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In Naroom's forest, the kids are heading toward a giant obelisk, a structure which the Book of Elders says contains the Naroomi Dreamstone. On route, our trio are packing up camp when Tony starts having seeing things from his Earth life. Upon reaching the obelisk area, are heroes are caught in a net by Chur and Zed, who were anticipating their arrival. Escaping the net, our trio begin battling Korg and Zed...but Tony sees the image of his house near the obelisk, and he's drawn to it. As soon as he approaches - WHOOSH! A vortex appears that sends Tony away. Strag and Edyn are forced to retreat. When they regroup, Strag's Moonsense eavesdrops on the Shadow Magi. It's revealed that Tony's departure was all part of Agram's plan to return Tony to Earth in order to eliminate him as a threat. Edyn and Strag only have a few hours to defeat the Shadow Magi and get to the obelisk before the vortex closes forever. They begin strategizing a battle plan to get them past their enemy and close to the obelisk. Meanwhile, at his home on Earth, Tony and his Grandpa are reunited. Tony learns more about Grandpa's time in the Moonlands, and Grandpa shows him the multitude of relics he brought back to Earth when he left. As Tony tries to figure out how he got home and how he can get back to the Moonlands, to help his friends, he learns that his Grandfather's health is deteriorating. It makes Tony want to stay to care for him, but Grandpa insists that Tony go. The Moonlands needs its Final Dreamer! The mysterious, repeating appearances of the obelisk's image in various places makes Tony realize that it's the portal back to the Moonlands - and it's closing fast! Spotting the obelisk's image one last time before it disappears for good, Tony promises Grandpa he'll return soon, and then returns to the Moonlands through the vortex. At the obelisk area, Tony rejoins Edyn and Strag to help defeat Chur and Zed, and together they get the Naroomi Dreamstone.

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