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Watch Iron Man Anime Series Series 1 Episode 4 Online Free

Iron Man Anime Series Series 1 Episode 4PLAY

Tony Stark is supporting a charity racing event in order to burnish the image of Stark Industries. He explains to Dr. Chika Tanaka on how his encounter with Dr. Yinsen after his kidnap changed his perspective of life and inspired him to work for world peace. Meanwhile, A.I.M./Zodiac has approached Kawashima, a race car driver who is suffering from career-threatening injuries. The terrorist organization promises Kawashima that they will cure his injuries if he takes out Tony Stark. When Tony makes an appearance at the race track, Kawashima tries to kill him with a test car. However, Logan, the mutant X-Man known as WOLVERINE, shows up save him just in time. Logan also gives Tony some crucial information about A.I.M. They track Kawashima down and find him operating in the Zodiac killer Mech named TAURUS. After Iron Man frees him, the rogue Dio arrives. As Iron Man battles with his own creation, he wonders who the pilot in the armor is.

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