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With Cassie having recurring dreams of Esther being hanged from a rope, Thelma voices her concern that what happened to the little girl could happen to her, too. However, when their school's dean, David Tyrel, claims that it was the villagers who lynched Esther, Cassie and Thelma are relieved, certain that such punishment is now unheard of. As the undeniable attraction between Cassie and Troy grows, a second date is arranged with Thelma's grudging blessing. The night before, Azazeal slips into Troy's room and, cutting the sleeping boy's finger, allows a single drop of his blood fall to the wooden floor. Taking a cockroach from his pocket, he lets it feed on the blood before placing it under the bedcovers so it can bury itself beneath Troy's skin. When Lilleth asks to see her again, Cassie can't ignore her own mother's request and leaves for the hospital. Giving her a necklace with a pendant called the Jewel of Herath, Lilleth tells Cassie that it will protect her. Yet, once Cassie has left, Azazeal appears and tells Lilleth that the jewel simply makes her daughter blind to the possessed and actually places her in grave danger. Upon hearing of his date with Cassie, Leon can't stop himself from taking a verbal jab at Troy. Though he would normally ignore the remarks, when pushed too far, Troy slams Leon against the wall, leaving their friends aghast at the uncharacteristic behavior. Peeking from around the corner, Thelma is shocked to see Troy's eyes streaked with veins of blood, a clear sign that he's been possessed. But when Thelma tries warning her, Cassie refuses to listen, blaming it on jealousy and an overactive imagination. While she cannot stop Cassie from returning to see Troy, Thelma does convince her to wear the pendant. However, when Cassie has left and Thelma finds something that convinces her that the pendant offers no protection whatsoever, she's desperate to warn her. Unable to see the blood in his eyes, Cassie has no idea of the danger she's in when, back at school, Troy lures her into the barn. As Thelma searches frantically for Cassie, the young lovers start to kiss. And when Thelma finds them only after they've finished making love, the blood in her friend's eyes makes it clear that Cassie is now possessed, too!

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