns the pot off. She then asks if she can give the pot to an orphanage to feed the children. Smurfing In Sign Language: After Gargamel uses his silence potion on Poet Smurf, Papa Smurf sends a message to his friend Laconia the Elf. She too is silent and the Smurfs find out she was born mute. Laconia teaches Poet to sign but is captured leaving the village by Gargamel. After an accident Gargamel also loses his voice and is forced to free Laconia to get it back.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 25 - Baby Smurf is Missing/The Littlest Witch

Baby Smurf Is Missing: While Brainy and Taylor Smurf are arguing Baby Smurf wanders off into the forest and is captured by poachers. Thinking Baby is a Leprechaun; they decide to make Baby tell them where they can find his pot of gold. When Papa Smurf finds out that Baby is missing, all the Smurfs head off to the forest to search. They finally catch up with the poachers and sneak in to rescue Baby. The Littlest Witch: The Smurfs discover a young witch called Brenda transforming forest animals. They soon discover that she is trying to learn to be evil. In an attempt to convince her that being good is better, they take her to their village to get Papa Smurf’s help. Unknowingly they are being followed by the young witch’s evil teacher. When the evil witch snatches Scary, the Smurfs and Brenda give chase. Brenda saves the day when she uses her powers for good and Scary is rescued.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 26 - Baby's First Christmas

It's Baby Smurf's first Christmas and all the Smurfs want it to be a special one. While out in the forest the Smurfs spot the evil witch Chlorhydris gathering mistletoe. Using the Mistletoe to kiss Mr Nicholas she casts a spell on him making him hate everything and everyone. Papa Smurf soon realises what has happened and gets the Smurfs to help save Christmas. Unable to deliver the presents the Smurfs confront Mr Nicholas but he refuses to help. It is only when Baby Smurf kisses Mr Nicholas that the spell is broken and Mr Nicholas leaves to deliver the presents.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 27 - The Smurftone Quest/Smurfy Acres

The Smurftone Quest: Papa Smurf is suffering badly from gout and needs some magical Smurfstone crystal to make a cure. Handy, Hefty and Lazy set off for the Valley of the Nodrog the only place where Smurfstone can be found. There the Smurfs meet the Molians who try and dissuade the Smurfs from continuing their quest. Eventually after several adventures the Smurfs recover the crystal and help Papa Smurf heal his gout. Smurfy Acres: Gargamel uses the Great Book of Spells to create a new and improved village. With the use of some magic mirrors he convinces all the Smurfs but Papa Smurf to move. Casting another spell, Gargamel traps the Smurfs behind a towering wall that is so high he can't get to the Smurfs either. Upset he returns home and watches the Smurfs on the magic mirror. While distracted by Smurfette, Gargamel doesn't notice Papa Smurf using a potion to free the Smurfs. When he returns he finds all the Smurfs have escaped.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 28 - A Hug for Grouchy/Wedding Bells for Gargamel

A Hug For Grouchy: It is Hug-a-Smurf Day and all the Smurfs are having a great time except for Grouchy. Determined not to be hugged he runs away. Meanwhile the evil hag Chlorhydris is planning on using her Ice Wand to freeze the hearts of everyone. She first uses it on a fairy who is zombie-like, then uses the Wand on everyone she finds. With many of the Smurfs struck by the wand, Papa Smurf finds out that the only cure is for the wand bearer to be hugged by a confirmed grouch. Grouchy against his better instincts hugs the fairy releasing everyone from the spell and destroying the Wand. Wedding Bells For Gargamel: Gargamel's mother turns up announcing that he is to marry Andria. In the forest Andria meets the Smurfs who help her fill her hope chest. By mistake Poet puts a map of the village into the chest. When Andria meets Gargamel she is horrified at the prospect of marrying him. Gargamel finding the map in the hope chest agrees to marry the next day. The Smurfs desperate to get the map back cause mischief, making Gargamel look insane. When he ruins the wedding banquet it is the last straw for Andria's father and he cancels the wedding.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 29 - The Magic Rattle/All Creatures Great and Smurf

The Magic Rattle: While out in the forest with Greedy, Baby Smurf meets a baby fairy and his mother Fauna. Baby Smurf switches his rattle with the baby fairy and takes it home to the village. When the evil fairy Falan catches Fauna and her child, he learns that the magic rattle is now in the hands of the Smurfs. Demanding its return Papa Smurf gives the rattle to Falan and follows him back to his lair. The Smurfs with the help of Feathers rescue Fauna and her son, re-uniting him with his rattle. All Creatures Great And Smurf: Nat Smurf spends his days healing the animals of the forest often missing lunch or dinner. One day while out looking for animals to help he sees a cat with its leg stuck in a trap. The cat is Azrael. Unable to free him alone, Nat Smurf convinces the other Smurfs to help. Taking Azrael back to the village in a cart, the Smurfs help Azrael recover from his injuries. Meanwhile Gargamel with his new pet follows the tracks of the cart. When Azrael hears his old master he flees the village leading Gargamel away.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 30 - The Smurf Who Would be a King/Beauty is only Smurf Deep

Smurf Who Would Be A King: Dreamy bangs his head and wakes up in some caverns. After falling down a hole he finds himself on a throne being hailed King of the Pookies. He soon learns that the Pookies are being made to mine gems for the Norf Nags who live above them. He vows to end their servitude and challenges the Norf Nags. He soon finds out that the Norf Nags are no bigger than him and frees the Pookies. He bumps his head once more and wakes up to find it was just a dream. As he leaves he finds a gem just like the ones mined by the Pookies in his hat. Beauty Is Only Smurf Deep: When Princess Periwinkle, a vain pixie, finds out in her magic mirror that Vanity Smurf is fairer, she sets out to capture him. While on his jog, Vanity meets the vain pixie and is kidnapped by her. When the Smurfs find Vanity's mirror they go off to try and find him. Asking the pixie king to look in his mirror they find Periwinkle and Vanity at the mud factory. When confronted Periwinkle sees the error of her ways and becomes friends with Vanity.

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The Smurfs - Series 3 - Episode 31 - The Smurfig Games

After nearly being captured by Azrael, Papa Smurf institutes the Smurfic Games. A series of ten events which will help get the Smurfs into shape, with the winner being awarded a gold medal. Unknown to the Smurfs the gold medal is actually the Medal of Poseidon, which has been causing earthquakes in the forest. During the awards ceremony Papa Smurf realises the true nature of the medal and casts a spell to stop it destroying the village. The medal falls into a crevasse and is lost forever saving everyone. With all the trouble caused by the games Papa Smurf decides to hold them only once every 4 years.

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