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November 25, 1864. Detective Kevin Corcoran is racing the clock to keep his life – and New York City – intact. Joining forces with Robert Morehouse, Eva Heissen, and the Coppers of the Sixth Precinct, Corcoran prepares for his biggest fight since the Draft Riots. Meanwhile, Doctor Matthew Freeman strives to maintain his wife Sara’s health. Despite Freeman’s warnings, Sara takes her well-being into her own hands, placing their family at risk, and forcing Freeman to make a difficult decision. Robert Morehouse discovers the true nature of Norbert’s involvement with his new business associates. With little time and no options, Morehouse chooses to call upon the one person he knows he can trust: his brother-in-arms from the battlefield, Detective Kevin Corcoran. The worlds of Corcoran and Morehouse collide in light of this new information, leading to an explosive fallout that could change the face of New York City – and the trajectory of the Civil War – forever.

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